How To Diet Like a Man

Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out out Howcast for other do-it-by yourself movies from SheriffThompson and more video clips in the Weight Loss category. You can contribute too! Produce your very own Do it yourself guidebook at or create your individual Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Software at Actually observed how men can eliminate fat much more rapidly than ladies? We did, too—and here’s how they do it. To complete this How-To you will need: Energy training Protein snacks Physical action Self-forgiveness Phase 1: Build muscle mass A single cause males can drop weight just by ignoring the Buffalo wings for a number of weeks is since they have much more lean physique mass. But ladies can catch up by energy instruction. The much more muscles, the faster your metabolism. Suggestion: To maximize power training, use the heaviest weights you can control. Phase 2: Believe meat, not sweet When women are stressed, they achieve for the sweets, although guys unwind with a good, juicy steak. The latter is the better choice, simply because protein is far more filling. Tip: Stock your pantry with protein snacks—hard-boiled eggs, lean chilly cuts, lower-fat cheese. Phase 3: Be a gentleman when you are mad Uncover a bodily outlet for damaging emotions—jumping rope, hitting tennis balls, working a couple of laps about the monitor. When guys are upset, they are much more inclined to shoot hoops than attack an innocent pint of mint chocolate chip. Action 4: Retain it basic Retain your diet simple by reducing out a number of things—the
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  • ramonamajidi:

    @Kesh789 its not that way i just did it 4 fun

  • Kesh789:

    @ramonamajidi people know your just trying to get thumbs up only people trying to prove me wrong are going to vote for you

  • ramonamajidi:

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  • Kesh789:

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  • ramonamajidi:

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  • reptilebreeder101:

    BUt im still A KID

  • HaylieEatsPotatoes54:

    1:07 ICE CREAM IS NOT INNOCENT !!!!!! ITS EVIL !!!! especially red velvet cake icecream !!!!!!

  • hejjagedu:

    such irony that a woman is doing the talking

  • thatartchannel:

    dude we are awesome!!!

  • Spartan0190:

    Women hit tennisballs because it hurts us men there

  • MarmaladeMonster:

    1:44 minutes of completey stereotyping…. fail. >./

    I’m a girl, and when I’m stressed, I-… I don’t get stressed actually.

  • xDinoSaysRawrzx:

    0:46 the look on the cows face is kinda priceless. lmao

  • krisallenfan98:

    @hahayouknowme33 not true

  • LisasRadiance:

    I find the hardest thing for me when dieting is getting enough nutrition. Smaller portions work, but I’m left hungry and less food= less nutrition. I use nutritional supplements now and eat healthy, full meals.I got started at ryansnutrition com and have my appetite under control.

  • xe1881:

    @ 0:54 what is wrong with that woman?

  • xe1881:

    @hfsgirl looked disgusting

  • hfsgirl:

    that pizza looks gooooood!

  • KevinBusomjack:

    Good video. A lot of women have the misconception that they shouldn’t strength train and they only do cardio vascular exercises. Building fat free mass is how you boost your metabolism and keep the weight off.

  • pleasenomore100:

    i just find if you eat in regular portions your good or thats at least what works for me

  • 101martial:

    @M4RKU5m well im 221 right now im a medium build and im 5’9 i need to know how to lose weight and keep it off i dont know what the secret is but if u know can you tell me?

  • M4RKU5m:

    @101martial Eat proteins of a certain amount and keep that amount then just do regular training without changing weighs, that way your body will remain the current weigh it has!

  • TheElectricDreamer93:

    @ronfar321 i wish my metabolism was that awesome.

  • 101martial:

    @M4RKU5m train in what? dude im a martial artist, im neither fat nor skinny the reason i said you gain weight is because protien makes you grow more muscle, i dont want to be big and bulkiy i want to be medium size. and i dont know what direction to go, if you could be nice and stop calling me stupid i wouldnt mind if you could give me some hints

  • M4RKU5m:

    @101martial Wow you are rally stupid! Protein helps your body gain muscles and doesn’t have a single thing to do with FAT, you eat the proteins and then you train and so on, ofc if you eat protein and doesn’t train at all you’ll gain weigh…

  • malerandjohn:

    @101martial where do you people get all this bullsh*t?! You heard it from your friend? Or just where omg! Dude go to a gym and say to the first fitness trainer that protein will make you fat! Probably they will laugh their arse off! Don’t be a so smart unless you read EVERYTHING about protein, on wiki or just gogle it.

    Other: I’ve read a very interesting article, ‘water can burn fat’ and there was another, 10 things that will make you fat and nobody told it on sexy-and-fit(com)
    Don’t be fat!

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