Good Sources of Iron for Vegans #471 – So today, I’ll cover some good sources of iron for vegans as well as address your questions about cholesterol, vitamin D, blood testing, microscopy and more!
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Try this at home, works for heartburn (for sure), allergies, sinus infections, acne, high cholesterol, flu, chronic fatigue, candida, acid reflux, sore throats, contact dermatitis, arthritis, and gout 2 tsp/ 2Tblspoons stevia to your sweetness liking -sorry about the mixup on that.

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  • RochelleHansonMusic:

    cut the beard lol ;) great vid! very helpful info.

  • succulentesculent:

    hello continue gentle birth if you didn’t know your name meaning, & for no other wrong breakdown/euphemism iron’s contents/enhancements by vegetation optimizing. you’ve advocated greater minerals @fermented foods, so here not just juiced facts perhaps. ingredients may be good for hemoglobin but maybe sit on it overnight perse / them mix ideas o reinforce. vitamin d requires graphs as releasaing elements @ liver’s effectin conversion for exposure, so concern’s not just external. no beard on round

  • Leesh420:

    wilford brimley wouldn’t shave, neither should you

  • 11Rachee11:

    Hey Dude, Thanks for all the great videos. My boyfriend and I have just started out on the raw food journey (since Easter bank holiday) and we’re both feeling more energised & enriched already. An interesting point I found out after my Dad had a health test was that the test showed he had iron deficiency yet he eats loads of green leafy vegetables and drinks citrus fruit & the doctor said having too much iron can show the same result as not having enough! Interesting.Tho no idea how that works!x

  • olivosARTstudio:

    We take 5,000iu every day. We are latinos, and dark skin tends to suffer more from vit d deficency bc of melatonin.

    ps: re:the beard- I say go with what the love of your life wants :)

  • craigelliottmusic:

    Keep the beard man! Do what you like….it appears that you like a beard so go with it.

    P.S. I do not have a beard and don’t promote or condemn beard use….8-)

  • magylyn:

    How do I increase weight bearing exercise to my hips?

    How do I increase calcium through juicing?

    Trying to ward off osteo. to my hip and lower spine area.

  • hulse865:

    Looks good…!

  • pinetree909:

    Would like to see some of your recipes showing how you incorporate cooked food into your raw food meals. I occasionally add some cooked veg to my salads.

  • ebutuoy88:

    The more hair on a man’s face and head, the better it looks in my opinion. Keep the curls and keep growing the beard.

  • kevingianni:

    @fleurdelaurier LOL :-)

  • Arabe11a:

    Can you talk about some brands that are good because there are so many out there (like say for Lucuma) and are they all really certified high quality , who certifies them, how do we know they don’t have bulking agents…

  • fleurdelaurier:


  • Mandy86lynn:

    I say shave it in the spring! ;) lol

  • starflower666:

    i like your hair!
    the beard should be ann maries decision! ha-ha. she has to kiss it!

    in theory greens are a great source of iron, but i have found them difficult to absorb.

    the next big question is how much vitamin D should we take? i have heard 2000iu for women and 3000iu for men per day. there are differing opinions about toxxicity, so it is concerning!

  • mallolly:

    I think you look good with a beard but I think Paul Nison looks younger and better without a beard.

  • Food4Health1Spirit:

    I would keep the whole beard.
    Maybe playing a bit with the length in different places.
    And trim the mustache so it doesn’t cover the lips.

    Unfortunately my beard doesn’t grow that nice below the sideburns, so i shave that couple of lonely hairs.

  • faylinameir:

    shave it! -.-

  • bunkroll:

    totally let it grow kevin :)

  • 4007fairview:

    I like beards – I’ve only seen my husband of almost 37 years, clean shaven twice! Personally, I like them trimmed.

    Hmmm – curly hair – the Flowbee?? (wink)

    Debbie *Ü*

  • oceanluv88:

    your beard looks nice, it just needs a slight trim.
    I like your curls, too, but it is really up to you and AM :)

  • oceanluv88:

    did you forget about beets (greens and roots) for iron??

  • pinkklash:

    you remind me of my brother, your so smart! i’m pretty sure you are a genius.


  • egturbo:

    you guys don’t do wheatgrass?

  • surfing222:

    Amen on the dogma insight! Its all about health and wellness! shave dude!

  • piron416:

    @ElBote54 dont heat apple cider because heat change its molecular structure and you will not get the full benefit.

  • piron416:

    i love the taste of apple cider alone without any water is that healthy??


    hi great vid. i use apple cider for gargling out sore throats. i also drink it straight from the bottle with some added honey jsut to take the sharpness away. if i have itchy eyes from hayfever i dab some diluted cider onto my eyes and it stops the itch. its the best cure for my sinuses as well. i would like to know can u do nasal irrigaton with apple cider if it is diluted.

  • leatherface976666:

    I drink Vinegar just for the hell of it :-)

  • Mostlyfun:

    just mix it with water and suck it back. Ya get to like it.
    I delt with heartburn for 10 years and ACV cured it in 3 days.

  • TroyGotham:

    I’ve never used it, so I really can’s say for sure. It might just be a brand name for Stevia. What does it say for ingredients? From what I understand Stevia is a plant. The stuff you buy in the powder form or liquid are concentrates from the plant, and that should be the only ingredient: Stevia “remember to use very little” it is super sweet with a light bitter aftertaste. I have been adding a little honey with a few drops of stevia. Both seem to cancel out and taste like white sugar to me

  • ElBote54:

    Appreciate your video!
    Does it make any difference if you use hot water? – like to make a tea? does it take away from the enzymes?


  • reddfoxsanford:

    @KooolllAidDude That’s the way I do It KoolAid. I suck it up bite the bullet drink my 2oz. and chase it down with water get it over with.

  • xiKinky:

    Thanks so much! I have acid reflux and i really needed something to help with the heartburn :)

  • iac821:

    mix 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 cup honey and 8 cloves of garlic. Blend in a blender. Put in fridge for one week to ferment. Add 2 teaspoons to a glass of orange juice every morning. I was skeptical when I started taking it but it worked not only on heartburn but on joint pain as well. I also felt more energetic every morning.

  • trangpham101:

    make sure you brush your teeth afterwards..its bad for your teeth..good video

  • lizqueen:

    :} good video. ty

  • Sabrinaleewizzle:

    If you add lemon The lemon Kinda makes the taste of the apple ceder fade away and it taste more like lemon aid! :) hope that helps!

  • CameronDaGangsta:

    My grandma puts it in Grapefuit juice

  • chookter1:

    I couldnt care about the taste as long as it helps.

  • KooolllAidDude:

    No need for all that.
    I just drink a shot glass full 2oz
    and then chase it with a 8oz glass of water.

    Piece of Cake.

  • jeamsanna:

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  • Time2revolt:

    it works…..did and have to say not bad……
    also chew your food better, that is something that needs to be done ,,chew ,,chew,,chew
    And no pop, caffeine or smoking,,try to drink luke warm liquids if you can…use a straw to drink so wont hurt teeth,, chew your food well…..

  • ballisticJATTI:

    Hey there…I would like to point out that all the benefits mentioned are very true so you can relax and take ACV orally….Anyhow, the effects of this vinegar are not scientifically proven..But hey the earth was round was also not known in the biblical times but it was right? so going by the experience of the masses u can assure urself it has worked wonders for many…but one thing which u shud take care abt is that ACV is acidic n can cause tooth enamel drink with a straw perhaps.

  • ballisticJATTI:

    Hey there…I really liked your video….And all the benefits u mentioned here are completely true…Just for ur betterment I would like to tell you that u’d be better of drinking this Vinegar drink with a straw because ACV is acidic and can cause serious tooth enamel erosion….just take care about it ..
    Cheerio mate!

  • SilverWealth23:

    Hey thanks for posting! My father has been having joint pain in his hand so I am going to recommend this forsure. I googled it and found it has helped many people! I will let you know if it works for him!

  • ljbumann:

    great first video, thanks!

  • peaceloveNlolipops:

    Brilliant! I’ve been chugging it with my nose covered because I couldn’t stand the taste of ACV and just water. I will try it your way. ACV Helps with bladder infections too.

  • manque15:

    Apparently acv is good for gout too…but I get heart burn ALL the time so guess what I’m going to guzzle next time I get it. ty for vlog

  • dangflo:

    can you all help on finding the negative effects of acv ive been taking it for a week and its great for digestion and acne… but im worried about long term effects because of the acidity

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