Atkins Diet Misconceptions: Low Carb and Diabetes (Part 2)

This video clip is the 2nd fifty percent of the Atkins Diet Misconception: Diabetes series. If you have not witnessed Component one, make sure you watch it here: The very last video dealt with circumstance damning the present treatment or recommendations to follow a substantial carb diet regime managed with ever growing doses of insulin. This video specials with the evidence for instead managing it with a reduced carb life-style. There are two fantastic scientific studies for advocating this approach. 1:) Dietary carbohydrate restriction in sort 2 diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome: time for a essential appraisal Diet and Metabolism(Lond) 2008 5: 9. Many authors such as Richard Bertstein, Mary Vernon, Jeff Volek, Eric Westman Carried out Multi-center trial in which 63 obese guys and women were randomly assigned to both diet program, 21 Low Carb, 21 Management, 21 Large Carb for a one particular calendar year examine. This discussion focuses on form two diabetes but a lot of of the concepts will apply to metabolic syndrome and probably to type one as nicely[6,seven]. 1. Carbohydrate restriction improves glycemic management, the major goal of nutritional remedy and minimizes insulin fluctuations. 2. Carbohydrate-restricted diet programs are at least as successful for bodyweight decline as low-fat diets. 3. Substitution of body fat for carbohydrate is normally helpful for markers for and incidence of CVD. 4. Carbohydrate restriction improves the capabilities of metabolic syndrome. An essential notion guiding present medical thinking is that clustering of
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  • subhasts:

    very good i like this

  • rehndawg:

    if you aren’t sick hospitals go broke…they want you on insulin.

  • JasonPMartin:

    What many of the less intelligent critics fail to remember is that fruit is seasonal and largely unavailable for most of the year. Also, saying that Atkins is no good because when you come off it you put the weight back on is as moronic as saying that you shouldn’t quit smoking because if u start again the health risks return.

  • mommaplath:

    Two videos I just saw support this topics. “Chow Down” and “Fat Head”. I suggest everyone watch these videos. I am interested in doing a no/low carb diet, but am scared of the high fat. I need to lose about 150 lbs and it has always been ingrained in our heads that no fat = lose weight. Thank you for your inspiration and videos. I know you’ll be a great help to me in my journey.

  • bowulf:

    @kerryannwong Congrats!

  • kerryannwong:

    i am a product of low carbs it works

  • AlexisSimcu:

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  • alphacause:

    I like the way the diet/fitness expert Robb Wolf puts it (paraphrased):

    “When the ADA tells people that to lose weight and prevent or control diabetes one must reduce fat intake and increase carbohydrate intake, it would be the equivalent of the American Cancer Society telling those with melanoma skin cancer, that they need to get more sun exposure and a tan.”
    Carbohydrates are the catalyst behind the blood sugar roller coaster which causes diabetes. Control carbs and you control diabetes.

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  • tickyul:

    @MindofaJedi Well, if I am supposed to be a frugivore something must be wrong. If
    I eat fruit it plays hell with my stomach and my teeth ache for days.

  • tickyul:

    @MindofaJedi Do people eating this Vegan diet need to put out a lot of insulin to cope with all of the sugar in their diet? I mean, the high carb content must require more insulin…..which is a good thing???? Low carb diets MAY slightly increase insulin resistance in some people, but, the need for insulin goes way, way down on a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet.

  • tickyul:

    @MindofaJedi Yes, God gave man a great tool, a superior brain as compared to the lower beasts. Think how man would have fared in this world without the ability to make/use tools for his various needs. If animals were our equals, they would have figured out how to avoid getting the deliciosity gobbled right out of their roasted bodies.

  • Catherine8raw:

    @bowulf Hiya…. you know the problems I was discussing, going on about arthritis and numbness of hands, feet, legs ,a rms and burning legs, etc… I realised 20 days ago I have chronic lymes disease I was bitten by several ticks between May-June. I have gone right back on the diet with loads of fatlike lard to help reduce all the symptoms, starve the spirochetes. If you know anything please help. Thanks for all the time you spent helping me get this diet right. With the high fat it works

  • bowulf:

    @Catherine8raw Good call – there is little reason to select lean cuts of meat exclusively on Atkins. A well-marbled piece of meat is much tastier as well.

  • Catherine8raw:

    Bofulf is correct. Anyone of you that wants to do this diet to control blood sugars is on the right track! BUT We should not eat lots of protein because is highly dangerous, therefore if you eat a high fat diet like Bofulf does, you’ll lose weight, control your blood sugars, get rid of arthritis, bleeding gums, fungal toe nails, not get illness, and feel great! DON’T DO WHAT I DID, EAT LOTS OF LEAN PROTEIN, its too acidic and expensive! Eat beef lard, raw butter, some protein and veggies :)

  • Catherine8raw:

    A high protein, low fat, low carb diet, has given me arthritis by eating too much protein, too little lubricating fats, dried up my joints due to jogging for months on a low fat diet. I tested my pH on high protein = 5-5.5, as an experiment I ate lots of beef lard oneday and found my urine pH8! I am shocked & I have learnt AT LAST saturated fats are good for our health, stops acidity of meat, meat is high in phosphorus = phosphuric acid, which leaches Ca/Mg from bones, prtoein should be 30-35!

  • DiScoHiPPiEChiCK:


  • bowulf:

    @MindofaJedi I do have thank the whole frugivore crowd for something…

    Their misinformed science or simply personal beliefs keep the meat prices lower for the rest of us. Thank you!

  • bowulf:

    @MindofaJedi It is apparent that you need to do some unbiased research. If you want to continue your bomb throwing do it somewhere else.

    “humans are herbivores catigorically because we cannot chase down kill or consume animals with our natural equipment ”

    Think all those ancient hunters were getting wrong. I guess their effectiveness and reality interferes with your preconceived beliefs.

    But really – what is the point debating a biased fool? Peace and take your nonsense on the road.

  • bowulf:

    @MindofaJedi (cont.) that you look at one that takes in a multi-variate look at the data and tries to understand it. Campbell intentionally did not, and the results are evident. For an idea of a better epidemiological study, look at the Harvard Nurse’s Study that coincidentally also demonstrated that the low carb approach significantly lowered one’s heart risk factors amongst over 20000 nurses.

    Or you can look at the Italian study that found no linkage between meat consumption and cancer.

  • bowulf:

    You mean the same China Study that showed the linkage between CONSUMING alcohol and smoking LOWERED one’s risk of cancer and heart problems. Should I start drinking and smoking now too? That is the problem with epidemiological studies. It shows links without causality. The China Study also showed the link between wheat consumption and cancer to be higher than that of meat.

    Guess which one Campbell focused on? I would suggest if you want to evaluate epidemiological studies.

  • MindofaJedi:

    @bowulf Wow , please do some research . Apparently you either don’t understand evolution or language . Omnivore comes from the latin root word for “to do ” not “to be” . As far as science goes humans are herbivores catigorically because we cannot chase down kill or consume animals with our natural equipment . Try to take down and eat a cow with your hands . You might as well call humans cannibals because we have eaten each other . Read human omnivore the mythical beast .

  • bowulf:

    @MindofaJedi All yes, the humans are frugivores meme. Mind you while I scoff at it. Your pH estimates are off. I would suggest you do your research as opposed to spouting other. According to bear biologists, “Black bears depend on strong stomach muscles and low stomach ph (3.5) to break down food.”

    Humans are certainly omnivores and the bacterial fauna in our intestines support that assertion.

    So first get your facts straight, then you can start making assumptions.

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