How to Stay Committed to Your Fitness Program & Meet Your Goals

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Video Rating: 4 / five

50 Responses to “How to Stay Committed to Your Fitness Program & Meet Your Goals”

  • SuperToto1995:

    Thanks to you i have lost 5 kg : ) Thank u so much, now im going to focus on my soccer/football :D !

  • DaPartyAnimal1:

    @shukritobi91 HAHAAHAHAAHAH!! Sorry but that made me laugh. :/ But if you want flatten out “Man Boobs” then just try to eat less sugar and starches, and try to do more chest workouts.

  • redscarf11:

    yo haha nice vid’s but about how you said workout in the morning, what about just running in the morning and lifting weights in the afternoon? cause what i usually do is run 4 miles everyday at 8pm but i have went and ran in the morning and found it easier, is it the same with weight lifting? does it seems easier in the morning?

  • shukritobi91:

    any tips to flatten out man boobs?

  • Mivsher:

    Hi :) I wanted to ask you about the morning workourts. Should I eat something before to get some glucose in my blood for the muscles? I’m not sure whether it is a good idea to train on empty stomach or not. What do you think?
    Thank you.

  • IndianaWren:

    @NutritionMuscleBuild What the hell bro, your a loser

  • MMluvver:

    I feel like crap after a morning workout, will that eventually go away?

  • 1337iskewl:

    youre a great insprational source

  • lowblowproductions:

    4 people are not committed to their daily fitness programs.

  • NesquiickProductions:

    How many times per week are you meant to do a session?

  • adgeee000:

    Awesome info!

    I would have to say though I much prefer working out at night. I feel like I have a lot more energy from all the food I’ve eaten during the day and I’m not a morning person at all so getting up an hour earlier always sucks. I have worked out in the morning before and I do agree it leaves you feeling great for the rest of the day but all in all I like night better. I think it just comes back to personal preference.

  • Multicolaboy:

    @leanbodylifestyle This made me start laughing out load =P

  • breunorboi:

    These are all good points leanbody. The biggest thing is slow and steady progress, too often people see some model using a tool or eating something and think yeah, that’s me in 12 weeks! People need to realize it takes a LONG time of CONSISTENTLY working out and eating well, not a fad diet and late night workout tool. Even if a person has just 15 minutes a day, they can work out in that time, do burpees as HIIT or the convict conditioning program, and that 15 minutes will be great.

  • HiMeep:

    number 9: your body might also plateau if you keep doing the same routine

  • FluffyBalls009:


  • FluffyBalls009:

    @GoldRing09 well, you dont want to do the same exercises everyday… 1 it will get boring, 2 you will stop getting results cause your body will get used to it, or you will get results slowly, this is like the p90x effect it works because your body never gets used to it, and is forced to build muscle to protect yourself… i suck at explaining this, and 3 you should fuck bitches, get money and get swole!

  • FluffyBalls009:

    Fuck Bitches, Get money, Get swole!

  • aleks9248:

    @Ricku13 true true rofl

  • GoldRing09:

    What do you mean exactly by change your routine?

  • IdentityHero:

    what happens if someone has a work shift of 12 am to 12 pm?

  • bballgarnnet:

    @wpgmistyh2o pre-workouts r basically supplements with NO and beta alanine with other ingredients that give you energy before workouts. the downside varies person to person like i said. I use 1M.R. and i have no problem with it, although it gives my friend upset stomach,
    and since you’re female, definately do not use trbulus as tahts for males haha

  • guyc11:

    Isn’t it just all about the beach muscles?

  • PrimeroX:

    Thanx brother!

  • leanbodylifestyle:

    @Ricku13 This made me start laughing out loud!!!

  • Ricku13:

    just think about all the tits you can get. everything comes naturally after this

  • minhoak:

    Did it wrong lol

  • iluvanimalporn:

    wassp errbody

  • kikomiko1:

    Most of your videos are spot on and I love you guys, but this just isn’t true. The only thing that matters when you want to lose weight is that you have a caloric deficit.

  • AduhAwas:

    @CSQUAR3DsBaCk Its very possible, especially for beginners or those heavily out of shape. However, when you’ve been working out for a while, it gets a lot harder (so much so that some people don’t believe its possible!). But trust me it is. I have lost weight and gained muscle. My biceps are definitely bigger than before (I measured) and I lost around 20 pounds in 6 months.

  • MizzoTTTiger:

    Guys! You fkn crack me up! I love it.. Good advice that’s not filled with a bunch of BS.. You have a new fan for life! Keep it coming..

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  • dpeni77:

    Thats a good source of protein

  • commando713:

    I like the results of working out hard but lets face it working out is not for me. If you want to loose weight like I did you may need to try HCG For More Info Call 1-877-245-1498 NOW!

  • dunlea2k8:

    @CSQUAR3DsBaCk keep ur bulking as clean as possible and maybe supplement with some fat burners just to keep fat accumulation at bay when trying to build muscle

  • syreetap27:

    good advice

  • syreetap27:

    Good advice…

  • syreetap27:

    Good advice…

  • syreetap27:

    Good advice…

  • garth19791:

    4.56….. Makes me laugh every time.

    Thanks for the info

  • calijerk310:

    would you guys reccomend taking some complex carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes ???

  • 911MAAX:

    great video man

  • ksentic:

    does cotage cheese spike insulin? milk too? thx for answer

  • CSQUAR3DsBaCk:

    I was wondering if it would be possible to burn fat and build muscle at the same time? Would I be able to be on a caloric deficit to burn fat, but eat the proper macros to gain some muscle? Any help is greatly appreciated.


    @DIEGODEGGO2 are you trying to put on mucsle? if you are then you should be about 2500- 3000 calories. im the same as you man but im abit taller.i started out on that but nothing was happening so i had to increase my amount and ive had more gains.

  • greveeen:

    @twinmuscleworkout what are your advice on how to hold as much weight as possible when fasting? should I just focus on eating as much white carbs as possible like potatoes etc in between the fasting days?

  • jacobandollie:

    Post workout you need to spike ur insulin levels cnp pro recover is what I use with creatine when bulking or instead sometimes a baked potato with a regular shake or watermelon high gi

  • xtorchiax:

    i watch these vids after lifting and after supper every…..single….day……

  • theUSER101:

    @DLaneuville LOL nice ad hom….come back when you get an education kid.

  • ibilija:

    love the youtube growth u guys are getting :)


    ok I’m going to start a 2000 calorie diet, I’m 5’7 17 years old weigh about 153, wat would be the best foods that I can eat for breakfast lunch and dinner?? Any suggestions??? Thanks!!

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