Joel Fuhrman, MD – VegSource “The Health Equation” – A sample clip from VegSource 2005. Joel Fuhrman, MD is a household physician, dietary expert, and finest offering creator. His books contain: Eat To Reside, Condition-Evidence Your Little one, and Cholesterol Protection for Life. Pay a visit to to discover far more.

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  • slayerofdisease:

    Right on! Eat high nutrient dense foods like veggies raw and cooked!

  • VibekeV:

    I love this man!

  • Advice4goodHealth:

    Great information -much needed at this time
    Thank you

  • DebbieinNH:

    Going along with this, you can (easily) be obese and yet undernourished. That is, your ample tissues can all be nutrient-poor, if most of what you eat is nutrient-poor foods like white flour, sugar, white potatoes, meats and dairy. The key to disease protection and normal weight is maximizing foods with high nutrients. Greens, other veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds. No need to count calories or restrict portions, just eat the high nutrient foods. Thanks for teaching me this Dr. F!

  • Forsure3333:

    I believe the key to weight-loss is indeed filling up on veggies, with putting an accent on dark green veggies. Losing weight without them is still possible to do, but I can’t imagine how hungry I would be become. Therefore, I could not do it permenantly.

  • asusean:

    His information is completely accurate.

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