My Diet +Tips!

Lets TWEET! Stick to me on TWITTER!! Right now I make clear my diet regime and the way that I consume to keep in shape. I also share some of my important ideas on achieving a nutritious body. Get pleasure from! xoxo Kayla Roberts
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  • aml3omri:

    Love ur tips , i love cheese I dont think I could ever cut that out ,, I’ve been vegetarian for a year but then I had to eat a chiken :D I just love it so much ,, stay healthy and beautiful ^_^

  • 20011Amanda:

    Thanks for the great tips…

  • lynxy89:

    Thank you for sharing with us your diet! It was very informative video. You look really healthy! :)

  • willdhorses:

    Thank you for the video Kayla:) could you do a hair tutorial for this video or other pretty up do hair styles ?? i would love that

  • Mmmakdaddy3:

    I thoroughly love the way you talk! Also your meals sound delicious!

  • MoreKaylaRoberts:

    @mmg378 Ya soaked almonds. You buy regular almonds but you soak them in water overnight and rinse them off in the morning. This removes the enzyme inhibitors from the almonds and makes them easier to digest. The enzymes are what helps break down the food and almonds have a coating of enzyme inhibitors…so soaking them removes them. I mean you can still have almonds raw without soaking them this just makes it easier on the digestive system.

  • MoreKaylaRoberts:

    @kalynwut Oh ya for sure..I know it was just observation..and you weren’t giving me an english lesson like the other viewer lol…its all in good fun.

  • awinknasmile:

    I’m going to look into that spirulina stuff. It sounds great.

  • mmg378:

    “Soaked” almonds? Thanks for the tip about the spirulina! I goin to WF to get some of that tomorrow!

  • vtsc613:

    I was so excited to see this video!! I loved it!! Great job

  • 770940534:

    I love your accent!!! <3 Hahaha

  • melonshots:

    great video I love spirlulina

  • girlswag96:

    have you ever heard of something called icecream? lmao

  • fashionflower14:

    great video! :)

  • MoreKaylaRoberts:

    @diba0987 <3 Thank you :)

  • MoreKaylaRoberts:

    @Freshbeauty01 Thank you!

  • kalynwut:

    @MoreKaylaRoberts Maybe so but I never corrected you the way the other person did. There’s nothing wrong with it, just an observation.

  • ShayKinbake:

    I’ve been taking Greens+ for probably 13 years now … it’s got a lot of spirulina in it too. I love it so much, I get panicked when the container gets low. :)

  • Freshbeauty01:

    Hey Kayla! love the video! Very useful tips! :)

  • ShayKinbake:

    @MoreKaylaRoberts They’re smoking their spirulina ;)

  • diba0987:

    i can tell just by ur vids ur gonna be big someday. <3 ur vids

  • 52lovelight:

    Really enjoyed your tips. Will check out that Spiralina (have heard of it) and Quinoa (have heard of that too). Your tips remind me of a program I LOVE (it’s international), called Weigh Down, by Gwen Shamblin. She is against diets too and not into counting cal’s, fat grams, eating special foods…she believes in eating only when hungry and stop when comfortable…has her Masters in Nutrition…ect. I eat quick oats, because the coarser ones scratch my throat. Enjoyed! Thank you!

  • ingerasata:

    Awesome video, Kayla! I enjoyed learning about your eating habits. I’m actually very familiar with Spirulina. It is a very well-known dietary supplement in Europe (where I’m from) and my parents have been taking it every day for years. Your video reminded me that I should start taking it too on a regular basis.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a wonderful night!

  • TheBlanco143:

    i love your tips:) i have a little problem with drinking water and im going to start drinking more thank you for the tips you are so pretty:)

  • babyvmacgirl:

    I luv that you made a healthy video that helps a lot :) ) thanks girl

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