A video for ZDoggMD & Dr. Harry OR How do you say: “Diabetes”?

Ok, So how do you say DIA-BEE-TEES? www.youtube.com
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A tribute to all the mom’s of youngsters with diabetes.

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  • Listersmate2:


    Did Willford Brimley tell you to say it that way? :P

  • ZDoggMD:

    I believe the correct pronunciation is die-AH-bituhs.

  • bethpab21:

    I am one of you, my only child has been diagnosed of diabetes a month ago she is 11 years old, it is in the genes my mother and i have type 2 diabetes, it was very hard for me , but she told me God made her a strong person because Jesus knew from the start she’ll gonno need it, looking at her i realized there is still hope, still a bright future ahead of her

  • CelisseH:

    Wow I love this. It almost makes me feel good about being Little Dantes Mom. I have to figure out this website creation thing better so I can post this on his WALK page. Last year I did about 1200 this year I want to try to do about boublwe that.

  • babewithbrains101:

    sorry but every1 cakked passion2act an idiot coz he asked do these kids hav diabetes but its about the mums not the kids the fotos mite b wiv their ova kids n b4 u ask yes i do have diabetes 1

  • momzlilmonster:

    as a Mom of a type 1 kiddo…we are here to fight for you,help you, draw a shot when your sick of it. count your carbs, get you a juice when your low and go for a walk when your sugar is high. We(MOMS)will fight it when your to sick to or need a break. you have diabetes…it doesnt have you!!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS* never give up!

  • ernietube1:

    It is very interesting to see that a very vocal “expert” on diabetic diets has gone “low catb”. See Mendossa-
    Diabetes Update Number 114: Low-Carb of January 1, 2008.
    Also he recommends Dr. Bernstein
    Dr. Bernstein’s next LIVE Tele-Seminar is Wednesday, July 30, at 8:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM CST, 6:00 PM MST, and 5:00 PM PST.

    Hope for diabetics yet

  • StopClimateCrisis:

    Please watch this cure to diabetes!!

  • hockeygirl3496:

    thx for apologizing. My little sister is 8 and has had diabetes for about 18 months now.

  • passion2act:

    okok i understand..i am sorry
    i was just asking
    and i have type 1 diabetes too…i know what it is trust me..and its hell to live with..how old is ur little sister?

  • hockeygirl3496:

    well first of all u question wether these kids have diabetes! Why would they have any reason to lie like dmwarner515 said people with type 1 diabetes look like everyone else but there pancreas doesnt work like everyone else’s. My little sister has type 1 diabetes and she looks like everyone else. So i dont know why you felt the need to post that comment!

  • ernietube1:

    Just a bit about diet-
    Glycemic Index is based on faulty science. The basic chemistry they used in determining GI is not correct. Please see-
    GLYCEMIC INDEX- why it does not worK ?

    Just copy and paste into SEARCH box.

    Glycemic Load is based on DIRECT measurement of the glycemic response to a known weight of test food. No calculation or estimation of GI from apparent weight of contained CARBOHYDRATE is needed. Although the GI Researchers can’t or don’t want to understand this, it is a fact

  • passion2act:

    who is a idiot? me!?! What did i do?

  • love4holiness:

    You’re an idiot.

  • DiabetesDesigns:

    This video put a “lump” in my throat. Thanks. Sometimes as a mom, I feel like a “nag” about my son and his diabetes. This definitely made me feel better.

  • liongrl15:

    how nice! my mom would like this

    thanks mom for putting up with me and my non working pancrease!

  • dmwarner515:

    Why would they lie about it?? You obviously do not have a child with type 1 or you wouldn’t be questioning this video. I can say that because I DO have a son with type 1 and he looks as normal as you and I. But his little body does not work how it should.

  • passion2act:

    how do we know thes kids actually have diabetes?

  • chrishalton:

    Awesome… very touching… thanks for creating this. Thank God for all these and other selfless mothers.

  • gregoakes:

    My thoughts/prayers are with everyone!

    Please Google:
    Essiac Diabetes
    Complete Rene Caisse Essiac Video

  • darkroomdiva2:

    Fantastic video. Really gives me hope.

  • chrisshist:

    Emma’s mom should be in this video too.
    Very well done.

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