What are the symptoms of high blood pressure

What are the signs of large blood stress?

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  • 4DrugInformation:

    Far too many people ignore the symptoms associated with high blood pressure. As individuals get older it is important that lifestyle changes be made to help prevent and manage high blood pressure. A low cholesterol diet and exercise are important to lifestyle changes that are needed as an individual ages. Also, if diet alone is not enough to manage high blood pressure then it is necessary that an individual include appropriate medications into his or her regimen.

  • tatttzzkii:

    what are the normal rates and not normal rates of measuring blood pressure.?

  • Sasquatch279:

    im currently being treated for hypertension , i used to get readings of upto 180/110 and most of the time it was around 160/100 . i used to get heart palpitations and servere dizzyness along with headaches. it effectively gave me Hypertensive Dialated Cardiomyopathy (enlarged left ventricle of the heart caused by hypertension) but now i am on 2 medications 1 beta blocker and another a common bp med and my blood pressure is usally around 120/60 now and i feel alot better.

  • Deadfantasyfanofespe:

    what does severe headache mean i have asthma and i only cant breath and night but thats normal right? plzz answer

  • Nanumir:

    what about anxiety induced blood pressure?

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