Dr. Sam Chachoua – Shattering The Myth of Incurable Disease (Full Length)

Dr. Sam Chachoua (pronounced ‘Cha-choo-wa’), is a medical doctor and health care researcher who has made excellent strides in finding potential cures for cancer, AIDS and heart condition. Dr. Sam Chachoua’s exceptional findings are almost unknown to this day. One cause has to do with his “outsider” status in the health care neighborhood, and the second is a series of misfortunes that have befallen him as a end result of the rampant greed and opportunism that accompany any key new discovery. “Healthcare study is not a career that yields monetary comfort for any but a number of leaders who are properly put the two politically and inside of the college institutes,” explains Chachoua. “The techniques exist within boundaries researchers ought to be part of a significant institute just before their operate can be quickly printed. Have you at any time heard of a cancer breakthrough or other healthcare advancement that did not arrive from a university or a hospital’s PR machine?” Chachoua won’t match any of the standard molds. He has developed his methods independently and has funded himself throughout the process. He failed to beg or compete for monetary grants, and this independence has permitted assumed to mature to sensible applications in remarkable fashion. Most investigation focuses on a minutia that never ever sees functional application, this sort of as intriguing laboratory findings or uncommon enzyme and gene configurations. By contrast, Chachoua’s function has produced the gigantic leap through the lab and animal scientific studies and correct into effective human
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  • KurtRussell1963:

    @martkin1000 If you have not got a hold of him feel free to contact me.

  • KurtRussell1963:

    @UnderwaterPirate Sorry but you are NOT the only activist. You know this having already contacted me. I am a patient & I am now working for Dr Chachoua helping him build a website.

  • positivepower88:

    Was this video made this year or in 1998 as there was a part of the video where Dr. Sam was showing the rate of bacterial infections from 1900 to 1998?

  • allenhahn:

    Dear Underwater Pirate,
    I’ve just been watching Dr. Sam’s video. I first came across information about his therapy from a book by Dr. Morton Walker titled “German Cancer Therapies.” May I contact you by telephone? I’m in the DC area and have Chronic Lymphacytic Leukemia. Thanks, Allen

  • UnderwaterPirate:

    If anyone is serious about Dr. Sam’s work. Please contact me. I’ve done the most research I’m aware of. Contact me on Skype @ iconoclast-radio , or 302566-1943
    I am the only (real) activist of Dr. Sam’s work. I think Truthviews may be the second. Time will tell.
    @ Truthview , if you really care contact me. This issue crosses all Political dogma so don’t let that stop you.

  • martkin1000:

    venesaprivates, is it possible to contact Dr. Sam Chachoua and get more information on how one would qualify for gaining use of his treatments? My Mom has been diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer and she also suffers with Dementia. I would like to cure both of these conditions. It appears after watching the video that the doctor can offer some hope in relieving the suffering due to these diseases. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Venesasprivates:

    This man is the real deal!! He’s ahead of his time. I spent a summer with him when I had had arm and carpol tunnel syndrome, and nerve damage. He will not share his secret because he got raided by Cedars Sinai & they to this day r trying to kill him. They wanted what he had & couldn’t do it without the doctor & the vaccines they stole alone. He’s got it!!! I witnessed it one summer!! & to this day get his vaccines to stay healthy. he has an underground following. He is the only one that has cure

  • KurtRussell1963:

    I have used his vaccine. 6 tumors out of 7 gone. The last one we are going to test next week.

  • AlinaFierra:

    @happosai27 Do some research. The internet is a very powerful tool.

  • hivquestions:

    new information about the HIV test and AIDS that we didn’t have before – new interviews with all top scientists – videos available in 9 languages from all around the world – peace

  • Meathead36:


  • happosai27:

    so i have no clue about medicine at all. how can i tell that the knows what hes talking about? it sounds like it to me the unsuspecting listener who got no clue but what to people say which studied it? anyone? ^.^

  • MrsMadditron:

    How would you do your whole head do you still have to part it down the middle? And do I have to start from my roots?

  • xXRandomPianoXx:

    So you just put it on your scalp and it made pretty much your whole hair soft?! :o

  • MeezyyzeeM:

    so, is this why your hair is so healthy? ._.
    :c totally jealous btw

  • hazeleyes1088:

    What are these people talking about? I thought you were so tiny when i saw your vid, I wonder if maybe their anorexic or bulimic bc that would be really sad. I think u look perfect. Great vid! Lol timer just went off to take of the cholesterol cream. Thanks!!!:D

  • BubbleGumDexter23:

    i have that cream stuff on my over bleached hair right now ^.^

  • kaykays19:

    you’re so pretty! =)

  • strawberrykittycake:

    @sharensBUZZED All right, sweetheart.

  • MilkyxYunie:

    Your hair color is amazing and it suits your face very well! Anyway, great tutorial :)

  • sharensBUZZED:

    @strawberrykittycake I learned this in cosmetology too. i am making a tutorial on how to do this at home. you don’t have to tell me “i did it wrong” cause there is no right or wrong way to give yourself a scalp treatment? you dont even have to go under the dryer haha but whatever thanks anyways.

  • strawberrykittycake:

    @sharensBUZZED yea, well, i’m in beautyschool, and we’ve learn how to do this. you don’t just put on the cholesterol on your hair like that, it goes on the scalp, and you have to get the dead skin and dandruff off the scalp first, and then after all that massage, and go under a dryer, etc. i’m just telling you this to inform you, i’m not trying to be rude.

  • sharensBUZZED:

    @strawberrykittycake i did not do it wrong, but that’s okay.

  • strawberrykittycake:

    You did it wrong, but thats okay. :p

  • vintagefunk88:

    I really liked your hair parted down the middle. Well I’ve always prefered hair parted down the middle, so I guess my comment is slightly biased ;) .

  • s2dorisyeung:

    is it kinda like when you dye your regrowths

  • Jennysmoove:

    Love your hair…. I was going to dye my hair red but idk if it will look nice on me

  • sabrinaiscouture:

    I seriously love your hair, and the color. dont listen to jealous bitchessss, hahaha

  • knmLUV97:

    that first picture is absolutely gorgeous.. so what if your showing cleavage?? people need to get a fucking life

  • Msdorkynarii:

    Cool beans! I need to do that! I bleached my hair now it’s like dead! :(

  • juztmoi:

    you kinda sounds sad :( whats wrong?

  • sharensBUZZED:

    @RainbowStickersX you’re the dumb ass. cleavage means your boobs are showing. if i was flat i wouldn’t have cleavage. HAHAHAHAHA

  • sharensBUZZED:

    @rightnowilivelife aw thanks! i was thinking of dyeing it back to brown or something because i thought red was getting old on me…but you totally changed my plan haha. thanks !

  • rightnowilivelife:

    I LOVE your hair… seriously
    And the color is so flattering on you

    And just saying but I don’t get why subscribers care if you gained weight or not.
    None of their fucking business.

  • luvlaughliveforever:

    you should half red half natrual hair like natrual on the top and red underneath that would look really cute but also like your red heir too this is just another suggestion:)

  • mangoqueen825:

    heyy sharen i miss ur fashion videos. could u perhaps do a winter fashion video? when are u posting up ur new room tour? ;)

  • caitlinslove:

    Honestly this is ridiculous! Yes there will be criticism on youtube, but that doesn’t make it right? Why should sharen have to put up with people putting unnecessary comments that have nothing to do with what her video. I would understand constructive criticism, but making fun of appearances isn’t constructive at all. It is so sad, all she is trying to do is help people and give advice. She’s a good person, didn’t anyone teach you “if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say nothing at all”?

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