Low Carb Mid Week Weigh In

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25 Responses to “Low Carb Mid Week Weigh In”

  • bowulf:

    @Stacey353 Yep typical… The weight will bounce off (up and down) all the way to goal. That just how it worked for me.

  • Stacey353:

    @tonyaj1 yayyy lol thank you!

  • Stacey353:

    @bowulf You are very welcome!!!! Ken you are awesome and I actually have a question for you ! Ok so as you know I started the low carb last friday (One week ago) and i lost like 5 lbs (water weight) and then gained like 2 of it back and then tuesday i started losing slowly thinking that was the fat coming off and today on weigh in day i lost 2.0 pounds, is that ok like typical =)

  • Stacey353:

    @lemewful aww thank you so much!!!

  • tonyaj1:

    woo hoo! yay for the loss :)

  • bowulf:

    Thanks for the shout out. I have to admit my Youtube video viewing has been curtailed as I was trying to get that epic recipe video uploaded. That is a great start,and not everybody needs the rigidity of Atkins or have to endure Induction flu symptoms. Keep up the great work!

  • lemewful:

    That brush holder is great! Love it!
    That is an amazing result :) Well done!

  • Stacey353:

    @pinknblonde86 yayyyy i am so happy you went to the gym!! You go girl!!

  • pinknblonde86:

    yay!! you go girlie!!!! i actually went to the gym today lol go us!!!

  • MsJenny813:

    Way to go girl. I was planning to start WW, however, over the weekend I decided to do low carb. So I started to day and did well, didn’t even have any cravings. I made sure to buy plenty of things to snack on too.

  • Stacey353:

    @sheilachristine LOL your so silly!

  • Stacey353:

    @buggie819 that is sooo sweet and makes me so happy that you enjoy watching my videos! Thank you yu so much girl!!

  • gogetter1807:

    Wow…great job…I’m so happy you found what works for you!! :0) O yeah that brush holder is so cute…neat idea!!

  • buggie819:

    You know what Stacey….I just love logging on to watch your videos…your always so upbeat and chipper! Have a fab day and I just sent you a request to follow you on fb…I think that I may start a weight loss fb page so that I can update how I’m doing…I don’t know if I want to get back into making vids or not, but fb updates will be pretty easy to keep up on the updates!



  • robinkb3:

    great job Stacey!!

  • playarette2k3:

    Good Job! Keep doing what works for you :)

  • cindylooou:

    good job stacey keep on at it at your pace :) your gonna do great! ive told you before my sister has the same thing as you and she struggles with her weight , she actually started taking this Herbalife Aloe Vera Concentrate for a year and the last time she went to the doctors he told her she didnt have any cyst in her overies anymore!!

  • silverose1209:

    I had to really try to change my mindset and realize that low carb is best for my health. And now about 5 weeks in (or 6 I forget LOL) I don’t even crave the other stuff very often. I have lost 12 pounds so far. And my stomach is shrinking!! WHoo hoo! LOL

  • GlitteryDeeva:

    Ugh so sorry your a/c being out! I know it has to be miserable girl cuz it is over a 100 here too so I feel for you doll. So glad you are doing so well on the low carb, proud of you!!!

  • katdoesdiets:

    I have NOT seen those brush holders, love! Yay you!! I’m so excited for you. PCOS stinks, but I think we CAN work around it.

  • Stacey353:

    I HATE the new youtube comment set up I am having problems replying!!!

  • sheilachristine:

    Well, now you know you should…. HAHAHA!! Just kidding! I am at the point I can’t stand other people’s opinions! UGH! I have enough of my own! HA! Keep up the great work!

  • Stacey353:

    @thedietqueen Thank you so much girl! I agree with you too because it is working great!

  • thedietqueen:

    I would be dying without a/c. I hope you get the a/c fixed soon. Oh, I wish I could go shopping all day! Great job on your loss. I don’t think all of it water wt. Good luck with the low carb second time around…the Stacey way this time around. I think since it’s more your “plan” you will stick with it!

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