Less Invasive Surgery with SPIDER Surgical System

Bariatric surgeon, Dr. Sherman Yu, highlights the SPIDER Surgical System and its unique capabilities. The system is used to help surgeons perform complex surgery with multiple arms through a tiny incision. Surgeons have used the system to perform gastric banding, gastric sleeves, gallbladder removal, and several other types of surgeries. To learn more, visit www.spidersurgery.com.
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My surgery is a little over a week from now and I have received insurance approval and all of my medical clearances. I have also agreed to participate in a research study on the mechanisms of the effect of weight loss surgery on Type 2 Diabetes. Donovan: The Hurdy Gurdy Man www.dailymotion.com “vertical sleeve gastrectomy” surgery bariatric “weight loss” obesity hospital diabetes hypertension “high blood pressure” “sleep apnea” food puree “baby food” salmon chicken isopure Protein research
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  • shaolinwarrior87:

    lol hey thats my cousin!

  • thizizliz:

    @FantasticBabblings I’m looking forward to the lack of drama – that everything goes smooth as silk and you recover beautifully. But if there are great stories in the adventure, I do hope you’ll share!

  • FantasticBabblings:

    @thizizliz Thanks Liz. Spent the whole day preparing now unwinding with a late nighter before everything kicks in. I hope to do a video tomorrow night before going to the hospital. I’m turning all of this into an epic, invoking the ghost of Goethe, etc. Life is most fun if you embrace the drama :)

  • thizizliz:

    Just dropping by to let you know I’m thinking of you – wishing you well. I hope your caregivers were the best looking ever!

  • freitasex:

    I will be thinking of you Wednesday!

  • smurashige:

    Sorry I missed this video earlier. I wish you the best, and am sure that you are in good hands and that everything will go well. Thinking of you.

  • FantasticBabblings:

    @justdave1 My sleep apnea number is 12. 14 is up there. I’m hoping to get it to zero in about six months or so.

  • justdave1:

    Have you heard the ads for the sleep number bed? like my sleep number is …..I have severe sleep apana too and on my cpap machine my number is 14,whats yours? :-) funny on the cpap terrorist! How could there be one? They’d all be too tired!

  • FantasticBabblings:

    @TOMMYfromtheBRONX Thanks Tommy for your kind message. I hope I get to see you soon.

  • FantasticBabblings:

    @BoomerChick55 Love you, Boomer.

  • FantasticBabblings:

    @SlackJones1 Maybe not skinny, but definitely skinnier.

  • FantasticBabblings:

    @VSG4T2 You are my role model. If things go anywhere near as well for me as they have for you I will be happy.

  • FantasticBabblings:

    @Clemburke1111 Thanks. Things are going well so far.

  • FantasticBabblings:

    @sunsetlover I’ll be fine. I have lined up visitors and friends to check up on me after I get home. I think things will go well. If you want to fly out and just hang, that would be great :)

  • FantasticBabblings:

    @sunsetlover Thanks. I have been very lucky that things have gone this smoothly. I hope things eventually work out better for you. I wish they would let me share my surgeon :)

  • FantasticBabblings:

    @samsarajade Thanks for the thoughful comment Tia. It probably sounds more drastic than it is, but it is major surgery. I am confident things will go well. I will post as much news as I can as it happens. Maybe even pics of said cute guys :)

  • FantasticBabblings:

    @StLennyBruce I see you already know how I operate (no pun intended).

  • fehquig:

    It’s good to hear that all systems are go!

  • TOMMYfromtheBRONX:

    Im happy for you Phil, i know all will go well for you, if you need me for anything , let me know, im not far so i offer my help to you my friend!!

  • BoomerChick55:

    Will be following you every step.

  • SlackJones1:

    Wishing you the best! Here’s to skinnier times ahead!

  • Fringe111:

    @FantasticBabblings Oh I’m still here, but I moved so that took up alot of time. Phil please let us now how things went. You’re going to be so happy

  • VSG4T2:

    You’ll do great! First few days are the worst then you’ll be better than ever before you know it. It is a great new life not caring about food so damn much. I love my new life and you will too. :)

  • Clemburke1111:

    I am happy for you !

  • sunsetlover:

    Phil if you need help at home or if you need anybody when you get out… please contact me.. I can fly out there so you don’t need to be alone.

  • sunsetlover:

    I am sooooo Excited for you and seriously Jealous!

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