13 month – Plastic Surgery talk / Egypt!

My thoughts on plastic surgery and my upcoming Egypt trip. KOOTER33@hotmail.com email for paypal
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About the Video: According to recent studies, if you are very overweight, gastric bypass surgery could save your life. In part-two of this two-part interview with Dr. Mark Kligman, you will find out who can best benefit from the surgery and what types of lifestyle changes are necessary to make it a long-term success. Specific topics covered in this portion of the interview include: Interviews with three family members after gastric bypass Life after gastric bypass surgery Patient responsibilities after surgery Vitamins, minerals and supplements Exercise after gastric bypass surgery About the Expert: Dr. Mark Kligman is the director of the Center for Weight Management and Wellness at the University of Maryland Medical Center. He is also an assistant professor of surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Related Links: Dr. Mark Kligman www.umm.edu Weight Loss Surgery (Part 1) www.youtube.com UMMC Center for Weight Management and Wellness www.umm.edu Overview: Surgical Weight Loss www.umm.edu Patient Success Stories: www.umm.edu Distributed by Tubemogul.

25 Responses to “13 month – Plastic Surgery talk / Egypt!”

  • SunriseHealthFoods:

    DAMN your beautiful.

  • grodot333:

    Blood work is so important to get done for hormone balance, plse don’t put it off any longer. You have put so much energy into your health so far don’t stop short on something so important. I hope all the results come out well!……….Kelly

  • jillymitch81:

    Thanks for sharing you videos and progress, I am hopefully having my surgery in May of 2011, I can’t wait. You look awesome!

  • Kellawanda:

    @TishBiscuits: I noticed some change mainly in my legs. After 6 weeks I quit the program, I was feeling sooo tired and having a hard time waking up in the morning. I tried again a few months later and only made it 6 days. I think before doing it I need to seriously sit down and make a food plan because it was draining me!

  • Kellawanda:

    @ANGELORO33: I havent had plastic surgery yet so I dont know the costs. And no, but thanks for asking :)


    Hi I would like to know if you know how much is it in mexico for a full body lift? or how much is it for fat transfer? Fat to your butt? please let me know. This the first time I see your videos thank you for your updates. Are you still raising money to go to Egypt?

  • jazzdiva04:

    You look wonderful! Good idea to gain knowledge in nutrition to help your addiction clients. Have a great time in Egypt.

  • TheMamaMia5:

    So great that you’ve come to know Christ! I will pray for this journey as well!

    I appreciate the info that you provide :D

  • craftychristie:

    just FYI, this is my new username – was christieCMT before – had the VSG May 20th. I am going to be adding my videos onto here and I hope you will check them out! :)

  • maryposa1978:

    I love watching your videos. Very cool stuff you are up to. I wish I could help but I am unemployed. I have a 2nd interview on Monday, maybe if I get that ;)

  • statelinebristol:

    If you need some fat to be placed in your boobs and but, then I have plenty to donate, no cost. win-win situation lol.

    As for my surgery, last checked I was over 1.5 pounds so they cancelled my consult. How ironic.

  • MissJJinVA:

    Wearing a bikini. I can only imagine! You look really pretty. jan

  • dhuhahussam:

    Hi kellawanda, can I ask you how do you coop with your partner about your relation while you have the excess skin???, could you make a video on that please?

  • specialgrl23:

    I am SO happy for you! You had left us hanging for several weeks. lol! =) Busy-ness is understandable. Your videos encourage me and now to know that you’re a believer is awesome. I pray for guidance for you and all the plans you have for yourself. I’ve been wanting to do mission in Poland. I think that would be so awesome (plus, you’re going a good thing!) Be blessed and keep up the good work. Thanks for posting.

  • marissaandmommy:

    you look awesome!!

  • faith8412:

    Please check out Jaime Campos in Tijuana, Mexico. I have had several friends go to him and they have been very pleased!

  • 1courtdaddy:

    Congrats on becoming a Christian!! Glad you saved your soul and not just your body. Good luck on the plastics and the trip to Egypt. That is in my top 5 placed I would like to go.

  • laurentayler87:

    hell yea on plastic surgery!!!!!! lol cant wait to hear more about the process!

  • IamKris411:

    seems like you have a really balanced mindset about everything :-) wow – Egypt, that’s exciting. I think it’s great that you want to help people with nutrition and exercise… and that you are informing yourself so much. ambitious :-D !! I wish you all the best, with raising your funds!

  • kelshaleanne:

    Thanks for sharing…I was thinking I would not want/need plastics…But, here at my 9 month and 112 lbs lost mark, I am starting to see how a fat transfer to my boobs and a tummy tuck could potentially be an option. I hear you about not wanting to be always chasing something “better” I worry about that also.

  • cabernetqueen:

    smart girl- I also am waiting to stabilize before plastics- 12-14 months – however I think I may wait longer– for my skin to adjust- but definitely by next summer. I am open to a good clinic in Mexico- so I’ll be watching. eggface had great success in Mexico-

  • mrsjadabe:

    You are glowing in this video & you look awesome!! Congrats on going on the mission trip. I have been thinking about going on one myself but I can’t afford it. As always love your videos. God bless.

  • LoriA1162:

    I think I would wait until after I had children before a tummy tuck, if you are going to have babes. Easy for me to stay, cuz I have had my 4 kids. Hope you get your blood work checked out soon. get some Heme Iron from vitalady.com & take a couple a day for a few months & see how you feel, & you can get sublingual b-12 dots that absorb under your tongue at Wal-Mart. So proud of you for going on a mission trip! What an adventure & growing experience for you! You look glowingly beautiful!

  • laffleck1:

    I appreciate your videos!! thank you for sharing… what an awesome new chapter you are starting!! what a blessing…

  • laffleck1:

    I appreciate your videos!! thank you for sharing… what an awesome new chapter you are starting!! what a blessing…

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