Low-Carb Manicotti

Fast and east low-carb Manicotti: the motion picture!

Jimmy Moore from www.livinlavidalowcarb.com interviews Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, a medical doctor from Sweden who is treating patients with obesity, heart disease, and diabetes with a low-carb, high-fat diet (LCHF). He runs the #1 low-carb blog in the world at www.kostdoktorn.se and joined a group of American low-carbers on The 3rd Annual Low-Carb Cruise to the Bahamas in March 2010. Dr. Eenfeldt talks about how he stumbled upon low-carb diets after reading the work of New York Times science writer Gary Taubes and then finding a physician in his home country of Sweden named Dr. Annika Dahlqvist who uses low-carb nutrition to help her patients. Today he is an avid supporter of the science behind carbohydrate-restriction and believes the “low-fat fad” is coming to an end. He shares encouraging words about the “paradigm shift” happening regarding fat and especially saturated fat and that people will soon realize it is the carbs they need to be most concerned about. Don’t miss Dr. Eenfeldt’s new book on LCHF coming in the Fall 2010 and join us on the 2011 Low-Carb Cruise to meet him in person. Sign up now at http and you’ll hear from this amazing man. Also, be looking for Jimmy Moore’s upcoming podcast interview with him coming later in 2010 at www.thelivinlowcarbshow.com For more information about healthy low-carb living, visit www.livinlavidalowcarb.com
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20 Responses to “Low-Carb Manicotti”

  • arrozconzapatos:

    Will definitely try this. Thanks.

  • ChaChaDave:

    Hi. Enjoyed the video. Nice alternative recipe.

  • SirEldricIV:

    Very low in carbs. Incredibly high in sodium.

    That turkey looks to have 780mg of sodium per 2 slices. You used 4 slices (I think) for 1560 mg of sodium.

    Ragu Pizza Sauce is 250 mg per 1/4 cup.

    Shredded cheddar cheese is going to run 100-250 mg of sodium per serving. Ricotta is another 50-100 per manicotti.

    The daily allowance for sodium is no more 2300 mg for a healthy young adult (and 1500-1800 mg for anyone with cardiovascular risks). Your lunch looks to be about 2000-2250 mg.

  • danihaskell:

    i am imagining this right now, with prosciutto….
    delicious idea, Jimmy!

  • TheMrJoeCatholicShow:

    This looks delicious! How long would I cook it in a conventional oven? What temp and for how long? THUMBS UP!!!

  • ElectraOmega:

    Jimmy you’re a Saint! I thought you were going to torture me with regular Manicotti shells, which I can’t eat because of my Celiacs Disease, but you blew me away with the turkey wrap, Gotta try this ASAP! GOD BLESS!!!

  • Gabbo2010:

    Dr. Eenfeldt was debating with another Swede about the low carb diet, his opponent held an opposite view, the debate was in Swedish. However eating low carb has allowed me to lose more weight than eating high carb and low fat. In fact, its nearly impossible to eat such a diet because most carbs in the Western diet are the refined bad kind.

  • Awaitingcertainty:

    This guy’s got it 100 percent right. He got turned onto LCHF by the brilliant research of Gary Taubes, who is the best ever! I lost almost 20 lbs (wasn’t fat to begin with, but middle age WAS doing a number on me!) in 4 mos. after reading Taubes. What the research says is, LDL cholesterol # is not meaningful. What IS meaningful is one’s HDL and Triglyceride level. My HDL pre-LCHF? 52. After? 65 (higher HDL is good!) Triglycerides went from 105 to 54 (lower is better).

  • MyJayaweera:

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  • livinlowcarbman:

    @Gameboob He’s a handsome guy!

  • Gameboob:

    That’s a flattering shot of dr Eenfeldt…

  • livinlowcarbman:

    @optahealth Thanks for the suggestions!

  • optahealth:

    How about a mike on the speaker or using a compressor in your video editor.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    @PoshPatootie Sorry about the sound! I’ll be doing a full-length interview on my Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb podcast show later this year where you can hear from Dr. Eenfeldt. He’s a soft-spoken man.

  • PoshPatootie:

    wow i really wanted to hear this but even with my volume up 100% it was a strain to hear the doctor but the interviewer was fine….can we get a transcript?

  • livinlowcarbman:

    @Bonnie90505 Well said, Bonnie!

  • MrObama:

    Great sound!

  • Bonnie90505:

    we need more doctors in the US like him, thanks so much for the interview, I look forward to learning more about Dr Eendeldt. I agree, “low fat “was the “fad” diet of the 70′s . Now,30 years later,obesity became an epidemic in children along with diabetes and high cholesterol. Drs treat the patient’s symptom with horrible drugs and a “low fat diet”, and they never will be healthy on their own. Sugar gets a free pass, but fat remains the evil demon..so sad.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    @TheTick900 Turn your volume up load…he’s a soft-spoken man and I turned him up as loud as I could in the editing software. But he should be audible. Watch the video again, I provided subtitles recapping what he was saying as he said it. THANKS for your comment!

  • TheTick900:

    Jimmy, I couldn’t hear a word this man was saying. Could you repost with subtitles?

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