Nice Belly Rub

I was feeling a little chubby so I decided to make a new video for you guys. Enjoy!
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Herbalife CEO, Michael Johnson, talks about the causes of obesity with Dr. David Heber, Chairman of our Nutrition and Scientific Advisory Board and renowned worldwide nutritional expert.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • TJSportz:

    Such a sexy belly. I hope you keep growing man. Your beautiful.

  • Bambooboy444:

    Very hot!! Wow, we have very similar body types. =P

  • PirateKing1256:

    OMG…This is cutest belly video !

  • minkso97GAGAFAN:

    i don’t even know why this was recommended for me O_o

  • yeapcheongkhim:

    so hot ……can i kiss your tummy .

  • ImCrAzyFoROreOs:

    I don’t get how being fat is hot..

  • ThePokeMusicLover:

    So hot

  • T1super:

    Welcome back ! Where had you been ?

  • stephenp1968:

    id like to rub that tummy. whew

  • optometrics:

    Nice! I want to rub your belly!!

  • mctp4057:

    I wish you were my bf !! Like seriously

  • RussianGayChaser:

    cutest belly n chest, and very nice vid :)

  • pleasurize:

    Sexy, absolutely! Beef up a bit:-)

  • slchase99:

    You have a naturally beautiful body. Adding some bellyfat just makes it that much hotter. When you started massaging that ab-fat with lotion, i got super-hard.

  • T1super:

    Nice to see you back. Still with a perfect body. Take advantage of it to shoot original, imaginative, outstanding videos – like you already do. Great lighting.

  • MrTumlover:

    beautiful belly

  • TJSportz:

    Man. I’d love to rub that belly.

  • DocScrawl:

    Ah, you still got the perfect body… Thanks for sharing!

  • Fatnesse2010:


  • PascalVailleBarcan:

    Looking so hot man~ <3

  • 99misterniceguy99:

    you look really beefy and hunky

  • monkey1441:

    Looking good dude!

  • Chubbyluvrr:

    That’s one sexy hot bod!

  • betafocus:

    looking good!

  • SilentBombr:

    Best products ever

  • mevaIntl:

    @Dejanpezdirc trust me when I say that those who speak badly of Herbalife are those who haven’t tried it. Herbalife won every time the company and products have been tested. Never has anyone taking Herbalife suffered any bad effects, how can they its food, nutrition, the best most nutritional meal on the planet…and its 100% from natural sources!
    I’ve eaten it for nearly three years, everyday, and I feel absolutely great!

  • falabellaisme:

    I’m 22 years old, and have been taking the products (at least 10 of them every month) for eleven years now. I couldn’t be more gratefull for it, and it makes you wonder about lifestyle and how people percieve “nutrition” and “health”. I recommend it to everyone I know because all my family takes it, and I would have taken it earlier if I had the chance; so go ahead and mark the difference in your lifestyle today :D

  • madpyq:

    @Dejanpezdirc You are right, Herbalife is not healthy for you maybe. For myself I lost 7 kg in 2 month and improve my sinus problem which suffered me more than 15 years.
    I think you are right, Herbalife might not that good for you.
    But Herbalife has been serving people in the world wide for more than 31 years, 75 countries and yet Herbalife is listed in NYSE.
    My family have a good result with Herbalife, and I believe that maybe not working for you BUT for all of us.
    Enjoy :)

  • lepaluki0909:

    @Dejanpezdirc don’t believe everything you read. “I have tested it” :D on my own skin, and I KNOW it’s healthy! I don’t just believe it. I know for the fact. There are all kind of people out there. Some want money. Some blame wrong things for their bad health. Herbalife didn’t kill anyone – but fast food did… I know people who EAT herbalife for more than 10-15years, and perfectly healhy, better than ever before Herbalife. Are they some kind of SUPER-PEOPLE when HL didn’t do any harm?

  • Dejanpezdirc:

    @lepaluki0909 herbalife is not healthy. Type herbalife sued in google.

  • lepaluki0909:

    @Dejanpezdirc Everything is BUSINESS. Obesity is business. Healthy food is business. THAT IS ITS NATURE. But would you rather feed the industry that makes you obese, not healthy, taking pills instead of change your nutrition habits that can kill you eventually? Or you want to feed and even earn your income and live a better life in every way, by recommendation of healthy choices that can improve peoples health, life in general? Make you lose weight and not your health? A?

  • Ryutaro1978:

    @Dejanpezdirc Hello…. you say there are many food milliontimes better than Herbalife, well….. name just one of them; if these food are really better than Herbalife food, these must have the 114 nutrients that body needs every day at least, so…. name one of them

  • Dejanpezdirc:

    “”"”may be it is not so “healthy food” this days, anyway”"” correct, and herbalife ingredients are from mars? :) business, business and just business is today importand, everyone wish one slice of capital-pie, herba, vita, fita, bla bla is another big hungry4money company :)

  • Ludmilauol:

    that is what I call “amazin”

  • Ludmilauol:

    “amazing” is the fact althought this information are everywhere it still not enough to help people change people habits. the true is, nowadays, what you call healthy food, may be it is not so “healthy food” . anyway .. I sugest you read “what you doctor doen´t know about nutritional medicine can be killing you” . But the video sugest herbalife. it can help you improve your nutricion.

  • Dejanpezdirc:

    What is so amazing here, these info about junk food are everywhere. And there is a lot healthy food, why should we live with this shit, it’s like dializa every day.

  • Dejanpezdirc:

    you don’t need to eat pommes and burger every day, and you also don’t need to eat herba for healthy life. There is a lot of food, which is milliontimes better than herba, just take it, eat it, don’t know where is a problem.

  • randyt04:

    @alionaliona I would like to research this. Please send the place, hospital names, and doctors that treated these friends. I would like to hear their opinions.

  • alionaliona:

    they’re liars! not at all healthy! I have friends who have arrived in hospital! shame on you!!!

  • OrangeJulius84:

    Wake up, America! Herbalife is the way to go. Take charge of your eating habits and get healthy!

  • JOZERZ64:

    Mmmmm big mac!!!!¡

  • eclipsR:

    Junk food! I dont call that a meal.. I call it a tasty meal!!! mmmmmmmm

  • GuidoMV1980:

    Impresionante, y esto sucede en todo el mundo, gente que piensa que se alimenta, cuando sólo está comiendo. Gracias Herbalife.

  • Ludmilauol:

    this is such an amazing video. take a look what fast food are giving to you!! (fat and sugar!! we are paying very expensive for all that sugar. I´m not talking about money, we paying with our healthy. what you do with your healthy is you choice. we must to change the old habits… they are killing all of us. without gas the car does not work, without nutrition our body neither.

  • getmoreoutoflife:

    I’m happy to see the conversations videos here :-) even if it’s just the short version! Great to share with all…

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