Video # 17 – Questions about surgery in Mexico answered!

I get asked questions a lot about having surgery in Mexico and what it’s like so I decided to make a video with all the answers to those questions. Sorry it took so long to do but I hope it’s helpful to those who are considering surgery outside of the USA
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  • nfcd0520:

    I love your vids!! Im up for surgery on April 05 and Im extremely nervous and scared!!! I know itll be worth it now that I see your vids. Im being cpvered by insurance so thats a plus!! Again thank you for the post!!!

  • TheIlovebbw:

    wow very sexy

  • zekabq:

    Hi Jamie! I am 9 days out from surgery in PV, and you inspired me to do it through Dr Joya! I am so excited for this journey to begin! Thank you for all the helpful info on here!

  • heysean:

    Hi, I paid cash for mine in the US and negotiated down to 34k…. But your payment plan sounds like a good deal…… Good Luck

  • camaxtle:

    when did you come to mexico?i mean it would be nice to meet you when you come next time….

    hope we can be friends

  • bobinfiler:

    My wife just had her RNYin Mexico and was very good for the money. She is out 10 days and minus 16 lbs and no problems. Her YOU Tube channel is is Mzz Joyce.


  • youwantgeek:

    Yes, I sure did.

  • youwantgeek:

    Hello! I know it’s scary–it takes time to wrap your head around the whole idea! Please feel free to message me should you have any questions :)

  • lovelydork1:

    wow u look great! and im so glad i found someone around my age…that has gone threw this….ur story sounds the exact same! but im 19….and im thinking about the sugery…im just really scared…..but ur videos are really helping…..

  • bobinfiler:

    Did you have the RNY bypass?

  • youwantgeek:

    Hello!! Glad you found it ;) Hope it’s helpful!

  • youwantgeek:

    Thanks! Damn…that’s SO MUCH MONEY. I’m very glad your insurance covered it.

  • pladd04:

    Hey :) It’s me again. I just found this video. Thanks so much.

  • fatgirlslimin08:

    great video! My surgery cost $52,000 when all was said and done. Thankfully my insurance covered it 100%.

  • youwantgeek:

    Hi Melanie! I love your vids! Hope you’re doing OK, haven’t seen you for a while. Anyhow, the $11,500 included airfare for myself and my stay (you can have 1 person stay at the hotel with you for no extra fee) We ended up paying for their flights and their hotel stay. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Sorry it took so long to respond…youtube doesn’t notify me of new comments so I have to manually look through and see if I have any.

  • melanie22282:

    I’m now considering surgery in Mexico…I never thought it would be something I’d need to consider, but because of a recent change in circumstances, I just might. The cost is surprisingly do-able! Did the 11,500 include air faire for your family and boyfriend too? Or did they pay for their tickets? Just curious. :) Thanks hon! I appreciate your videos.

  • youwantgeek:

    Yeah, it was a really good deal down in Mexico!

  • abbchupp:

    That is HALF of my surgery cost. 22,791.60 not including pre-op testing

  • youwantgeek:

    I’m really glad to hear that. If you have any other questions please let me know :)

  • FeaLisa:


  • youwantgeek:

    Aw thanks! :)

  • socalangela75:

    You are so darn cute! Just saying.

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