LLVLC On YouTube: Low-Carb Fried Chicken! (Episode 25)

That always innovativeLivinLaVidaLowCarb.com blogger Jimmy Moore and his amazing wife Christine take the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube” series out of the studio and into their kitchen to make some mouthwatering low-carb fried chicken, baby! You’re not gonna believe how gorgeous this turns out and Jimmy captures all the action using his new Flip camera available on Amazon: www.amazon.com Here are the basic ingredients you’ll need for the recipe you see in Episode 25. This is a good one that your entire family is gonna want, so get your ingredients and make this chicken! JIMMY’S LOW-CARB FRIED CHICKEN RECIPE 4 Perdue’s Perfect Portions Chicken www.perdue.com 4 Eggland’s Best Eggs www.egglandsbest.com Long’s Fry It Right http Nutiva Coconut Oil store.yahoo.com Make some low-carb magic in your kitchen creating this awesome recipe that Jimmy and Christine just absolutely adore. ENJOY! Keep watching “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube” and send us your comments and questions at livinlowcarbman@charter.net anytime. Visit Jimmy Moore at his www.LivinLaVidaLowCarb.com blog, http podcast and www.LivinLowCarbDiscussion.com forum for even more education, encouragement, and inspiration about the amazingly healthy low-carb lifestyle!
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tinyurl.com — Enter Dr. Atkins and the low-carb diet craze currently sweeping the nation. Whereas low-fat diets like Pritikin and Ornish warned followers against eating high-fat foods like steak and eggs, Atkins followers avoided the carbohydrates that are the mainstay of a low-fat lifestyle. Not surprisingly, low-carb diets have come under attack by everyone from low-fat diet proponents to scientists and the media. In “Diet Wars,” Talbot speaks with science journalist Gary Taubes, who wrote a controversial article for The New York Times Magazine that questioned whether the food pyramid was wrong and limiting carbohydrates was the way to go. “I got crucified in a variety of publications,” Taubes tells FRONTLINE. “A Washington Post reporter went after me, the Center for Science in the Public Interest went after me because suddenly I turned around and said, ‘Maybe low-fat diets don’t work and maybe low-carbohydrate diets are the answer.’” Taubes admits to being surprised by the ferocity with which his article was attacked. “People are more polarized on this than they are in politics,” he says. “I’m stunned.” What most nutritionists and industry experts do agree on is the fact that America is facing an obesity problem of epidemic proportions. “This is the public health issue of our generation,” says Dr. James Hill, director of the University of Colorado’s Center for Human Nutrition. “[When] you see 65 percent of Americans are overweight or obese, what amazes me is that

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  • 79siggy:

    i love the sound effects…!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    THANKS Frank! Fry It Right is no longer in business, but you can use Parmesan cheese instead. Probably NOT for Induction, but certainly ongoing weight loss. :)

  • frankj00:

    would you say fry it right is induction friendly?

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Great question, Kim! Those oils are inferior to oils like coconut and avocado oil. That’s why I recommend those instead.

  • kim24may:

    can i use canola or vegetable oil on low carb

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Netrition has coconut oil by the gallon buckets.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    So only use as much as you need.

  • thugricanz:

    Too much coconut oil….. That thing cost a lot :X

  • jw2par:


  • tinamarie19752008:

    that looked so yummy, i live in sc to, so where can i get some coconut oil, bi-lo maybe? thanks for the great videos y’all!!:)

  • lowcarb4life:

    ok so I read the rest of your comments and got all my answers…lol…I am headed to that site with my credit card…lol…

  • lowcarb4life:

    hey love the videos, I got a flip, just get a mini tripod and you can set it on your counter while you cook, it costs about 10 dollars at walmart I love mine…where do you get that tub of coconut oil? I can not wait to get me some FRY IT RIGHT, is it by the breadings…I want some chicken nuggets…YUM!!!!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Feel free to use coconut or almond flour instead. :)

  • monamourestmoncoeur:

    Your Fry it Right is chalked full of trans fat! It has hydrogenated oils in it. :[

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Sorry I wasn’t fast enough for ya! Try to keep it real and get it all done in one video. I appreciate your feedback. :) Keep watching and keep on livin’ la vida low-carb!

  • eckankar:

    6 minutes and you’ve cracked 4 eggs, put grease in a pan and opened one package of chicken. Can’t this be done in advance and get to the point?

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Sorry about that christy406! I was getting used to the new video camera and was trying cook and shoot the video all at the same time. Now I get my wife Christine to do the video shooting. :D THANKS for watching!

  • christy406:

    Awesome recipe.. but the video made me kinda dizzy lol Reminded me of ckiverfield. Coconut oil looks really good.. I will try that ASAP

  • livinlowcarbman:

    You could use vegetable oil, but it’s not as healthy as coconut oil is. Many veggie oils have way too many omega-6s which you don’t want, so stick with the coconut oil if you want the best. There might be a very slight sweet coconut taste to the chicken, but not much.

  • Sadekat:

    I have never tried coconut oil… silly question… does it make your food taste coconutty? Also, could you just fry the chicken in reg old veggie oil?

  • livinlowcarbman:

    I appreciate your comments, although I wouldn’t say the Long’s product is “loaded” with the trans-fat. You only use a little of it, but I can appreciate and respect you wanting to find other alternatives. One great one is to mix coconut flour and parmesan cheese together…an excellent substitute for flour. :) And it’s SO delicious, too!

  • authorgirlpetparent:

    What is your suggestion for a Long’s Fry It Right substitute? It’s loaded with partially hydrogenated soybean oil, which I know is extremely unhealthy. (and rather contrary to using expensive, healthy coconut oil!) Thanks.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    So make ya some low-carb fried chicken! :D

  • snowdrop19:

    You are making me soooo hungrayyyy

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Hey whatever it takes, right? :D

  • Mattypphillip:

    What about lean meats like chicken and fish? It’s funny when people always turn to the steak when they try to bad mouth a low carb diet. And Eggs – just take the damn yoke out.

  • deadeyedick1933:

    Potatoes are not “refined”, and the purpose of your pancreas is to take this terrifying “pure glucose” and move it to your cells, which run primarily on glucose. A blood sugar spike is a normal part of digestion. Atkins starves your cells of glucose, and forces them to pull ketone bodies from your fat reserves. It’s not a diet you can keep up forever, and you’re going to wreck your arteries, liver and kidneys.

  • jaket2k8:

    @Getalis No you are the one whoo needs to go and do some research, read GCBC by gary taubes, these are REAL studies that show true results.
    Its small dence LDL that gets trapped in the aterial wall that causes inflamation that causes CHD. Not saturated fat which also raises HDL and the large fluffy LDL (the good one). Once small dence LDL becomes oxidised this is when the problems begin, what causes this………… BLOOD SUGAR.
    So actualy you are the one who does not understand the subject.

  • achcharuwa:

    Hey! Have you ever tried intellectus 424 diet (google it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my father lost tons of weight with it.

  • auggiedoggy:

    So if potatoes are so bad for weight loss then explain how this fellow (Chris Voigt ) lost 21 lbs. in 60 days on an all potato diet? He ate something close to 21 potatoes each day. The reason he lost weight? He consumed fewer calories due to the fact he couldn’t overeat on his high starch potato diet. Dropped 67 points off his total cholesterol, among other things. Any diet can work if you eat less. Its what happens to overall health after 10, 20, 30 years that would concern me.

  • misslilygish:

    Keys lied. He studied 22 countries and through out every one that proved his ideas were wrong. The real cause of heart problems is carbs, not fat. We need saturated fat to feul our brains, prevent brittle bones, and help raise good colesteral.

  • Getalis:

    @SexyJane28: “DO NOT COMMENT if you do NOT understand the subject matter. ”

    Were you to follow that advice, we’d likely never hear from you again! And I’d have to look elsewhere for humor.

    A cursory review of PubMed reveals that there have been hundreds of studies on dietary intervention since 1950. (Perhaps only eighteen agreed with your whacked-out view of reality?)

  • SexyJane28:

    Saturated fat does NOT cause coronary artery disease and NEVER did.

    LOOK UP DR. STEPHAN GUYENET , PEOPLE. He like Anthony Colpo dicusses this in detail.

    The false idea that saturate dfat causs CAD has NEVER been shown in the randomized double blinded clinical trials. This IS a FACT.

  • SexyJane28:

    You are pathetic Getalis. There are 18 clinical dietary intervention studies exmining thi svery issue. NONE support the anti-saturate dfat nonsense strated by Ancel Keys in the 1950′s.

    Please get a clue. I have researched this in detail for 6 straight years. Anthony Colpo OWNS you.

    Minnesota Cornary Study, Rose et al , National Diet Heart Study. That will hold you for a while. DO NOT COMMENT if you do NOT understand the subject matter.

  • Getalis:


    Actually, saturated fat *has* been linked to CAD, among other things. Perhaps wolfing down a 24-ounce steak with an entire stick of butter at every meal ISN’T the best weight loss plan after all? ROFL!

  • SexyJane28:

    Saturated fat does NOT cause coronary disease you low fat douchebag.


  • mokugin81:

    This Programe just confuses more people about the atkins diet!!it gives the idea that its a bad diet!! It is not!! u can eat laods of veggies and protein foods that r naturally rich in fat.. saturated fat is not a bad one!! Nature puts them in food so why should we avid them!?Breast milk is high in sat fat!! Stop saying lies about saturated fats and cholesterol!!! Please!!

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