Diet Coke Mentos Bomb. Have you ever tried diet Coke & Mentos? ★LIKE my videos? Share them! ►WATCH MORE: ★Viral video: DeathByMentos1 (redneckmoose) Featured by Ray William Johnson Death by Mentos: (Equals Three) ★Featured on Yahoo: Diet Coke and Mentos experiment goes wrong Filmed by Daniel Carter (roommate) • • MY LINKS: • Main ‪ • Daily ‪ • Alternate • Twitter ‪ • Facebook ‪ • Dailybooth ‪ • Tumblr • Formspring ‪http • Flickr ‪ • Funny or Die? Theme song produced by Robbie Jay • Another COOL Diet Coke + Mentos video: Diet Coke+Mentos=Human experiment: EXTREME GRAPHIC Viral video: DeathByMentos1 (redneckmoose) ORIGINAL! Diet Coke Mentos Bomb, Me and a friend from work going through our second childhood. Had to try the Mentos and Diet Coke fun. Had a lot of laughs afterwards and still laughing about it. Hope ya’ll enjoy it. Extra tags: DeathByMentos1 redneckmoose deathbymentos Diet Coke Mentos Bomb Death by Mentos: Kick the Baby! RayWilliamJohnson Equals Three DeathByMentos1 redneckmoose deathbymentos Diet Coke Mentos Bomb Death by Mentos: Kick the Baby! RayWilliamJohnson Equals Three DeathByMentos1 redneckmoose deathbymentos Diet Coke Mentos Bomb Death by Mentos: Kick the Baby! RayWilliamJohnson Equals Three
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It is very common that I read questions or statements from new Atkineers saying, “How come I feel so tired?” “Why do I have such a headache?” “I have no energy what is this diet doing to me!” One of the problems is no one forewarned them about Induction flu. Induction flu is simply the body burning its last remaining glucose and stored glycogen for energy, and suffering withdrawal effects. It is very similar to what happens when runners “hit the wall” and cyclist “bonk.” In addition to the physical withdrawal symptoms there are the mental symptoms as well. Think of drug addict, are they necessarily pleasant to be around or in high spirits even though they are doing something good. Well the carb addict has the same reaction; I personally was irritable for the first 2 or 3 weeks as I had to figure out how to eat, exert control over what entered my mouth, and regain new comfort foods. It is a dramatic change, and some people resist change. The good news is it is just temporary. It typically only last a few days, but for some the mental effects might last longer. It also shows you are on the right path and making true progress on getting rid of the excess fat. The silver lining is indeed that by the end if you continue the follow the plan you will be burning fat for fuel. You’ll have to watch the video for my suggestions on how to lessen the effects.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    And why the fuck would you waste coke ?

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  • ZeroZX999:

    Mentos + Coke = Cameraman’s worst nightmare.

  • KiddsockTV:

    I knew diet soda was BAD for you! LOL

  • bysla:

    Poor Daniel he tried to do the same but he FAILED :(

  • Mandy888100:

    I so need to go do that now if it ever stops raining. Although that might actually be pretty cool in the rain to see, who knows.

  • Msnljones:

    I’ve been on Atkins for 2 weeks. I know I’ve been in ketosis but feel I shouldve lost more then a couple pds. I realized that sunflower seeds, diet soda and coffee was stalling me. So now I gotta start all over. The scale hasnt moved much but I still see a lil difference in clothes. Hopefully I’ll start seeing a difference now that I’m stopping those 3 things.

  • bowulf:

    @aswelam You can stay on Induction for a long time. I was on it for essentially a year, but that is neither prescriptive or necessarily advised for anyone else. I have a video posted here called “how long should I do Induction?” that more fully answers this question.

  • bowulf:

    @aswelam You count the carbs from all sources into the total 20 net carbs per day. Processed meats certainly can have sizeable carbs in them, and you need to be careful which ones you pick especially on Induction. As for raw chicken or beef, they might have neglible carbs (well less than .3g per serving), but eggs on the other hand — good protein source with .6g per egg. You need to count those as well. Certainly anything you add in the making- spices, cheese, vegetables -need to be counted.

  • aswelam:

    hello, I need ur help in 2 questions the induction phase and this 20gm carbs ..should we count the carbs in the protien as well?? I mean when we eat chicken u can c it has some carbs in it and the same applies for meat and am not talking about processed food am talking about normal chicken and beef cooked at home..second question am I allowed to elongate this induction period as much as i can?? 2 months for example…thanks in advance

  • bowulf:

    @pcangeldust Sure, I have berries (Strawberries and blueberries) quite often and melons occassionally. Though I question the “need” for fruit as opposed to vegetables. In the past, people only had fruits when they were ripened locally and were very seasonal. Most of one’s phyto-nutrients came from vegetables, which are more nutritionally dense than fruits are. Fruits typically contain excessive sugar to obtain the same amount of vitamins.

  • pcangeldust:

    @bowulf Do you have fruit as part of your diet? Excluding the above mentioned.

  • bowulf:

    @pcangeldust As for the question how will an orange or a plum make you fatter, it’s quite simple. Mess with someone who insulin resistant blood sugar, and a number of bad things happen. Research Metabolic Syndrome X. Just because you happen to not be insulin resistant does not mean everyone is not.

  • bowulf:

    @pcangeldust I on the other hand have had 7 of the best years of my life. I have had 7 annual physicals were my doctor uses me and my blood work as what works. My cholesterol has dropped 50 points. My heart risk factors are nil, and the thing that was likely going to kill me is gone — sleep apnea. I also now have the energy to run marathons and do things my 20-year old self would never have dreamed of doing.

    So I do believe I have conclusive proof that Atkins is indeed healthiest way for me.

  • bowulf:

    @pcangeldust “are still very restricted” Based upon what? How many apples or oranges do you need to eat in one day? Is 5 enough? How about 10? Many people once they hit the latter phases and maintenance eat approximately 60-125g of net carbs per day. You can eat as many as your body allows. Does one need to eat more 5 or 10 apples per day?

    Perhaps I am missing the hardship, but that’s ok. You can lose your weight however works for you. I have no problem with that.

  • pcangeldust:

    @bowulf My point was splenda is allowed yet fruit which is alot more beneficial are not allowed excluding tomatos, cucumber and pumpkin. How will an apple, orange or plum make you fatter. I agree with low carb diets but too low is not good maybe at first to adjust the body but on atkins even after induction stage, the consumption of fruits are still very restricted.

  • bowulf:

    @pcangeldust As for the bones hurting, all that is discussed in this book. Many people as they lose weight get out of whack with their electrolytes and need to replenish them as this video points out. Potassium is a key one. Vegans have the same problem with their diets. As one makes a radical change, it takes a bit for the body to recognize and acclimate to the change.

    As for the Splenda vs. fruit false dichotomy, no one says you have to eat Splenda, and in fact they are limited on the diet.

  • bowulf:

    @pcangeldust But again fruits like apples and oranges are only limited during the first phase, which only has to last 14 days. After that you figure out what is acceptable for you. You figure out your CCLL, which is the limit of carbs you can eat and lose.

    Not everyone has to go through this minimalist period. If you only have 20-30 pounds to lose, perhaps Atkins for Life approach would work better. However for someone who hit rock bottom, I needed to rediscover food and what works for them.

  • pcangeldust:

    @bowulf I am glad it has worked for you and you are an inspiration to all of us but for me it just doesn’t feel like I can do it for the rest of my life.
    Fruits like apples and oranges are good for you I believe they are much healthier than a pack of splenda (artificial sweetners).
    I never been a big fruit eater but restricting them just makes me want them more and also atkins makes you feel weak, my bones hurt which I never experienced in my life. Something is missing from this diet…

  • bowulf:

    @pcangeldust You actually don’t need any of that. Fats and proteins are essential as your body can’t produce all of the ones you need. It can produce energy via other ways.

    As for fruits, there are fruits on all phases of the diets — cucumbers, pumpkin, tomatoes are all fruits. 7 years later and it is definitely long term for me. Mind you not all phases are Induction, but honestly this is the easiest diet I have ever done.

  • pcangeldust:

    I did it for like 4 days and felt like I was dying, stomach pains, nausea and just feeling unwell. I need milk, cereal and FRUITS.
    What kind of diet tells you no fruit that is just insane. Maybe it works but it’s definantly not long term. I hardly ate bread before I went on it but on the 4th day I craved bread like never before so it’s not exactly easy diet.

  • DarbyWeaver:

    No doubt. Turnip greens and Spinach seem to fit the bill with an occasional salad.

  • bowulf:

    @DarbyWeaver Just a small reminder that this is not just an all meat diet. Work to getting your 2-3 cups of veggies in per day even if just as a highlight to your meat, like my chicken cordon bleu recipe here. Other than that small nit, I think you are doing excellent. Keep up the phenomenal work, and congratulations on the weight loss!

    Thanks for watching and another great example of the success that is possible.

  • DarbyWeaver:

    FYI – I started the Atkins at 317 poiunds and I’m 303.5 as of this morning. I’ve found your videos very helpful, educational, and informative.

  • DarbyWeaver:

    Good stuff. I’ve been eating almost pure protein (steak/beef/chicken/pork) for the past 9 days now, drinking more water every single day (up to 10 16oz bottles as of yesterday) and exercising by walking in 30 minute sessions in my neighborhood 1-3 times a day as my schedule permits. I’m down 13.5 pounds so far and I’ve only experienced a very mild headache if that so far. I have “cheated” a little by drinking 1-2 cups of coffee every couple of days but with sweet/low and creamer. It’s working

  • siukwan88:

    Thankyou so much for all your videos,, i just started Atkins Diet 3 days ago,, however, i had really bad stomachache ytd becuz i ate so much meat,,, i went back to normal diet today to settle down my stomach,,, i wonder if i need to start the induction phase again for 14 days ? sorry for my poor english and thanks for answering my questions :)

  • bowulf:

    @zoelynn69 Always glad to share with others. You are definitely not weird or suffering alone. You might try to consume a few more electrolytes like sodium or potassium.

  • zoelynn69:

    Thank you so much for bringing this to light. I really thought that it was something really wrong with me or I was doing something wrong

  • bowulf:

    @TheOnlyAlexandra You might also try increasing your sodium intake — many people get dehydrated or low on electrolytes, and get headaches because of it.

  • TheOnlyAlexandra:

    Kent, The headaches I have right now suck…Acetaminophen, helps…trying to drink enough water too…

  • bowulf:

    @disneyfan86 I didn’t exercise at all for a month after starting. Your body isn’t acclimated to burning fat for fuel until week 2 or 3, so your performance will be likely horrible. By week 5 or 6 I was doing 15 minutes walking at 400+ pounds, and probably within 2 months I was slowly building up to 20-30 minutes. I had pretty bad shin splints when I first started too.

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