Low Carb Eating Tips To Lower Insulin Levels

Simple low carb eating tips to lower your insulin levels boost weight loss
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10 Responses to “Low Carb Eating Tips To Lower Insulin Levels”

  • truthseekr4life:

    Watermelon is 80 on the glycemic index.. Why would you recommend that?

  • Roundlay:

    Great video—thanks!

  • susanwillmott:

    Calories are just a value given to foods. Complex carbs have a calorific value it’s just that modern carbs are high in starch and sugar and cause too big a release of insulin hence the modern day diseases. All came about from refining and processing foods after 2nd world war to make it cheaper to feed the nation (?) (not when you think of cost to NHS etc) Do not separate eggs or any food, always eat whole food as nature intended for your body to process properly. Don’t play with food in short.

  • hotpinkmakeupgrl:

    @DolceVita boil eggs ahead of time ….EAT just the whites.

  • gooruraw:

    I think it is important that you understand needed calories? When you are eating low carb you may not get the appropriate calorie needed to keep your body functioning. So where can one get more calories w/o impinging on the carb’s? Also it needs to be said that regulating the amount fo protien is important as too much protein can causes kidney problems.

  • DolceVita:

    i dont have time to cook in the morning though … so eggs wouldnt really work.

  • MultiVulnerable:

    Thanks, will give this a try.

  • blackstreet2007:

    you the man bro..
    perfect sanse and easy 2 understand… U ROCK

  • Nicsaprincess:

    Your A RockStar…Thanks for this Video:)

    LC Diet Work’s!!!

  • traincosme:

    Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from LSWEIGHT(.)INFO

    in first picture in your video you look likea pig to eat something so dirty. even your face and mouth. you should keep this photo for yourself.and in? other photoes you should stand straight to take a photo your back bone is bend. just i think after all your face look better than your body it is not chabbey and fat.

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