Week #20 – Eat crappy = Feel crappy

When I eat foods high in carbs I get sluggish and sleepy, makes me crave more, and I dont feel the restriction.
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  • Kellawanda:

    @jodiem: Ill probably write one some day ;)

  • jodiem:

    girl i been cryin with mixed emotion watchin these videos great job and thanks for sharing hey whens the book coming out :)

  • Lovepeacepink90:

    Haha I love the fact that you are trying not to say umm….I know I am behind by like months. I just found you on facebook. So good luck with everything. Also I am considering getting gastric bypass so I am watching all of your videos lol. Thanks!!

  • neecyd63:

    Great video and you’re doing great! And I agree being accountable helps us make the most of the surgery tool! I also agree it’s great to not be super obsessed anymore about food but keeping conscious is necessary. I laughed at your attempts to stop saying ‘umm’ I do the same thing!!! Take care!

  • puhlease1:

    Ummmmm (lol, I do it too) – great video! A good reminder not to get back on the carb wagon, because I’m an addict.

  • kgroysman:

    I am on the same boat!!!!!! I have been eating way too many carbs and have been really lazy and sluggish…i heard about the 5 day pouch test… maybe that will help us get back into motivation mode!

  • Kellawanda:

    Kroger…and I know Whole Foods also sells Jason products.

  • hellokitty7696:

    where did you buy the biotin shampoo, your hair looks great!

  • Julsinmaine101:

    Your very honest with yourself and us that helps for sure..:)take your protein drinks that will help curb your appetite..also take you vitamins to stay healthy..Your doing great…keep it up!

  • mywlsjourney09:

    Love your videos it gives me so much straight forward information. I also say umm a lot and realize that after doing my 1st video, lets just say the 1st video was horrible, lol.

  • seemego2150:

    I so agree with you. I had a day last week that I ate 2 candy bars in one day and some soda. I have not had hardly any chocolate since I got banded and boy could I tell a difference in how I felt that day. I felt sluggish and crappy. Not sure what area you live in but if your weather has been anything like KC weather – rain, rain, clouds and cold and more rain… no wonder the motivation is down. Good luck getting back on the wagon again. Thanks for the shampoo tips. April

  • mommamartha:

    I think if you are feeling rugged that you should recoup for like a week and then hit it with the knowledge that you will continue into the normal range.

  • Danallydcol:

    Ohhh! I totally have experienced the carb monster Know exactly what u are talking about!!!!! It sucks i wish that this procedure could make you dump on them as well as sweets. I have yet to dump, and im not willing to test it, surg was on june 30th , im suprised that you dont dump on donuts!?!? Here’s hoping you get back on track!!!


    Great advice and thanks for the product information. Hope you can kick the carb monster soon.

    Good luck and continued success.

  • kkimberly2004:

    I love how you explain things! It reminds me of how men explain things a very straight forward, to the point way of saying this! lol I ‘m sorta like that! lol I was watching a vid here this girl said uhm sooo mant times it was hilarious! I commented her @ told her to lokk at the vid @ count how mant times she said uhm! lol She said OMG! I didnt realise I said it that much! lol wow, I was about to say,, uhm…..I liked what u said about doing the vids help you, I will do the same after my surg.

  • mamie4784:

    hey kella 5 more days till the big day. and i might look into that biotin shampoo.

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