how to cure your any illness in 1hr!!!

NEEM IS a very important plant that will change the world, am going to make a video, every month about the benefits of this wonderfulplant, if you want more info..check out these links…
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  • Hamonyfromjamaica:

    Good work … I..recommend to a parasite/ fungus cleanser like Neem ….always to combine it with a great blood cleanser.
    When you kill a fungus you have (death fungus) called aflatoxine !
    Same with parasites … (create a toxification & they need to be removed fast from your blood !
    Moringa (MIracle Tree) goes perfect with the cure …any ailment .
    google my name to find more health infoes…~ Sigrid Ribbe

  • birdienumnums1:


  • MrJeffw223:

    May God bless you brother for sharing this info! I never heard of it, but I will give it a try and spread the word too others! We need your email address ! Be blessed and be safe!

  • honestTom333:

    check out cancer tutor dot com people good website with lots of amazing information


    whats your email?

  • freedombiteback:

    Remember, too much of anything is not good for you !..Ps, Use the leaf for internal use, and the neem oil external use ONLY !..It is a gift from God !..And the word is with God..Peace.

  • pfhilomeena123:

    hello i thank God that i found ur video. please i would to talk to u. i will be sending you an email. i would like to try neem.

    thank you for the helpful wonderful

  • jianow:

    thnx its so nice knowing there r ppl in the world who care bout others

    n plus wht u said abou the diabetes and wht can balance it, well grapefruit juice can alsodo tht. it worked for me and my dad

  • studipa:

    that is very encouraging to hear. my company will be manufacturing neem pills starting in a few months. thanks for the informatioin.

  • LordKaseem:

    I just moved to California….so the weather messed up my sinuses…I had a chance to either use Neem pills or the Sudafed P.E….I used the Neem pills and it cleared me up withing 3 days, It started helping within a couple hours. I have to say that I will be using Neem from now on.

  • studipa:

    thank you very much

  • hgates101:

    I appreciate your video man

  • wordofadvice1:

    I’ll check out neem for God tells us in the bible that for every illness thee there is a tree or a flower to heal everything. It has got to be found but it’s out there because God said so. God Bless You.

  • studipa:

    thank you for you comment. neem is a natural herb that can help with many illnesses. its not going to hit mainstream because the drug companies cannot patent a herb. Google neem.

  • studipa:

    thank you my brother. people like you give me the fuel to continue what am doing.

  • studipa:

    thank you for your comment

  • studipa:

    thank you so much for your comment. check out my new videos.

  • studipa:

    thank you for your comment. check out my new videos

  • studipa:

    thank you bro, i just got my computer, so i will be responding to every email sent to me. thank you very much for sharing with me.

  • yoursmorph:

    he is right …!!neem is the key to cure ur any illnes in only 1 hour!

  • wordofadvice1:

    what is Neem? I would like to know because I have a curious mind and I think that your right what you said on things. so I would like to know what Nem is please. Have a blessed day. Hope to hear from you. I am a firm believer that herbs are a strong leak to many cures and illnesses But I also believe in medicine when needed so it’s a hard subject. Thanks though. smile

  • childofthenazarene:

    Jesus said “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!”
    Peace, blessings and health to you!
    In Jesus

  • harddayz25:

    respect brother!!!! much love!!!


    Hi John,
    God Bless YOU for being such a unselfish, generous, thoughtful person!!!
    For you to offer the Neem Leaves FREE, is all well and good, but you should at least ask for shipping and handling costs and something for your time.

    BTW: I don’t see your email address anywhere.
    I did check out the 3 links that you posted. The last one is a web site that is not set up for ordering as yet. Is that your web site?
    Would you pls. post your email address so we can write you.
    Thank you

  • befair2G:

    Jesus is Lord

    6000 yrs old brother.. spread the word.
    It makes the body hot

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