Black Bean Recipe Ideas and Health Benefits Black beans are a very heart healthy food to add to your diet. With 15 grams of fiber for 1 cup of black beans, that can support lowering of cholesterol. Black beans are also a good source of magnesium which can improve oxygen and blood flow in the body. Homocysteine is a compound that can damage to artery walls, and the folic acid, found in Black beans can lower homocysteine levels. Black beans pack in a lot of protein too. 15 grams per cup. And protein can help stabilize blood sugar levels, but also give us energy. And it seems that most all of us could use a little more energy. Most people have heard how great grapes are with their powerful antioxidant anthocyanins. Well black beans contain the same amount of that powerful antioxidant as grapes. Black beans have the most of this powerful antioxidant, with Red beans following then brown beans, and you see where this is going…. If you are someone that avoids all beans because of the gas factor, try adding spices to the beans. Spices that can reduce gas formation like ginger, cumin, or fennel. Also rinsing canned beans before eating can reduce the chances. Its the oligosaccharides or sugar in beans that causes it. And finally, start with very small amounts, say a teaspoon at a time, and you can build up a tolerance over time. For a great start to your day that will give you good energy, consider high protein breakfast like a breakfast burrito. First start with a sprouted grain tortilla if you
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – If you’re SERIOUS about losing weight make sure to check out this site right here. This site is helping thousands of people lose weight and you can check it out instantly by clicking the link right now. If you think losing belly fat has a lot to do with preparing the most sumptuous meals, think again. Even the simplest foods usually found in the kitchen can be a great source for your healthy dieting needs. In fact, there are a number of simple foods that help reduce fat but only three stand out. Oatmeal — Mornings will never be the same again without a bowl of warm oatmeal served. This traditional breakfast meal has a lot of health benefits. The obvious of which is that it lowers cholesterol. Oatmeal contains special strands of high fiber called “Beta-Glutan” which triggers down the body’s bad cholesterol levels. Oatmeal is a certified life-saver! — Since a daily dose will save you from risks of stroke and heart disease. Here’s one interesting fact about oatmeal: It also prevents women from Breast Cancer risks. A research conducted by the British Women Cohort Studies found that women having regular fiber intake have 40% less chances of developing Breast Cancer. Other health benefits of oatmeal includes diabetes risk prevention, blood sugar stabilization and boosting of the body’s immune system. Milk — A good provider of phosphorus, calcium and protein, milk is essential not only in healthy bone growth and improvement but also in lessening belly fat. Here are

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  • gutijunior:

    hi, thank you for this valuable information .when i soak the beans , why should i discard the water.?
    i believe that if i leave the water it would have more nutriets and vitamins

  • dkreller01:

    Why do you say that the protein in black beans provides energy? Protein doesn’t have much energy, compared to carbohydrates or fats. I’ve heard from multiple other sources that the digestion of proteins is very energy intensive. ?

  • workwillfreeyou:

    Thanks, I love black beans in my salsa. Cheap, good for you and tasty to.

  • NutritionalChoice:

    @rickypassword Discard the water after soaking

  • rickypassword:

    I have a question, what do I do with the water that I cook the black beans in? do I use it or discard it? I have the dried not canned black beans btw. Thank you for your advice in advance!

  • kissagreek26:

    Lots of great information, thank you!

  • nathuwjohn:

    youtube and google:
    “LDS Cannery” “LDS Cannery Locations”
    you can buy 25lb bags of beans (black, pinto, and/or white beans) for $14-$16. I have sprouted these to make sure they were not irradiated. They are not and you can eat for pennies on the dollar and/or stock up if any disaster hits?? You do not have to be a member of the LDS-it is just like going to the store-very convenient-
    Good luck~
    **they have other dry bulk foods for sale to: wheat berries, sugar, dry milk, macaroni etc..

  • NutritionalChoice:


  • johnny102marvin:

    OK….I am going to make a black bean breakfast burrito. sounds great.

  • NutritionalChoice:


  • bolillo239:

    i love black beans, check out my video on my page, entitled black beans forever.

  • NutritionalChoice:

    there’s always beano!

  • NutritionalChoice:

    Thanks so much for the feedback everyone!

  • koolbossjock:

    i do not have a problem with gas,but the people around me stumbled across this channel,interesting and right up my alley.

  • cindeej:

    how interesting! I’ve learned a lot from your very informative videos, they are packed full of knowlegde and very good recipe ideas, I’m definately going to try this recipe and as always…I’ve learned much about black beans! thanks.

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