Dita Saxová – 1967

English subtitles. A young Jewish girl survives her stay in a Nazi concentration camp and later finds difficulty adjusting to postwar life in an orphanage sponsored by an international organization. What little money she comes across she spends on her friends. When she meets a sickly young girl, she takes the younger girl under her wing because she reminds her of herself. Despite her harrowing past, the tender-hearted girl tries to make a new life for herself in this slow-moving but thought-provoking feature. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

Gujraati movie Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya What would happen when a simple village girl from interior of Gujrat is whisked away from her homely atmosphere and imprisoned in a golden cage in a distant land like America? What would happen when all the ethnic values that she had been brought up with are blow apart before her eyes as she stands a helpless witness to this destruction? It is this kind of cultural shock that our heroine Radha faces after she unwillingly falls prey to the schemes of treacherous family members ‘Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya’ tells the story of Radha, the apple of the of the family and ‘Dadaji’s’ pet. Radha is engaged to be married to Ram her childhood sweetheart who also belongs to the same village. However on the day of the mirage things go wrong and the marriage is stopped, thanks to certain jealous family members. Radha instead is married off to a non-resident Indian Deepak who flies her off to America with him. But being brought up in a virtuous household with family values being adored next to god, Radha faces a heavy cultural shock. Even over a period of time, Radha is unable to mould herself to the new environment and with each day her emotional suffering keeps rising. Tormented emotionally Radha breaks down with home-sickness. Will Radha be able to find for herself a peaceful dwelling in America or will she return back to India? Will dada be able to forgive himself for his mistake of wedding her off to America? Will Radha be able to

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  • skydrake3:

    jedna z tech jednicek let 60tych! Genialni kamera…a vubec. Diky Filmgorio!

  • capnballable:

    Well, I can see why this didn’t receive the Oscar for Best Foreign Film of 1990.

    Even Hollywood doesn’t hate America as much as this film does. And that’s

    remarkable. A nice peek into the Indian psyche. Since we in America have

    been lectured as to the “horrors of India” for decades, then turn-about is fair

    play., I suppose.

  • massimo38:

    Thank U very much it’s really a Great movie Except the last 10 minutes,
    America IS NOT REALLY LIKE WHAT YOU C IN THIS MOVIE.you can always
    find very respectable girls here too like any other country & other than thatm
    IT’S 5***** MOVIE .

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