Shanda Says, Managing My Health and Weight

I know it can be difficult at times for all of us but I wanted to share with you guys my health situation in hopes that we can all empower each other health wise.

This is a videoendocsopy clip performed and narrated by Dr. Joe Galati of Liver Specialists of Texas, located in Houston, Texas. This video demonstrates esophageal varicies caused by cirrhosis and portal hypertension, and the endoscopic banding of them.
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  • CRB2K1:

    One of the most beautiful women on the web today, THE FABULOUS SHANDA FREEMAN!!!

  • youheard03:

    aww you sound a little bummed out abou tha fact you needa loose weight.. dont worry i feel you, i do too.. its just tomoro never seems to come! haha but seriously it is hard maintaining that motivation :-(

  • gettingphinenow:

    we’re fortunate enough to still be left with sexy, voluptuous curves after doing so, then we should EMBRACE them!!!!!

  • gettingphinenow:

    walking up a flight of stairs or across a parking lot to get into the grocery store. It is NOT okay to load up on high-fat, high-sodium, high-cholesterol, highly-processed foods. It just isn’t! It is NOT okay to be on hypertension, cholesterol, or insulin medication if simply making changes to our diet/exercise regime can eliminate the need to. We should all (maxi and mini sisters alike) put our health FIRST, make the best food choices available to us, exercise our bodies and hearts, and, if

  • gettingphinenow:

    Gurrrllll!!!! Thanks soooooo much for this channel! I know I’m a late-comer, but this channel and Man and Wife are two of the best channels I subscribe to! And I’m sooooo happy you’re posting about this topic. I’m a thick sista too, and, thanks to your coverage in plussizemag and F.A.T. Fridays, etc., I no longer have the belief that I must be a skinny chick in order to be fabulous, and that, until then, I must live the life of a hermit. HOWEVER, it is NOT okay to be utterly out of breath after

  • mariah1643:

    your breast are so big and i like that

  • ShortyOh5:

    Man that’s not fair. I need to lose weight too but my boobs are huge and they gets me out of nothing!!

  • TikTok190:

    Shanda, i dont care what size you are girl you srut your stuff , i understand your scared just do exercise and eat more healthier and take your medicine as prescribed and you should be fine dont worry we all know you can get through this just be strong ! GOOD LUCK we’ll support you every step of the way xx

  • kinkykylieuk:

    camera reverse the image its like looking in the mirror

  • itshot123:

    Maybe you can get Scoop to do it with ya. Not so much starving him but going on walks and eating healthier foods.

  • ThickJuicieBb:

    @blackhoney99 MIRROR EFFECT MAYBE

  • blackhoney99:

    just wondering why is your wedding ring on the wrong hand?

  • prettygirlrene:

    Hi Chandra. Just want to tell you that this clip really hit home. I’m a big girl too and I am like you where my curves made me feel sexy and feminine. People told me that I wear my weight well and I held onto that. This year I want to have a baby and I’m thinking the weight I’d gain from that would really put me over. I am getting older and like you I now know that the extra weight is not healthy at all. I wish you all the best and stay strong my sister

  • charliestube1:

    Shanda I don’t care what size you are. You are still a pretty sexy momma. Everyone nowadays is stuggling with some kind of health related issues in this country. Just do moderate exercises and diet and take your medicines as prescribed by your doctors and you sill be fine.

  • missfubu21:

    Shanda, you can get healthy and keep most your curves! Your heart just wants to be utilized. The biggest goal is to reduce your hypertensive heart. When you go to the gym focus on that goal, not the fact that you’re at the gym and losing something you love about yourself! Take it from me, I’m a Exercise Science student that’s a big girl and diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension in my family. Work your heart..carefully!!

  • blackjas245:

    u can still lose weight and keep your curves. my girlfriend had to do it for her BP and she was afraid that she would lose her booty and big boobs. but she lost some weight around her mid section with exercise and healthy eating and kept her big boobs and booty. plus her BP went down alot.

  • seewat:

    u are very soft in this video!

    try having a teaspoon of organic flaxseed/linseed everyday.

    drink more water. im scared i have diabetes too because of family history plus i eat too much bread.

    for the bp, take more celery, but have it in moderation. I used to hate celery, but if you have it with tuna and mayo.. that is heaven. or if ure scared of the taste u can throw it in your potato/carrot/pork or chicken clear soup.

    cheer up! its bad for your health too.

  • misscnr1:

    I understand where your coming from. Oh and those earings are cute :)

  • lilliangreen:

    Thank you shanda for this enlightenment. I’m so there with you. Thank you and I love you and Scoop.

  • sheistopclass:

    Thank you for this vid. I understand..and I too also have to work on my health. Wishing you the best!

  • ljsavmech:

    1) loss 300 lbs of scoop and your BP will go down.
    2) If I stop taking the BP med how will I be able to eat my pork chop
    Take care I wish you the best also. we all have to do better in 2010

  • PictishPrince:

    My parents controlled their blood pressure with fresh garlic and leeks. It allowed them to stop taking medications that were expensive and not to their liking.

  • animechic25:

    you are a beautiful woman and at your size you can have meat on your bones and be healthy, some people dont look good small.

  • marie41789:

    its ok shanda your heart will love you for getting fit

  • asstden:

    babe.. i know u can do it, and i have faith in u…i also am trying to do the same, i wont to bring in the new year health and keep it that much love and blessings to you….i know u can do it ♥

  • drsantosh76:

    for how many days ,he shld be on soft diet after doing the banding.

  • superbrainykid:

    that’s so cool! thanks!

  • sjfoarde6893:

    That was awesome. Period.


  • korsisalon:

    That was a great video thank you doctor Joseph

  • jawad2082:

    @agoodwi2 are you sure about that?

  • agoodwi2:

    No, I’ve had this done several times and they usually start falling off within a few days. I tend to have a lot of pain from it and am usually on soft/liquid foods for 1-2 weeks post. However, I’ve had it done so many times that a lot of scar tissue has build up as well, so perhaps that’s why I’m more sensitive.

    Yes, a liver transplant would eliminate both since the damaged liver’s vasculature is pretty much which causes the portal hypertension, directly causing the varices.

  • agoodwi2:

    with all due respect, Tylenol is NOT an NSAID. anyone with gastric varices should NOT be given any form of an NSAID or their bleeding risk increases dramatically. Tylenol’s misconception is not so much its ability to worsen liver disase but instead its ability to cause liver failure with overdose – in otherwise perfectly health patients.

  • ahmedateffarag:

    actually these bands fall off after a period of time with the variceal part leaving no injury or damage , for sure liver transplant reduces portal hypertension and the varices .

  • njwsugar:

    Fascinating, my 6 year old has to have this done so very interesting, thank you.

  • m015094:

    Do the bands stay on? Do they ever fall off when the patient eats? Restrictions on eating?

    Would a liver transplant reduce portal hypertension and eventually the varicies?

    Sorry for all the questions.

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