#4 JESUS HEALS WITH STONES fr suarez terminal diabetes-cervical cancer CYBER HEALING CENTER

A huge pilgrimage of 400 people is triggered by news of stones in Montemaria that healed terminal diabetes and cervical cancer. It is Jesus and your faith that heals, not the stones. A mega-shrine of Our Lady is being built in Montemaria. FATHER FERNANDO SUAREZ, a Filipino Catholic priest of the Companions of the Cross, is constantly traveling worldwide, healing thousands. PLEASE PASS TO OTHERS ESPECIALLY THE TERMINALLY SICK. Healing inquiries www.fatherfernando.com eastwind@motherignaciahealingministry.com We offer Youtube video production assistance to religious or apostolic institutions. QUERIES eastwind@motherignaciahealingministry.com THE LORD REIGNS IN CYBERSPACE. *** LIST OF ALL CYBER HEALING CENTER YOUTUBE DOCUMENTARIES. SAVE FOR FUTURE ACCESS. VOL-11 FIXING THE HOLE IN LYSHEL’S HEART sr raquel www.youtube.com VOL-10 HEALING PRAYER sr raquel www.youtube.com VOL-9B TOUR OF THE GALAXIES fr reuter www.youtube.com VOL-8 JESUS HEALS INCURABLE LIVER AILMENT sr raquel www.youtube.com VOL-7A HEALING HOMILY AT MONTEMARIA fr suarez www.youtube.com VOL-7B HEALING HOMILY AT MONTEMARIA fr suarez www.youtube.com VOL-6 JESUS HEALS BRAIN TUMOR sr raquel www.youtube.com VOL-5 BACNOTAN CHURCH HEALINGS fr suarez www.youtube.com VOL-4 JESUS HEALS WITH STONES fr suarez terminal diabetes-cancer www.youtube.com VOL-2 JESUS HEALS TERMINAL LEUKEMIA sr raquel www.youtube.com VOL-1 HEALING PRAYER fr suarez www.youtube.com

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  • ilovejesusmary:

    father suarez,ipag pray nio po sana na gumaling ang aking inay na gumaling sa mga di normal na nararamdaman nya sa kaniang katawan..naniniwala po kme sa panginoon at sa inio,sna kyo maging daan pra gumaling sya.salamat po father,,,loving daugther from batangas

  • eastwind7:

    please visit fr suarez’s website for latest updates
    on schedule of activities in monte maria

  • shy52002:

    father please pray for my family jesus knows our problems and i hope he will hweal this family.Thankyou

  • BobE430:

    Will there be another trip to Monte Maria in Feb? i hope to go along this journey as I will not have any companion to come with me. Please, if there be a portal on the web about trips to Monte Maria and back. I live in Paranaque , area. God bless.

  • BobE430:

    Please heal me from my diabetes oh Lord. So that I may go back to work and not get sick again. Thank you Lord.

  • edd0906:

    Thank you Lord for giving me again my strangth and faith …. please heal our sickness me and my husband and bless us oour own angel thank you

  • weissedell:

    The miracle of the healing stones is really true, I just proven it this morning. I was in intense pain and barely can move due to my uti. I thought of the stone we got one year ago from Montemaria and started to rubbed it on the affected part and repeatedly recited Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be…then suddenly I realized the pain was GONE. It dawned on me its the prayers that unlock the power of healing from that stone. To God be the glory!!!

  • aolsicats:

    Thanks for this video. I got the info about the stones from the shrine of Mary Mother of the Poor. My mother is a dovotee of Our Lady . Her spinal column collapsed. Father Nap gave her a stone from Montemaria. Now, she can stand and walk. Her faith has healed her. Praise God. Thank you Lord.

  • ivan351:


  • nice1ehl:

    thanks for uploading this video…!!! salamat po sa panginoong diyos at lhat po ng kramdaman na npapagaling nya at patuloy po tayong huwag mwalan ng pag-asa sa ating mga dinaranas na karamdaman.malubha man o simpleng karamdaman…mgtiwala po tayo sa poong may kapal na tayoy kayang pgagalingin…sa pamamgitan ng ating pananampalataya…”GLORY TO YOU OH LORD JESUS CHRIST”

  • erniepep:

    thank you father suarez thru cyber healing in the name of Jesus my breast cancer has not spread inspite that it was the high grade invasive type. thank you Lord Jesus. Please heal me from this breast cancer.Amen.

  • dazzellnut:

    hello Father,please help me pray for my friend Benjamin Jr. for he is now suffering a urethral cancer…thank you and mre power!”GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME”..

  • jadetiger88888:

    thanks for the videos. they give hope to a lot of people. thanks also for emphasizing FAITH in Christ, forgiveness, a change of heart and not the stones

  • joessnake626:

    something about this video touched me. its like i felt the presence of god. i hope there’ll be more priest like fr. suarez.

  • eastwind7:

    please see previous comments
    the directions are there

  • ybeoj:

    hello,salamat po sa ngpost ng mga video tungkol kay fr. suarez,,,,tanong ko lang po kung saan sasakay papuntang montemaria?maraming salamat po!!!

  • larryesp:

    I just posted a new video of Fr. Fernando at the Our Lady of the Valley Church in Los Angeles. Please watch it. God Bless!

  • eastwind7:

    there are countless stones
    in the montemaria site right now
    anyone is free to get
    but it is requested you pray
    a hail mary for every stone you pick
    it is the hail mary and your faith in Jesus
    which heals you
    the stones are mere bridges
    like holy water and votive candles
    are instruments of the Lord
    if you give or lend a stone to another
    pray a hail mary with him/her first
    before you give it

  • meleyn:

    how many healing stones are there? im just curious bout it?

  • ariydatha:

    John 3:16
    “For God so Loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”

  • eastwind7:

    the stones do not heal. it is your faith as seen by God that you are healed. the stone is a mere bridge for God to reach out. God uses physical objects as bridges for healing in the same way the sacraments do – water, salt, etc., and now stones, cloth, even a cellphone voice, a news article, a healing prayer on the youtube. nothing is impossible for the Lord but He requires your free will, your faith to heal you.

  • extreme098:

    akonani: ok. Can you include me as one of your friends in Youtube. I cannot send mails to your Youtube mailbox. Thank you.

  • extreme098:

    Images are in common use in the Catholic Church. The object of images is to set Christ, the Virgin, and the saints before our eyes. We do not worship the images themselves, the honor which we give these objects being referred to the persons whom they represent.

  • extreme098:

    ok. Can you include as one of your friends in Youtube. I cannot send mails to your Youtube bmailbox. Thank you.

  • akoanani:

    extreme098 katoliko ho ako.

  • Abercrombieand1Bitch:

    This video… Tis freaking AMAZING!!!!

  • ciaradswim:

    Theres sugar in EVERYTHING so you got that wrong and diabetics can eat what they want as long as they have the insulin to cover it AND it’s sooooo much harder than just not eating cookies and all kinds of chocolate because even the ones that say sugar free still have liquid sugar called pollyolls in them

  • alexisray7:

    iv had diabetes since i was 3 n i am almost 14 now and it sux still but if u take care of urself u learn to b normal

  • 15maegen1995:

    GOOO DIABETES!!!!!!!!!!

  • ProductionsNolimits:

    how you been getting along with ur diabetes? I just got diagnoised on May 4.

  • TypeOneDiabeticc:

    haha a diabetic can eat anything they want they just have to do it in moderation and have the insulin to cover it… :)

  • gazgilfhunter:

    By now you should know that you can eat anything you want as long as you count the carbs for it . Your song is stupid and you say erm and arm alot ! Why?

  • richardnixonisgod:

    breh you trippin im leanin off condeinine that aint even diet

  • jessrich11:

    okay you are completely wrong. i have type 1, if you had away sense at all this song wouldn’t say what it says, goodjob dumb ass . <3

  • diabeticairsofter98:

    Type two ima type one thow

  • awsomeness2623:

    I have type 1 and I ate chocolate the other day!!

  • mason1189:

    i started getting symptoms in august and was diagnosed in march. i was 10 and only weighed 43 pounds.

  • lace0mafia:

    @fuhollywoodxoxo 1 month before i turned 13 i started to get symptoms and i lost 40 pounds just in that month i looked like shit so i went to my clinic my bs was 428 in the MORNING before breakfast best b day ever

  • steponmeknight:

    haha wow!!!!!!! i EAT cookies and choclate EVERY day!

  • fuhollywoodxoxo:

    do u even have diabetes….if u did u would be wayyyyyyyyy skinnier…especially if youve had it since u were 13…and also they would never be able to tell when u got it….who the hell is ur endo

  • fuhollywoodxoxo:

    i have type 1 diabetes and i can eat whataver the hell i want as long as i bolus for it

  • fuhollywoodxoxo:

    i have type 1 diabetes and i can eat whataver the hell i want as long as i bolus for it

  • EMCTB:

    You can barely last six months with undiagnosed type one, f’idiot! You’d at least be in a coma!!! And I just ate almost an entire package of gummy bears. I took 15.5 units of humalog and I’m fine. I think you’re a liar. And @Aplaya, I’ve never heard of a target range that high. Who is your endo?

  • Destroy750:

    Im Hintergrund Super Smash Brother Meelee^^

  • aplaya21:


  • blazinxl:

    i have type 1 diabetes i am 12 years old i hate it so much it gets on my nerves but it has brought me loads of good stuff i have been to the houses of commons and have even been on tv its shit but its awesome but the hospital just rang and they are taking me in sooo wish me luck (bloody keytones)

  • SkinniejeanzImbeast:

    He does know there is sugar free stuff right? i have diabetes and im ten

  • toonsmyth:

    Kind of self pitying, isn’t it? I was hoping for something a little more educational. STILL, you know how to rock. Come up with a better song, and I’d suggest working together on a video to promote awareness… Check out The Adventures o DIabetic Man on my channel!

  • ajclark95:

    is this a fucking joke? u can have sugar if ur type 1 diabetic dumass

  • hairandfashiongal:

    I have diabetes and ive had it for 5weeks

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