What’s a Whole Grain? – Andrew Weil, MD

Most people – including your average health-food enthusiast – consider whole-grain breads to be examples of “whole-grain foods.” Dr. Weil debunks this conception, explaining that, in terms of glycemic load, only intact, unpulverized grains should qualify as whole grains.
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  • Niv6548:

    Good job Dr Weil, I just did a segment on grains. Watch my newest video: Norma Your Nutritionist: Grains

  • goonsnak2k:

    “Whole grain flour” is an oxymoron?

  • CrimsonKumiho:

    @PairoftheSocks The bottom line is, when I hear calorie deficit, I don’t think of a deficit below what your body needs to function properly, I think of a deficit below what your body requires to maintain your current weight. I feel better when I just eat what my body needs to maintain and workout enough to put me in a deficit for the day. And as an outcome, I lose weight and become healthier at the same time. It will slow over time even with increased workout stress, but by then I’ll be good.

  • CrimsonKumiho:

    @PairoftheSocks You may be right. I just keep in mind that what is optimal for one isn’t necessarily optimal for another. Not everyone has the genetics or natural ability to become athletic, at least within the same time frame. I can do about 50 pushups without rest now, but again, my shoulders and traps are weak from the accident and need rebuilding. I’ve never been heavier than 220, I was180 all throughout high school. I prefer push ups, pull ups and other exercises using body weight myself.

  • PairoftheSocks:

    @CrimsonKumiho I can do 120 push ups at 280. I used to be at 400 pounds. I don’t do much weight lifting but I do tons of toasters and I’m pretty sure I can bench over 300 pounds. I’m planning on beginning to power lift and see what happens. I personally believe that 230 pounds with lots of muscle is the healthiest body weight for a man. You may not be a super fast and long distance runner but you gain a balance between total physical strength and stamina.

  • CrimsonKumiho:

    @PairoftheSocks I’ve gained weight, but my body fat % has decreased to about 13%. I weigh in at about 210lbs. Over the last 6 months, I haven’t gained much muscle, but I’ve had to take my workouts slowly because some idiot t-boned me because he didn’t want to yield so instead of heavy lifting, I’ve been in physical therapy. Before that though, I’d say at a moderate rate. A couple pounds of muscle a month. My legs and lats have seen the most improvement.

  • PairoftheSocks:

    @CrimsonKumiho How much muscle you gained? Your not going to look like this guy on a calorie deficit.

  • CrimsonKumiho:

    @PairoftheSocks Also, I’ve been keeping a very small deficit of about 150-200 calories below what I’ve tested to maintain my own body weight and have been losing weight slowly over the last 6 months. On days I work out, however, I don’t bother with a deficit at all. I’m in great shape and feel fantastic. What you say may be true, but all I have to go on is what I’ve read, heard, and felt for myself.

  • CrimsonKumiho:

    @PairoftheSocks Not true. In that respect, it would mean you can eat as much as you want and it’s completely out of your control whether or not you gain or lose weight. I agree that it’s much more complicated than this, but for the common person not willing to put hours into researching nutrition, calories sum it up. Just make sure you’re getting all of the nutrients your body needs and stay well above your BMR. Basically, calories = energy and excess energy is stored.

  • PairoftheSocks:

    @CrimsonKumiho The amount of calories your store is determined mainly by insulin. This guy is a joke dont listen to him. Calorie deficits are extremely bad for you in any amount.

  • PairoftheSocks:

    Are you fucking kidding me? Love your body by starving it? Calorie deficits are for people who are not eating properly for their body!

  • CrimsonKumiho:

    @SubZeroSkyLine I don’t know if you looked at his other video about metabolism, but he actually recommends doing just that. He says that you need to make sure you aren’t taking too deep a calorie deficit with the food you’re taking in as to not slow down your metabolism (so about 500 is good) and then by exercising, you can burn off another 500 without any effect to your metabolic rate. Since your body is constantly digesting enough food, it won’t recognize the deficit as a threat to the body.

  • SubZeroSkyLine:

    Hey steve if I create a 500 calorie deficit from cutting back some foods AND i do cardio 2-3 times a day and burn another 500 calories for the day for a total of 1000 calories is this okay to do ? I know i will lose 2 pounds a week which is great but is it safe ?

  • Chipster1013:

    This knucklehead disregards the fact that exercise makes you hungry. Search for Gary Taubes lecture here on You Tube. Get the real scoop on calories in, calories out myth of weight loss.

  • MrCashsRedemption:

    @jenwsrv No. You misunderstood. A calorie deficit is a deficit from the amount of calories you absolutely need. For example, a growing adolescent boy needs about 2,500 calories. By either eating less or doing cardio, let’s say he burned 300 calories. So, his calorie intake is now 2,200, and he has made a calorie deficit.

  • malshan87:

    @jenwsrv no..you would die if you do that. for example you need about 2000-2500 calories a day. so the goal is to reduce your calorie intake to about 1500 to make a calorie deficit so your body would use your body fat to fuel your body(get that other 500 from body fat). or you can consume 2000 calories and burn 500 from excersicing. hope this helped..cheers!

  • jenwsrv:

    Somebody told me that in order to lose weight, even after I lower my calorie intake I would have burn more calories than I consume; which I don’t understand. Does that mean that if I lower my calorie intake to 1,000 a day I have to burn at least 1,200 calories a day to lose any amount of weight?? Please help me to understand this.

  • vietguy808:

    u want a larger error margin,,,, GAIN MUSCLE…. muscle burns fat along with ur activity and its easier to keep it off,,,,trust me ive been through it all,,,


    this is noway to live counting calories is stupid

  • gokunarutosal:

    @BodyPerformanceTV Body bugg? I bet it cost’s alot? lol

  • porkchop6021:

    @gokunarutosal There are devices now that tell you how mwny calories you burn. Bodybugg is one of them snd they have those wrist watches that cacculate your heart rate and tell you calories burned. This is escential for adusting your diet>

  • p90x4lifewaswrong22:

    What moron could hit “thumbs down” to this video? Probably some moronic Beachbody Coach or some Sean Croxton fan.

  • BodyPerformanceTV:

    @redneck500 Nice job! I also host a BlogTalkRadio com show. You can listen there or on iTunes. Search Steve Turano. Recent shows can be heard on my site home page at the bottom once they upload. I also host a Sat. morning radio show from 9-10 am EST on 1340 am Tan Talk radio. Call in & ask me your weight loss & fitness questions. 1-866-826-1340 tantalk1340 com. I also upload it to iTunes. You can also listen at GreatFatLossPill com. Click on the On The Air tab at the top.

  • redneck500:

    Hey steve, i been following your advice for the last 2 weeks and been sticking to it on the deficit and so far down about 25 lbs. thanks man for your good advice! Love your body.

  • BodyPerformanceTV:

    @fitnesschaser01 I would keep my calories the same and just incoporate some additional cardio. Meaning 30 minute walk twice a week. You’re getting to the last 5 pounds which might be a bit difficult depending on the kind of shape you’re in.

  • fitnesschaser01:

    I’ve read that it’s not a good idea to eat less than 1,000 calories. My BMR is about 1290. I’m 5’1″, 110 lbs, goal 100-105. In order to create a 500 deficit, I’d have to consume 790 calories. Every other day, I run an hour which burns about 400 calories, so on those days, I’ll eat about 1200 calories. Some days I do 20 min cardio that burns about 150-200 calories, and I’ll eat 900 calories on those days. When I’m not working out, I’ll eat about 800 calories. Is that too low for someone like me?

  • BodyPerformanceTV:

    @gokunarutosal Dtermine how many calories you’re eating and then determine if you’re gaining or losing weight with your activity.

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