LLVLC On YouTube: Jimmy Moore’s “Sweet”-Free Challenge Update (Episode 57)

If you missed the challenge from LivinLaVidaLowCarb.com blogger Jimmy Moore recently where he urged his viewers to try giving up the taste of “sweet” for one month, then go back and watch Episode 56 to learn more about it: www.youtube.com In the latest installment of the wildlypopular “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube” series, Jimmy shares an update on how the “Sweet”-Free Challenge is going after the first 10 days. Did he lose weight? How’s he doing with the cravings? Did he cheat on it at all? Watch today to find out how this great experiment is going! And be sure to check out his daily menus blog from December 1-31, 2008 to see exactly what he ate during this challenge: lowcarbmenus.blogspot.com Keep watching “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube” and send us your comments and questions at livinlowcarbman@charter.net anytime. Visit Jimmy Moore at his http blog, www.TheLivinLowCarbShow.com podcast, and his discussion forum at http for even more education, encouragement, and inspiration about the amazingly healthy low-carb lifestyle!

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  • Reusneri:

    I wish you well, but to be honest I lost massive amounts of weights by simply eating low carb and NOT NO CARB. The fact the people can eat sugar free products and wraps on Atkins is what makes it workable. If you take that away your taking this diet into something thats un-workable long term. The whole point is to maintain weight after its lost, but what your saying is that you have to eat a CAVE MAN diet to sustain normal weight levels. Did you try exercising more?

  • martinfamilyband:

    @livinlowcarbman Makes perfect sense to me. I wouldn’t expect blood sugar to go up. What is going up is insulin as a response to the sweet taste!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    It never impacted me either when I did the same test. Nice theory though.

  • kcfreeloader:

    I’ve heard the theory that artificial sweeteners raise your blood sugar. A while back i had put this to a test. I bought a glucose meter, and then checked my blood level, then consumed diet soda. I then checked my levels in one minute intervals. There was no detectable change in my blood levels. I repeated this test a couple of times. Same results. My sample size was pretty small (just me, as no one else wanted me sticking them with lancets)so it may be different for other people though.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    OUCH! Tell me how you REALLY feel. LOL! I lost 180 pounds on a low-carb diet in 2004 and when I took creatine in December 2007 to complement my weight lifting routine, I put on that extra weight. It stayed on me even after stopping the creatine which is what I spent most of 2008 working to take off. It had absolutely nothing to do with my healthy low-carb lifestyle, but nice try.

  • jodangaro:

    How come you put on 35 pounds in the first place…??..By following low carbohydrate eating?..If that’s the case, count me out.. I never want to put on 35 pounds whilst touting a low carbohydrate lifestyle..

    If that is your idea of success, that is further proof of the dumbing down of America.

    Your wife seems like a nice person!

  • gospelsouth:

    I know…american cheese is so yummy to my redneck tastebuds…..but I do try to avoid it….siiiighhhh….lol

  • HanzoJohn:

    Interesting concept of giving up one of the four fundamentals of taste, we have been programed from birth to always have the taste of sweet present. Another really powerfull “medicine” is to go one random day a week without eating anything at all. At first this may feel quite painfull but the energy you get after some weeks on this protocol is great. One could start with one day a week of only eating one meal, and then it will soon become easy to go one day/week with no caloric intake at all.

  • HanzoJohn:

    Your result point to the insulin-obesity hypotesis, the idea that its not only caloric intake but also hormonal balance that controls weight.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Processed. I eat REAL cheese instead because it is better for you.

  • darrensylvander:

    No American Cheese???

  • livinlowcarbman:

    THANK YOU! The weight is CONTINUING to pour off, too. I’m down to 242 now and the momentum is still going strong. :) YOU CAN DO IT NEXT MONT!!!

  • jade67231:

    I’m so proud of you. I fell off the sweet challenge on day 10. I will try it again after the New Year. Keep going bud! You’re awesome!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    THANKS Cameo! It just goes back to that “we’re all different” them both you and I keep talking about. :)

  • thespikyhairedgirl:

    Good stuff Jimmy! The menu of foods you are describing? The ONLY way that I can lose weight. Low-carb products always make me GAIN. (wraps, baking mix, etc.) I don’t think they taste good, anyway.
    I agree–”sweet-free” is for the…seniors in the school of Atkins, not the freshmen. :)
    Congrats on your weight loss!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    I get plenty of protein from the foods I consume. You can see what I eat at my menus blog. :) THANKS for writing!

  • ChristianDuque:

    Jimmy I love your show…not to be mean…but have you also gone off the EAS Protein powder? What are you doing about protein pre/post workout now? Perhaps unsalted nuts? I believe they also have sugar.

    Perhaps you could bake egg whites and eat them post-workout?

  • livinlowcarbman:

    You’re right, toothpaste either has sugar or some kind of artificial sweeteners in it. Read the label everyone, it’s true! :( Baking soda takes some getting used to, but they do make natural toothpastes that aren’t bad.

  • lowcarb4life:

    Toothpaste has sugar in it, I actually buy Toms of Maine, its natural, I have for years, for some reason I can not stand the taste of sugar that early in the morning it gave me stomach aches….you could always use baking soada…lol..if you can tolerate it. Great job!!!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Personal choice. I felt I could do without them and I have. That doesn’t mean it is necessary as part of YOUR “sweet”-free challenge if you want them (they aren’t “sweet” after all). If they are helping you, then keep using them.

    As for the sugar-free gum, do what you have to do, I suppose. Dr. Atkins said when we think we have bad breath it actually is sweet breath. But if you’re concerned, then maybe the gum is a necessary evil for you. :)

    THANKS for joining me on the challenge.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    It’s really a lot better than you’d think! Of course, you’re just starting on low-carb…give it some time and you’ll want to do your own “sweet”-free challenge someday. :)

  • livinlowcarbman:

    You don’t need Ketostix to show you are in ketosis. If you consume 20g or less carbs for a period of time (at least a week), then you ARE indeed in ketosis.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Way to go!!!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    You’re a riot, John! But I agree Christine is my sweetie. :D

  • mkline718:

    Why did you cut out the low carb wraps? I bought the low carb wraps from netrition (link from your website). They are only 3 net carbs and I eat one every other day. They help me stay on track.

    I’m with the sweet free except once in a while at work I have to have a sugar free piece of gum. That is only if a coworker is close and I feel like my breath is really bad. I can’t go and brush my teeth in that situation.

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