1st Vlog Raw Food Weight Loss 30+ Pounds with Diabetes – before and after

With a raw food diet and occasional green juice fasting (feasting). I am getting rid of type 2 diabetes symptoms, lowing my sugar levels, do not need insulin anymore, and letting my body detox. Documenting improved health, fitness, and weight loss. I have already lost 30 pounds. Going to lose the next 30! Watch me go from fat to thin, learn better nutrition, and throw off the obese/obesity labels and kick this illness in the butt! You can also follow along on my blog: www.bjaysblog.blogspot.com

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  • aliyoung9:

    @bjay100 i am eating like my normals meat food then having a fruit salad then im slowly reducing the amount of my usual food and increasing the amount of fruit salad etc i eat :)

  • bjay100:

    @aliyoung9 I would recommend it but first make sure to get the go-ahead from your doctor. I have found that greens may not be recommended for certain conditions or with certain medications. Also, I would recommend making sure you are getting plenty of protein, calcium, and omega-3′s. The only side effects I personally had was nausea on my first day of juicing when I did a juice feast. Also, I lost some hair! I think my body had a shock…so I would recommend doing it gradually.

  • aliyoung9:

    @bjay100 would you recommend the raw food diet then ?? are there any side affects

  • zportia1965:

    polycystic ovarian syndrom

  • disneydiva21:

    what is pcos ??

  • damianlushis:

    this is my second day going 100% raw, and it is amazing, i was a vegan for 6 months now going raw, really awesome vid.

  • kishanabear:

    thanks for posting:) congrats to you. i’m trying to change my life and appreciate the inspiration.

  • bjay100:

    Not sure. I was eating plenty of avocados and nuts. I think some of it has to do with heredity – I have a couple bald female relatives. Also the PCOS has some to do with it. I am going to see a dermatologist and see what they say.

  • tiffyme:

    You look better and sounds like you feel lots better. I’m eating many more raw vegetables lately and bought a juicer. I’ve battled PCOS for years and just started low dose metformin which I hope to not need in a few months of eating better and excercising. Best of luck to you!

  • moodyarts:

    Wow! You look so much more healthier! I am considering going raw for similar reasons as yours. Congratulations on your success!

  • Rose2gard:

    I am a nurse and I am soooo proud of you for being so smart taking care of your health.

  • bjay100:

    Oh kewl! Which one did you get?

  • kellimfass:

    Hey do what works! Anyway I love your vids keep them up! I just went out and got a raw diet “cookbook”…I’m inspired

  • bjay100:

    Thanks! I think I have some magic light in the bathroom, it makes me look a lot better than usual haha.

  • yettafrommadison:

    congrats I started vegan and am starting raw glad I came across your videos

  • bjay100:

    Diaformen? Is that what they call it down under? Yes, I was taking a lot. I had to stop it when I was pregnant with my son. You wouldn’t believe how much insulin I had to take. Crazy. I got tired of the medications and my blood pressure was insane. I was getting numbers like 250/135! It now runs like 110/70 woohoo.

  • GrahamAndFriends:

    that sure is alot of diaformen you take.
    I am going raw soon for health reasons.

  • bjay100:

    I have type two diabetes and the fruit makes my sugar levels spike.

  • DenverDiva:

    Great job so far! Why can’t you have fruit?

  • bjay100:

    Ya, I LOVE that site. I recommend it to everyone for motivation, support, and tracking.

  • tpz29:

    its crazy that food can make us so ill. a raw food lifestyle is awesome. makes you look and feel great.

  • Jibbie49:

    Don’t be worried about dropping the pounds quickly, it is FAT and your body doesn’t need it, as you are cleansing yourself of toxins. I’m glad you belong to SPARKPEOPLE (dot) com as I have found it so helpful.

  • bjay100:

    it’s hard to know where to start. some people do well just adding juice daily, and see how they like it then go for there.

    I have more information on my site, but i can’t seem to put the link. but if you look on my profile/channel, in the upper left box there is a link.

  • wendysofia25:

    its so inspiring how you have taken control of your life once and decide to do it again. I’m very interested in raw food. but honestly I have no idea where to start. congratulations! Wen

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