GASTRIC BYPASS / WLS : TWO YEARS OUT (It’s not always sunshine and roses….)

Surgery date: 3/25/08 Start Weight: 303.4 (311+ lbs pre-surgery diet) Current Weight: 140 Total Maintained Loss: 163.4 Height: 5’7″ OFFICIAL WEBSITE: DIVA TAUNIA BLOG DIVA TAUNIA TWITTER DIVA TAUNIA RADIO: DIVA TAUNIA FACEBOOK

Well here is a rant from me. Response to this: Mon 02-09 WLL … Weight Loss Surgery Well honestly more of a response to the video replies posted on that video. Good day!

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  • sudaniasuperwoman:

    i totally hear you iam now “attractive” and i hate it, the attention doesent always feel good

  • Maureen19521:

    Your on the right path

  • Abenadiva:

    Wow… the men’s stares do kinda throw you off… I’m 1 year out…

  • doogiediamond:

    My wife started doing Zumba 1 1/2 yrs ago & has lost 165 lbs (started at 325 lbs)
    Due to a spinal cord injury 3 years ago I ballooned up to 370 lbs, BUT…..Because of her I have now lost 50 lbs.
    I am looking to break the 300 lbs barrier within the next couple months.
    It will take time to reduce the extra skin you have around your belly.
    Its a new sensation to be looked at, They are just looking at you for a different reason.
    Remember—the only opinions that count are yours & your hubby

  • tracytalks2u:

    Just wanted to get new information out about lap band and how it was banned in the country it was developed in. See my page for more info. on this.

  • divataunia:

    @f4givness Yes, I absolutely would. Believe me, the first few weeks, I was like “WHAT DID I DO TO MYSELF!?!?!” I had a really rough recovery, but for me personally, I would absolutely do it all over again. I hope you feel better and more like yourself soon! xoxo

  • f4givness:

    I’m 8 days post-op and as I struggle with healing…I must ask…would u do it all over again ??

  • miasmom2005:

    You look gorgeous! Don’t feel bad, everyone has some sort of issues. I have anxiety and I’m fat! :) I’m glad you shared this as it will help me prepare mentally. I think a big key is to attend support groups for people who have gone through WLS.

  • david1002a:

    You say your suffering anxiety and probably depression. I think that all people who lose 100 lbs. or more from the surgery shou;ld be put on SSRI’s. I am a Gestalt therapist and the SSRI’s have all but put us out of business and that’s great. But if you are going to a therapist and you haven’t tried, I prefer 100 mg of daily of Zoloft but any will do. You can waste years on therapy achieving some of what SSRI’s can do in a few weeks.

  • 80z90zhouzemuzicgrl:

    its becuase ur blond go natural thats why men look at you more

  • kmosley1973:

    thank you for being so honest. you’re so right. not only is it not all sunshine and roses, but sometimes it downright sucks. it just happens to suck a lot less than the alternative. for me, it’s likely that it was death.

  • Pfforensics:

    Honey, I’m OK, your’e OK. In one breath you state your problem and suggest your own solution, and you are right. You have let yourself fall victim to your own fantastic expectations. Slow down, relax, life is good and you just need to realize that you are now dealing with life the way it is for many people, overweight or not. Don’t forget about God and listen to this video, pay attention to how fast you talk, that is a clue. You are a good soul, now believe in yourself.

  • Pfforensics:

    Honey, I’m OK, your’e OK. In one breath you state your problem and suggest your own solution, and you are right. You have let yourself fall victim to your own fantastic expectations. Slow down, relax, life is good and you just need to realize that you are now dealing with life the way it is for many people, overweight or not. Don’t forget about God and listen to this video, pay attention to how fast you talk, that is a clue. You are a good soul, now believe in yourself.

  • Lavendarj:

    i know exactly how you feel.. this is how i feel every time i lose weight..

  • bluegypsyheart:

    I’m an incest survior and I totaly understand…I use my weight for protection also and when i was 25 I lost all my weight and got the same result. I was uncomfortable and at times scared and hated the attention. I’m in therapy..and it’s time for me to learn physical boundiers and being empowered which being a survior felt impossible..for me I’m tired of staying over weight. It’s like giving my perb the power again and I’ve come to far for that to happen so don’t feel bad..u are beautiful inside

  • footballmom4:

    Take a look at how far you have come.. even if there are a few problems still left after post op and weight loss thats alot better than the issues you were dealing with before your weight loss.. You look great and you inspire so many people with your videos and music.. You should be soo proud of yourself.. Love ya girl..

  • badjujuwan:

    Incredible video. Your honesty is very refreshing.

  • carrie3024:

    OMG I feel the same way! I feel worst about myself now then I did before I lost my weight. I can’t handle the attation it makes me nervous :(

  • TheDamnRaven:

    Congrats on a really great weightloss, and all the things that comes along with that. I hope the angst issue improved for you :) You look beautiful!
    Im 2 months post op myself and am glad to watch honest videos like yours.
    Have a great day!

  • 581amber:

    Hi Taunia, I just want to say thank you for all your videos! I am 3 weeks pre-op and your videos have been a tremendous aid in my decision to go forward! I am going through a lot of emotions! Excited, scared, nervous, anxious, worried…..and so on.
    I appreciate your honesty, sharing your personal struggles, and your sense of humor thrown in on top. :) You’re are a beautiful soul & should be very proud of your accomplishments! Take care!

  • Eclectopia:

    Hi Taunia, its @1_eat_pray_love frm Twitter. Revisiting sum vids that gave me strength n the past, before WLS. I’m glad u were honest. Another is getting 2 know the new you after losing weight. B/c my attitude is diff now & hubby isn’t sure how he feels abt it. I’ll talk more abt that on my vid update Thurs. Give us more vids soon plz.

  • ninamos30:

    thank you for sharing…i can completely relate to what you said about the anxiety and going from being invisible to men looking at you. just take it slow and continue with your help. Stay encouraged!

  • bigchris88baby:

    U are to old to feel uncomfortable grow up I bet u feel much better without that weight cause I carry mine around every day an the is not a day that I just feel great u crying about a look u get from people that think u are beautiful or hot an a music career when the hole picture is that u are blessed to be here start looking at the good an leave that mind game crap at the door I will be getting mine in january wish me the best an u keep your head up.

  • daughterofmedusa:

    Thank you so much for being so honest and sharing this. I am having my surgery on December 3rd. I have had many people say to me things like “you are going to be such a knock out when you lose weight” or similar things. I know that my life is not going to become some fairy tale but the way some people talk it is going to solve everything. I know that is not reality. I am looking forward to being on the other side of this. Please keep posting. Thank you.

  • husbandand2girls:

    I want to thank you for standing up. And the way you did it was awesome. I’m researching and watching youtube videos on this surgery, becuase I think it’s the next step for me. I was so ironic that I came across this video because my best friend said the exact same thing to me tonight….”Don’t do that, it’s a cop out”. Again, THANKS! I pray that all is well!

  • flossam1:

    you both have done amazingly well – never forget that x

  • RachelMarie81:

    Congrats on your accomplishment! :) I’m 370lbs and considering surgery. I meet with a surgeon in one week and I’m nervous, scared, but also anxious and hope that my insurance will approve. I can’t wait to use this as a tool. I completely understand how hard it is to work out when you are this heavy. It’s painful. Thanks for sharing your story. :)

  • sig1288:

    You are simply an inspiration. Thanks for the videos!

  • tummytuckgirlnat:

    great video – you are totally on point with your rant. BTW you look amazing. Congrats.

  • ShrinkingShay:

    Fantastic video 5 stars! Unfortunately we’re never going to be able to change everyone’s minds about gastric bypass. Those of us who have had the surgery know this is one of the toughest things you’ll ever do.

  • happycath72:

    I have had to seperate my family and friends from my journey, the comment about NOT, not eating is so true and sadly only those who go through this can understand, with my weightloss at the moment on salads and optifast, it’s not sustainable, people can tell me til the cows come home that I can do this without the surgery but they are the thin ones who never have had our issues. If I could do this without the surgery I would have already. :)

  • morimotodevo:

    Viagra is 1$ per pill WLS is around 20,000$ – 30,000$… What does “all else fail” mean? Is it more painful to eat healthy than have major surgery? WLS restricts the amount of food you can eat but you still need to eat healthy right? The surgery doesnt make you like health food, so why do you eat health in smaller portions, but not in larger portions? Why exercise after major surgery but not before in better health? This is what confuses me.

  • morimotodevo:

    Tried diets and excersize? Meaning you did it for a short period of time then stopped, why did you stop? Was there something preventing you from eating health and excersizing? Did you pay for the WLS yourself or did insurance pay for it? I have no problem with WLS I just wanted to know why people would want such a thing done to them. I want to understand.

  • crafterbynite2:

    Hi A.J
    I’m new here and Gastric bypass is a hard decission to make, You are a inspiration to me. I decided to have gastric bypass because not only its a weight problem but also a health problem. My date is Aug 25 for Surgery and this is a hardest decision I ever had to make. Everyone has a purpose and I think you find your. A Inspiration to so many of us who is going through this life changing event. You are a Hero even though Im a RED SOX fan.

  • snydesar:

    I really appreciate hearing your honesty about your procedure. I recognize that out of my own personal issues, I think that anything other than exercise is a cop out. Thanks for calling me out.

    You seem like such an amazing person. Also, I’m really proud of you. Hopefully I can store your words away and use them to my benefit.
    Time to go for a jog and think this over.

  • wdsDarlin:

    Great response. Well said. Love the ending! :D

  • fatgirlslim2008:

    I totally agree with your thoughts.

  • journeytoaminime:

    OMG – AJ you continue to inspire me. I thank you so much for verbalising what so many of us have been or are going through.

  • joeprogo:

    Good points and great job.

  • rosethorn12010:

    Im new to watching your video’s and have to say that you have came a long ways and congrats on that. I also have to totally agree with you on this video ..There is alot of comments I have seen posted to other peoples video’s that have had wls that say that they had taken the easy way out with the surgery. I got so upset with those comments cause its not the easy way out , there is alot of work that goes with the surgery..I think that those people need to watch more videos and be educated more..

  • DestinationOC:

    I love this. I went to a group for overcoming various forms of addiction… Guess what… Many of them were over eaters but in the middle of the table were cookies, lemonade, danishes, and when it was my turn to share, I spoke up about why they would have such food at a place like this. Eating is socially acceptable, they would not put a bowl of crack in the middle of the table, there are no commercials promoting buying drugs on tv like there are commercials for food!!! Nice post!!!

  • SickofthePoop:

    This is an awesome vid. I am currently doing research on wls. I tried a million different diets and all were unsuccessful. You said something that totally made sense….some are addicted to drugs, liquor. I challenge anyone to NOT drink a beer when they wanted one. I challenge a drug addict not to take a main line. The difference is, those who do have this surgery DO HAVE TO not eat. They DO have to retrain their brain.

  • nakedbullwinkle:


  • macface2adore:

    I know you are not into the beauty community…lol. Go to the video of my 5 random facts. At the end I state something that I may want to reveal…it is my WLS. What do you think? Will I be judged by the makeup community?

  • macface2adore:

    I have just started watching some of these vids. I make videos in the beauty community. Like I didn’t exercise and diet my ass off are you Yes, I had WLS and it has set me free. Per the docs I saw only 1% of those that diet and lose after being morbidly obese can keep it off. Yeah, after going up and down like ten times I was done and went for it. I still have to watch what I eat and exercise, it is a tool and I respect it. It is pure jealousy…i did say that. Congrats hun!

  • watchmegetskinny:

    THANKS! This was some of my best work…

  • raineysummer:

    you rock AJ :D

  • kaseypb:

    Amazing video AJ!!!! You rock! Beautiful.

    Peace!! : )

  • cjradio:

    Anyone who thinks that this is easy…. like you said, walk a mile in my shoes… stop drinking carbonated beverages, no caffeine, no sugar, only eatting 4-5 ounces, worrying if what you eat is going make you dump….Research the effects it has on high blood pressure, diabetes, and tons of other medical conditions. Research what it does for your esteem. Research how safe it is as you said…

    Thanks AJ for standing up for what we believe in…

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