Endocannabinoid System Network (ECSN) – ECS Full Length Animation

replay.waybackmachine.org The mission of the Endocannabinoid System Network (ECSN) is to serve as a multifaceted educational resource that will help scientists and clinicians understand and communicate the mechanisms and functions of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) integrating knowledge of the cellular/molecular basis with the neural and systemic effects. endocannabinoid.net

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  • psking100:


  • greatwhitenorth112:

    wow, no more chef boyardee for me :(

  • xxhorrorpunkxx:

    Msg can cause cancer, diabetes, and fuck your heart up.

  • xxhorrorpunkxx:

    Msg can cause cancer,

  • TheWickedEnergy:

    @Unmannedair So in other words it made you into a BIG BOOTY BITCH?

  • adnauseam23:

    Now if only we could have a translation for us common folk.. :)

  • Unmannedair:

    @RunAMuckGirl2 There is no damage from MSG. MSG is Mono Sodium Glutamate. Which is the Sodium salt of Glutamic Acid, a critical amino acid. In kitchen speak…you can make MSG at home by mixing amino acids & baking powder. MSG exists naturally in your body.

  • TheGoalSetter:

    People are getting fat because they are stuck in sedentary jobs, cars, etc. And because they don’t have access to real food. Also, inadequate downtime and high pressure (low pay) work increases stress.

    So they sell rest and sleep drugs, vitamins, and now fat-fighter pills.

    How about getting out of our lives instead of trying to get further in?

  • TheGoalSetter:

    Blah, blah, blah…Big Pharm wants to sell us obesity fighting pills. So they make up some pseudoscience.

    Fat people will eventually be forced to pay for these pills.

  • 127miles:

    SMOKE weed ITS HEALTHY. trust me i used to have stomach problems a few months ago. Then i started smoking weed with my friend every week and it was a fucking miracle. better than tums! Im going to smoke every fucking day to stay healthy

  • Gaiachi:

    Such a better philosophy to judge thc on compared to blind fear and ignorance

  • YeahNigguhhh:

    how can you manage to pronounce that many words wrong?

  • enlightenmentation:

    @buprenorphiend hmm that sound about right. how i see it THC is like a biological peace keeper, in an unstable situations, such as bipolar, depression, cancer, aids etc. it helps to stabalize the situation. tho in an already stable environment peace keepers would not serve a purpose and really would get in the way of normal activity. as a bipolar/schizophrenic i know first hand how few puffs oh the herb instantly clears my mind of the nonsense that was going on.consumption is idea, i choose smk

  • iStrainGuideTV:

    cannabis also exudes terpenoids, which are responsible for the distinct aromas of many strains. Check out the iSTRAINGUIDE on iPHONE for more terpenoids, and how they can help you match strains to your symptoms!

  • RunAMuckGirl2:

    This could reverse the damage done by MSG products! OMG!!

  • industrialhemprocks:

    How is Hemp for a 4 letter word fellow americans and earthlings?

  • buprenorphiend:

    @enlightenmentation Consumption of THC interupts the natual regulation of neurotranmitters and hormones, such as serotonin, dopamine, GABA and endogenous opioids. That is why cannabis consumption produces feelings of well-being and happiness. The action of THC is obviously more complex, but the overall effects of happiness are attributed to the previously mentioned neurotransmitters.

  • PhuckAllYouPeople:


    I cant lie, I dont understand almost anything that was said in this video, im not a biologist.

    But it did in non-blatant terms say that it can raise your bad cholesterol and increase insulin resistance.

    If thats the only dangers of smoking cannabis then I really dont care, Ill eat some cheerios and watch my diet.

    im sure eating unhealthy greasy foods and lots of sugar is more deleterious to your cholesterol and insulin resistance.

  • 4littlebear4:

    @enlightenmentation thank you. Vary informative.

  • enlightenmentation:

    @4littlebear4 basically the reason you feel so happy when your high is because it balances (idk how many) parts of your body down to the biochemical level. the reason anyone wasnt feeling so happy or joyful in the fist place is because some part of them was unbalanced causing them not to feel quite as good as they could. people that dont really have trouble keeping an emotional and/or physical balance dont really like the effects of cannabis so much and chose not to use it.

  • LuciferWasAnAtheist:

    @germanicelt I know that any mother’s milk has high levels of endocannabinoids to make the newborn hungry and relaxed.
    I also know that Dronabinol is the only molecule doctors can give to kids with cancer to avoid nausea and most of the kids received 400 doses over the treatment.
    Cannabis for children is safe, since i think they don’t feel the hallucinatory/psychedelic effects.

  • 4littlebear4:

    @qnbs7 thank you.

  • qnbs7:

    @4littlebear4 phytocannabinoids bind to the same receptors as the endocannabinoids but the body’s own cannabinoids are produced only when needed in small amounts compared phytocannabinoids that also have stronger and longer effects on us… listen to dr. raphael mechoulam (there are very good videos on youtube and googlevideo of him explaining a lot of this kind of stuff)

  • 4littlebear4:

    so now i’m confused. how is it then that our body feels the way it does from phytocannabinoids? How does the phytocannabinoids work with the body?

  • Cryptopsy666:

    @tompants2010 well said!

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