LLVLC On YouTube: Real Food You Don’t Find In A Grocery Store (Episode 75)

LivinLaVidaLowCarb.com blogger Jimmy Moore and his wife Christine wanted to share just a few of the REAL FOODS you should be eating and enjoying as part of your low-carb lifestyle in the latest installment of their popular “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb on YouTube” series. In Episode 75, Jimmy and Christine show you how to enhance the quality of your low-carb menus by including fresh locally-grown produce as well as locally-raised Vitamin D-rich eggs from a farmer’s market www.localharvest.org , some local omega-3 fatty acid-filled grass-fed beef http , and local raw milk that has not been homogenized or pasteurized www.realmilk.org . Most of what you get from your local grocery store or supermarket is mass produced, highly manufactured, from cooped up animals, and grain-fed. EWWWW! Yes, these higher quality foods may be a little more costly now, but the dividends to your health make them so worth it! And YOUR HEALTH is worth the added expense, right? Keep watching “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube” and send us your comments and questions at livinlowcarbman@charter.net anytime. Visit Jimmy Moore at his http blog, www.TheLivinLowCarbShow.com podcast, and his discussion forum at http for even more education, encouragement, and inspiration about the amazingly healthy low-carb lifestyle!

Popular LivinLaVidaLowCarb.com blogger Jimmy Moore and his lovely wife Christine begin their brand new YouTube video series by talking about their own personal low-carb weight loss success stories. These two are a real hoot together! Keep watching “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube” and send us your comments and questions at livinlowcarbman@charter.net anytime. Visit Jimmy Moore at his www.LivinLaVidaLowCarb.com blog, http podcast and www.LivinLowCarbDiscussion.com forum for even more education, encouragement, and inspiration about the amazingly healthy low-carb lifestyle!
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  • livinlowcarbman:

    WOO HOO!

  • raisingarrows4him:

    We live in the country and have lots of chickens. So all our eggs are fresh high in omega-3. We also garden every summer. Still looking for a source for raw milk. It is really hish hish around here for who sells it. No one wants to get in trouble. Still have some of the 1/4 cow we bought in the freezer too. Such a great way to eat.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    THANKS so much! Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness is doing AMAZING work and I’m happy to help spread the truth whenever I can.

  • waverette:

    I have had Dr Atkins book for years but never read it till recently. I am a big fan of organics and whole supplements have been for years but diets and doctors advice have not worked! I am an active ,severely over weight women in my 40′s and am making the move to low carb as a life plan .Glad I came across your videos thanks to Sean at underground fitness.Have been getting alot of good advice and the 2 of you are great together!

  • livinlowcarbman:


  • lastwaltz100:

    you guys do a fantastic job

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Sorry about that.

  • simon81664:

    Argh! I live in Quebec, near montreal and I couldn’t find any farm that sells raw milk. I hate this!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Thanks for your comments, BillionYears. This is our format, so we won’t be changing. But thank you for expressing your opinions. It’s your loss if you don’t watch.

  • BillionYears:

    You really could have spared us the first 2:53 seconds of this video, which felt like an hour. It’s like, there are thousands of videos to scan to try to get to relevant info. Who has the time or patience to wast on nearly 3 minutes of worthless dribble. I’ll never know what came after 3 minutes as I totally lost interest in any of your videos for fear that every one of them has several minutes of non-relevant info that will waste my and others time. Maybe open a comedy channel separately

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Don’t I know it! :D

  • barzagar23:

    i loove Christine’s attitude and pretty much everything else about her, you are a lucky man!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    THANKS so much, EP! We like making these videos and encourage you to watch our entire series. :D

  • EvasivePerfection:

    You guys are fun & pretty good content too!!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Great question, Lex! There is .9 mg Vitamin D in a medium-sized egg. You have to eat the yolk to get the Vitamin D benefits, though. Apparently the feathers don’t completely block out all the sun from penetrating the skin of the chicken.

  • LexTalionisRulez:

    Jimmy, how can a chicken produce Vitamin D?
    As i know it is produced when the skin gets sunlight, but the skin of a chicken is covered with feathers everywhere!?

  • livinlowcarbman:

    You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. No, saturated fats are not more harmful to your health than mono and polyunsaturated ones. This is more of the fat-phobia we need to overcome in our society. LDL cholesterol levels may go up in response to your higher-fat diet, but you need to run the particle size test I talked about a few episodes ago to find out if they’re the GOOD LDL. Triglycerides will PLUMMET though almost immediately eating high-fat and low-carbs. Hope this helps!

  • SlimQuest:

    Hello Jimmy, are all fats created equal on the Atkins Diet? is it better to stick closer to the mono & poly unsat fats for better blood lipids? Is it better to eat fish & chicken rather than bacon, pork, beef etc? Do cholestrol levels increase during the weight loss phase, due to my body burning fat for fuel? Fat being mostly made up of Trigly will I have a temporary increase in Trigly during the weight loss phase & then lower as I lose more fat off my body? Please let me know your thoughts?

  • livinlowcarbman:

    THANKS BWD! :)

  • BetterWorldDreamer:

    Yes, please keep on staying the way you are. It´s great! There is no reason why nutritional education shouldn´t be fun. Life should be fun, because it is meant to be that way. You can do a wonderful job with great joy. That´s the way every job could be done – with proud and joy.

  • BetterWorldDreamer:

    Yes, and grass-fed Beef is a way in the right direction. Let the Beef have a good life before it
    is our beef on the plate.
    Let us grow grass instead of grain for animals to feed.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Haven’t heard of any research done on this, but look at the caveman days. They did GREAT!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Whole Foods, local farmer’s market, and an egg supplier from my church in Spartanburg.

  • allisonpacino:

    Thank you so much for talking about this topic because I don’t think it’s touched on enough. Paying the higher prices is so worth it.

  • allisonpacino:

    I’m not too far from you guys and I wondered where you buy your produce?

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Awesome! THANK YOU for watching!

  • RoxannfromTexas:

    I love watching your videos. It helps me stay on track!!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    You can do this!!! As for the Low-Carb Cruise to the Bahamas in March 2010, ABSOLUTELY you and anyone can come. We’d love to have you guys and there will be some superstars in the world of low-carb living there, too. How cool is that? :D

  • winter654123:

    WoW I love you guys! You make me laugh……. day number 7 back on low carbin doin it the right way with Atkins…I lost 66 pounds on adkins about a yr ago and did stage 3 kept it off gaining and losing around 5 pounds over that yr now I am ready to start again! YEEPEE! Going for the last 48…wish me luck!
    PS I went to your page…can anyone go on the low carb cruise in 2010? My husband and I would really like to go…Rebecca

  • livinlowcarbman:

    THANKS! We enjoy making videos. :D Keep watching!

  • mckemckenzie:

    fabulous intro video. And you two are very natural together.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Hee hee! THANKS for watching our videos.

  • SparXFosho1243:

    ! you stole my name man!! lol. your awesome.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    THANKS so much for watching! Getting sick is no fun and it’s even worse when you’re trying to lose weight. Just get right back on it again after you start feeling better…this is a journey, so there will be bumps along the road from time to time. Stay focused on the plan at hand and NEVER waver from the course. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

  • devonaravenhold:

    I love you guys! So cute together! Makes it alot more fun to get the needed information. I just started Atkins 12 days ago…but for 4 of those days, I had the worst stomach flu. 2 of those days, couldn’t eat a thing! So I think I’ve kicked my body out of ketosis…what should I do to get back in? Thank you both!

  • TheBeautifulSheeple:

    muahahahaha… eww, I just thought about it…

  • livinlowcarbman:

    La la la la la la–I can’t hear you! La la la la la!

  • TheBeautifulSheeple:

    Now that you guys are so close in weight Jimmy can finally be on top

  • livinlowcarbman:

    YOU CAN DO IT, jcarter1450! Let us know how we can help. Check out my blog at LivinLaVidaLowCarb dot com for more low-carb stuff, too! :D

  • jcarter1450:

    Great work guys!! I’m so glad to see people are keeping the Atkins diet going in spit of the negative press you find when you try to research the diet. It’s truly unfair. The Atkins diet delivers results whereas the others fall short. Reading the book is very important because I did the induction phase three years ago, but didn’t follow the diet close enough, so you know the rest. However, I’m going back on it today with the book in hand.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    If you buy the book, then it fills in the blanks where some of the info on the Atkins site is incomplete or unclear. Don’t assume all that you see on the Atkins site is everything. It’s not. Let me know how we can help you, thebullyworm!

  • thebullyworm:

    Do i really have to buy the book to do this diet?, i feel i got all the info i need on the atkins website.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    THANKS Tony! I think you’ll learn a lot on your low-carb lifestyle watching our videos. :)

  • ShrinkingTonyG1980:

    great video guys!!! I’m gonna go watch episode 2 now!! oh and I subscribed!! :)

  • livinlowcarbman:

    THANKS so much for sharing, ketann1973! I’m here for you anytime you need support and encouragement, so don’t hesitate to e-mail me. And watch all our videos, too! :D

  • ketann1973:

    Kimkins refugee here :-( . Thankfully I haven’t been following her dangerous plan for two months because of a surgery I had. I just discovered the scam last night when I was planning to return to it. Bless you for your blog and showing me the light! I bought the Atkins book and am going that route.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Come to my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog and forum for tons of education, encouragement, and support. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! THANKS for watching our videos!

  • livinlowcarbman:

    Hey south301976! God bless you for sharing your struggle and let me say that I understand the desperation you now feel. When I weighed 410 pounds, I thought it would be impossible to lose weight and get healthy. But I found what worked for me and I’m STILL doing it to this day.

  • south301976:

    please for god sakes help me? I am so fat I cannot loose weight please give me the key.

  • livinlowcarbman:

    WOO HOO! THANK YOU for your support ILLUMANOV! This has been the best lifestyle change I’ve ever been a part of and I fully intend to continue on with it for the rest of my long and healthy low-carb life! :)

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