Heart Animation: Coronary Angiography (Cardiac Catheterization)

Visit cardiology.healthanimations.com for FREE videos, illustrations and patient handouts for healthcare providers. This 3D heart animation shows a coronary angiography (cardiac catheterization) procedure. It begins by showing the buildup of plaque in an artery wall of the heart, slowing the flow of blood and shows the heart valves pumping. Afterwards, the patient lies on a testing table while contrast dye is injected into the arteries of the heart, showing the location of the blockage. ANCE00182 For information on Atherosclerosis, visit http

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  • imagrahari:

    wonderful, my father has been admitted and doc told me about angiography, i failed to understand anything, but after looking at this video, i was like i know everything.
    I hope things go well…..:-)

  • nucleusanimation:

    @meronye EXCELLENT news! Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience!

  • meronye:

    Had this procedure done yesterday. Surprisingly the actual procedure was painless and i didn’t feel any thing during the procedure. with in 10 minutes it was over. The preparation though took 4 hours. After the procedure i had to spend the night at the hospital though i was feeling fine enough to go home the same night but they wanted to monitor my heart. I was happy to hear my heart is in great shape and there is no blockage what so ever. Good luck everyone.


    I like it

  • trphln58:

    I will have this through the wrist on august 29. Kinda scarey , but I got the best Docs!

  • Jamieakamusekid:

    Got to see 2 of these today, found it extremely interesting.

  • wlltate:

    Just had this done yesterday. Don’t worry about the procedure, just worry about the results. I didn’t feel a thing during the ordeal. Had to stay overnight and I really don’t like hospitals and their lack of unhealthy food. After the procedure, you will definitely feel it. The next day you’ll be sore in the groin area…not really sore, but a discomfort.Good to know that I don’t have any obstruction which gives me peace of mind, but the bad news is I have to change my diet…no salt.

  • bharateesh007:

    hi this video is really educative ………. thanks a lot

    feeling great to the people who uploaded this…………

  • zaperfan:

    Returned home today after having this procedure glad to report i had no sign of coronary heart disease .And the procedure was fine just a little uncomfortable nothing to worry about.

  • forprestige2011:

    Amazing!!! I never never miss this procedure, I find it very interesting.

  • leanna68:

    I had this done a few days ago, I didn’t mind it at all, I actually watched the screen and seen what they were doing i found it quite interesting, only discomfort i had was at the groin site, it didn’t hurt, just quite sore

  • ironman87pa:

    @Sufyanrehman hi i am nurse , the side effects of angiography ( cardiac catheterization ) after procedure are hematoma ( accumulation of blood in site of procedure ) , bleeding ,( nausea & vomiting, rash all of these signs of hypersensitivity of dye ) . complications ( numbness , chest pain , extremity become cool , pale or cyanotic ) if you are diabetic patient you must telling your physician because some drugs must witheld 48 h. before & after procedure . i hope that i helped u .

  • geratmathew:

    We hit it off so well after another visit busizz4me.info

  • honey9386:

    when the doctor starts the angiography procedure then how many pains occur and where

  • Sufyanrehman:

    i want to know that is there any side effects after angiography? plz

  • zebstv:

    @varunike How did it go ? Best wishes Zeb

  • varunike:

    superb video. going to undergo one today. feeling confident on seeing the video and reading the posts. hope no blocks.

  • drbrvirdi1:

    what guides catheter to to enter into different artries i mean how tip of sleeve /catheter enter into artries is it by chance or anatomy of the heart is so that sleeve naturaly enters into the arteries.some cardiologist please tell me.

  • medicappharmacy:

    Heart is sensitive! This video clearly shows the angiography procedure.

  • Liz142:

    The doctor has order this for me, I failed the strees test, he says they found a vein that is not in place around my heart, the vein should be on the left side of my heart, but instead its in front .. why has the doctor require this? Should i be concerned?

  • kongalathomas:

    Thanks a lot for the video….Very Helpful…Perfect test for the coronary arteries…”DO STOP SMOKING”

  • macwiniphone:

    I have one of these two years ago and I felt the needle go in my groin and it hurt like hell even though I was messed up I felt it believe me! Had 50% blockage in one of my arteries…

    Thursday for another one because I hardly have any energy, feels like I am going to drop when I do things. I am going to tell them I better not feel it this time around. And also while they were in there my arteries stated to spasm and I had chest pains on the table.

  • Greekchildborn2fight:

    I can’t wait to be a doctor!!

  • iameuls23:

    very interesting

  • TheMultiHope:


  • Single4ever4lovesake:

    You are the sweetest little thing ! tooooo cute ! I wish you all the best in your skin care journey. Adorable just adorable.

  • SuperTreeBri:

    olive oil works great. I used it once and my pores are gone, my face is softer and less red, and i can alreadly tell its getting clear

  • LuckyElephant3:

    im using the same brand on my face :)

  • yamilaaveo:

    Besides olive oil, I also use Vitamine E oil to remove my eye makeup.SOmething I did this weekend was a formula made of a limon, 2 t s of olive oil, 2 t s of honey ( organic if posible), a t s of apple vinager, and the yellow part of an egg..mixed it up and applied it in my scalp, I lef it for 3 hours( I was watching movies) so after I wash it and dry it, my hair was AMANZING…I also applied a lil bit of heat protector before I use the flat iron & BUALA never seen my hair so shinny and smooth

  • yamilaaveo:

    @evadful google it…lol

  • zandyb:

    if you mix olive oil with witch hazel, it’s supposed to work really well as a makeup remover. Witch hazel by itself is a really good toner.

  • ConnorMonroe:

    lemme know if you live till your 100

  • monpetitbazar:

    Hi :)
    I’m French and it is kind of hard for me to understand what you are saying…
    I have a lot of acne scars, do you think olive oil will work to “erase” them??
    Do I have to apply olive oil everynight without moisturizer on to get results?

    Please, answer :(
    Thank you ^,^

  • usuck810:

    I have one question , does it remove scars ?? plz answer !!!!!!!!

  • tty12345:

    “it can be used in your private area….speaking of you can also eat it.” HAHAHA

  • dreamz4ulove:

    Great…. thanks!

  • iheartURhair:

    @evadful Dinosaurs. No, I’m not joking.

  • watchupclose:

    Love you.

  • MoreViralVideos:

    your very beautiful you dont need makeup

  • ilovedragons:

    It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.

  • TheDeviantGamer:

    @Nautilus1972 if oil was so bad for our skin then our skin would not produce it. To much oil helps cause acne, using like a drop or 2 of olive oil will not make most people break out as long as its a high quality oil, coconut and jojoba are used as well.

  • cold197:

    i really hope this works for me – non of the creams and other stuff i’ve tried have worked :(

  • amourmeanslovetoo:

    chef john music!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amberlynnemusic:

    Going to try this tonight! Super excited!

  • SpoonNinja1:

    @Nautilus1972 Its different from your natural oils,also called sebum. Sebum is what your body likes to make ,then that sebum eats bacteria off your face which clogs your pores,which make blackheads an pimples,plus it also does cause more oil.But olive oil is different its not like other oils or your natural oils ,the reason your body has oil is its trying to moisturize itself,olive oil helps to moisturize it instead of your body making sebum..Im not trying to attack you, just trying to inform,:)

  • coollieeBEAU:

    You’ve such a super cute personality;) and of course you look cute too!

  • TheVanesa0215:

    i’ll try…wish me luck

  • amberRose989:

    Thank you I’m going to try this!!

  • isoloveyourfeet:

    Fuck your fast talking and info turn me on, my gf will love you. Hehe. Subscribed!

  • Nautilus1972:

    Acne in young people is a hormonal reaction and there are no miracles. For others, windowlene is good for the odd spot.

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