Bilateral renal arterial stenosis

A young women with refractory hypertension .investigation revealed bilateral renal arterial stenosis
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

9 Responses to “Bilateral renal arterial stenosis”

  • marlon1972:

    all i can say is WOW…WOW.

  • MedVictimsDotCom:

    My mother suffered a stroke due to the off-label use of a biliary stent place in her renal artery. She is now 50% paralysed.

    Did the Interventional Radiologist do that because he wasn’t a Vascular Surgeon so he couldn’t perform the proper procedure?

    If I knew what I know now I would say try an angioplasty first, then a graft. Only as a las resort implant a stent designed for the bile duct. Which BTW was approved for humanitarian reasons only.

  • angieskidney:

    I was on 4. Sometimes it is necessary. Now I am on none .. but my situation is different. I am on dialysis and switching from PD to HD solved my BP problems.

  • brianelalpha:

    Patient can develop acute renal failure, secondary to renal insufficeincy. By the time renal function test dectect elevated Creatine clearance long term if not permanemt damage will be done. Patient should have been evaluated after HTN polypharmacy failed. When four antihypertensives fail in such a young person, who gives someone that young so many anithypertensives?

  • patientspride:

    My friend is going through this! It looks like your patient’s blood pressure was controlled again through taking more medication- Since my friend was pregnant and then the HP stayed with her- wouldn’t this be a hormonal issue? AND if the hormones were balanced, would her HP come down to normal levels? I wish I could hear in English what you are saying. To check the hormones, “normal” levels to some doctors are not “normal” levels to hormone specialists. Help!

  • aumit:

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  • grenouil1970:

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  • myzizo:

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  • litebug12345:

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