Kurvaceous™ Free Fitness Workouts & Diet Tips:Low Gi Muesli

Crunchy, Vanilla & Cinnamon home made muesli. Low in sugar, GI this tasty cereal is so easy to make. Ingredients: 1 cup oats 1 cup shredded coconut 1/4 cup chopped almonds 1/4 cup linseeds 1/4 Xylitol 1/4 cup sultanas 125g chopped walnuts and/or pepitas 2 tbs cinnamon 2 tbs virgin unrefined organic coconut oil 2 tsp vanilla bean For full receipe visit: www.kurvaceous.com
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Somethings to be aware of if you have a bad knee
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  • allybenita:

    can you pls type down the ingredients as cant hear (deaf), thanks :)

  • jess9006:

    looks tasty

  • 3loomi1:

    that was so helpful thank you a lot .

  • 3dhelarn:


    Very interesting video…. especially the part about avoiding one leg exercises. I am 16 months ACL post-op and need to advance my gym training. All trainers advised me to do one leg exercise with less weights on press, till the bad knee gets used and then put more weight. Can you expand on how the bad knee can reach the good knee lvls without 1leg dxercise?


    what if your in school and you have to do one leg exercises with bad knees

  • BodyPerformanceTV:

    @smoothMousePad Thank you!

  • smoothMousePad:

    Oh, and I want to say that it is refreshing to see that someone is giving real, no bs advice about fitness. This goes to all your videos. I think that people, deep inside, know that all of what you are saying is true, but it is too hard for them to acknowledge it. People are falling to magical fat loss teas and pills because it gives them false satisfaction ant hope that with this new pill they will be 15 kilograms lighter by the end of the month.

  • smoothMousePad:

    Hello Steve! I have anterior knee pain in my left knee. There is no anatomical or physiological pathology in that knee, everything is normal, except it hurts when I am using my quads to extend it. The pain is present only at certain, precise angular range (very small range) and under load… weird. Pain is not intense. My right quad is visibly thicker and stronger because I instinctively use right leg more. BUT when I am on a consistent running regime, over time the pain is gone.

  • yourmom5833:

    I’m 16 and have a bad knee I use to be so active but now even standing is impossible I’m desperate to get it fixed but the doctors don’t help… Life sucks

  • BodyPerformanceTV:

    @neemguy81 If you can take NSAID why not take Advil or another anti-inflammatory. Their job is to reduce inflammation. You can try glucosamine and or chondroitin. It works for some people but not for others. It takes about a month for it to begin. Also, ice after working out. That’s what baseball pitchers do.

  • neemguy81:

    Both my knees are bad…trying to get something done about them through the VA… torn meniscus in both and some “floaties” in there too…every time I do anything remotely physical they swell very badly…the VA gave me some anti inflammatory medication…but I want to be able to do this without medication, are there any natural alternatives to the anti inflammatory?

  • bustercotten332:

    @JesusIsLord771001 Hello,hope I’m being helpful.Yes we all need to be active to burn off the food we eat and to keep our bodies strong but if you have excess fat on your body there is only one way to lose it.And its not diets,pills,fasting etc.The simple truth is you MUST burn off more calories than you consume each day.And you dont have to eat like a bird to do it.Eat a balanced meal,keep your portions reasonable,NO seconds…then forget about food until your stomach growls.You can do it!

  • LilyAnacfvs:

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  • Deadman775:

    @JesusIsLord771001 I understand I was born with knees disabilities,

  • ThatGuyThomas90:

    @Sullen, Honestly friend I run barefoot. I was in the Army and we had to buy specific running shoes, after I got out of Infantry and my follow-on schools I just ran Barefoot. Your body is designed to run without all these orthotics and spring shoes that’s why so many people have problems. I have bad knees but after running regularly barefoot they bother me less and less…

  • BodyPerformanceTV:

    @JesusIsLord771001 I answered your question on my 5-27-10 BlogTalkRadio show. Go to BlogTalkRadio and search Steve Turano. The show can also be downloaded from iTunes. The most recent shows can also be heard on my website home page (at the bottom) once it uploads. Tell a friend! ~Steve

  • JesusIsLord771001:

    i was born with bad kneese and im over weight trying to lose weight my kneese lock up on me it’s also hard for me to do floor exercises because my legs fall asleep and hurts my back what can i do to lose this stubborn weight? it a battle no matter what i do i have such a hard time grrrr ….

  • vleon1012:

    i avoid leg extensions if at all possible.. they just suck for the knees.. do squats, heck even body weight squats are better

  • Tigerpaws9097826:

    Excellent advice Steve – thanks. (From a trainee whose knees do need care.)

  • young1871:

    what is the best way for overweight people to build up the sore knees so they can do squats again ? Thanks for any advice, I want to start doing , squats and lunges again !

  • ironpuppy1:

    simple enough i take it you dont smoke drink or do any other type of addictive activity and arent really familar with the addictive gene in general right? probably because you dont have it

  • Lazy5:

    stop eating its simple eat less . dont see y ppl have his problem

  • BodyPerformanceTV:

    I have 230 free videos on weight loss and free exercises on my web site. If you join I can also help you personally.

  • ironpuppy1:

    im male 6ft 360lbs 29 yrs old want to start losing weight any suggestions on a program or a video or some material that might help me get a regiment down to follow dont want to damage myself in the process

  • javaleira:

    u should give the answer in a sentence in vid description so people dont have to see 3 min movies to know a simple answer

  • BodyPerformanceTV:

    Thanks. I know many things the average lifter doesn’t. Not that they have to train with the same intensity as me but the knowledge I’ve gain from training that way can be applied to everybody making their lifting safer and more effective.

  • ToughGermanWoman:

    That was enlightening.

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