Magnesium and Heart Health

Dr Carolyn Dean MD discusses the benefits of magnesium in Heart Health. For more information visit:

The Arteriograph analysis the cardiovascular system from five highly important aspects to assure Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Assessment. Measuring Central and Peripheral Blood Pressure, Arterial Stiffness (small and large arterial function via AIx & PWVao), Cardiac fitness and considering Classical Cardiovascular Risk Stratification (Framingham, SCORE), Arteriograph enables detecting the real, individual risk even at the early, reversible stage. This is the fastest, most accurate, time and cost efficient way of having a Heart MOT done, preventing stroke and heart attack.

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  • johnbresnik:

    Dr. Dean is the “real deal”… I wish more MDs would take her approach.

  • TheMagnesiumMan:

    Magnesoothe is very best magnesium oil from the Dead Sea.

  • saladshop:

    Thank you for the information. I can take, and do take most of the vitamins and minerals you mentioned in larger than RDA recommendations. However, I cannot take large or even 50 mg of B3 as I flush way too much. I seem to have an extreme reaction to niacin.

  • earthsoulful:

    @saladshop I suspect a lot of yeast overgrowth is caused by an overstressed body, from external and internal stressors such as heavy metals, radiation, etc. Ive had great success with orthomolecular medicine for candida overgrowth (among many other ailments) using high doses of b3, b6, b complex, zinc, magnesium, manganese, boron, selenium, chromium and vitamin c. This corrects imbalances, boosts the immune system, restores brain function, and restores the body to health.

  • saladshop:

    I love this Dr.! Just watched a program with her discussing yeast overgrowth; something most of us suffer and dont even know.

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