Fat Wars

www.youtube.com A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away life had gotten too easy for much of the population. Their sedentary ways and poor nutrition caused obesity to become the number one cause of death. The key to saving this dying planet is the closely guarded “afterburner effect” but two factions wrestle for control of the secret. The rebellion lead by Obi-wan Scoobobi wants to make it available to the entire population for free. The evil empire wants to hold the secret hostage and only make it available to those willing to pay one hundred galactic credits, which few of the population can afford. The evil empire has nearly total control of the planet’s media and hope for the rebellion is dim. Only your help can save the rebellion. News of the secret afterburner and its ability to let people lose fat and get 6-pack abs must be spread … before it is too late Encrypted transmission to follow … scoobysworkshop.com
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  • nubbs:

    after more than four years of following your videos, this is first time i almost clicked “dislike”. i didn’t. but it was close.

  • Tangy1995:

    If it’s fat wars shouldn’t the noise be ‘om nom nom nom… cake’ not ‘pfft pfft pfft’? GO SCOOBY!

  • mrmee1229:

    @darkgardian09 eat a lot and lift bro

  • darkgardian09:

    hey scooby quick question im very under weight and i dont know if i should try to gain weight so i can add more muscle or if i should just work out like normal.

    what would you recomend

  • NonchilantPoet:

    @scooby1961 on an upcoming video of yours can you please show how to strengthen/thicken wrists, or if you already have 1 can you please give me a link to it? Thank you.

  • GuyBelmont:

    @gymtonicful you said it brother

  • sillilaari:

    It took me three times to wach this before I could read it without laughing…

  • gymtonicful:

    @GuyBelmont the next 10 are obese

  • immortalium:

    I had to mute it otherwise i would never had read the message XD i would be too busy dying from laughter :D hahaha

  • Tzenjin:

    listening to you fart the star wars theme was possibly the greatest thing ever.

  • IronyMangopud:


  • llabros:

    0:49 Subliminal message from scooby…

  • c33r0k33:

    @scooby1961 You might be shocked to work in the healthcare field (re: hospitals) and see the number of overweight and obese STAFF. Some cutting edge hospitals have programs which pay staff to workout, most don’t. I think the same with police and fire programs… a greater percentage of their staff than the general population is carrying excess weight. No doubt Americans are HUGE compared to the rest of the world.

  • jerjer72:

    Owww my friggin ears! Speakers were on full blast was not expecting that!

  • convictPKlol:

    @Steeler17Fan17 Building muscle will go mega slow until you hit about 16 ish, because unless you are an early bloomer your testosterone levels will be relatively low. It is a good idea to get into lifting weights asap though so go ahead :)

  • Steeler17Fan17:

    @scooby1961 hey scooby, im a 12 year old guy in 7th grade lookin to bulk up and lose some weight, ive lost about 20 lbs in 2 months and have been working out for a little while now, and ive seen results and ive been getting stronger, and more fit, etc, but anyway on the intermediate workout on your website, is there anything that i can do to replace pull ups because i have no where to do them and i dont think i can do them, thanks!

  • sourgreen1:


  • 1982seba:

    308 ppl are jealous of Scooby’s farting skills! 0_°

  • LowBudgetLeanMuscle:


    IM ON WEEK 16.


  • MaratSafinVideos:


  • easolo3:

    @scooby1961 I wish I can LIKE this reply more than once.

  • ska8er4myholelife:

    @scooby1961 please respond.. Im a teenager and i workout and lift weights.My body fat percentage is 15%. I see my abs but i have belly fat at the bottom of my stomach not a lot but i cant get rid of it. I lost a lot of belly fat,but as hard as i try it does not seem to be going away. Any tips. ps thank you for your time.

  • Harp00nX:

    @scooby1961 Getting like that in the UK too, but we are usually a few years behind the problems of the US so probably not as bad yet.

  • eminema001:

    @simobgbgbg hahahahh

  • Azatis:


    omg!!! sorry , i cheated 2 years! Big deal.. go out have fun , meet a girl or if you are gay and like boys go for it… You can have sex even you , the wild old hag that is so sensitive…you almost “coming”…

    Stop it you and go out for a walk!! Too much pc and masturbation isnt good for you health man..!!

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