This is audio of my surgeon who saved my life February 26th explaining what happened and more… This is important for all pre and post-ops to hear Big Thanks to my surgeon Dr Miliken for being willing to share this info with my subscribers!
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  • ljhall8:

    He is explaining it to the lay person. Get into it.

  • HealthIsInPlease:

    He doesnt speak like he’s an educated surgeon….

  • Cheleyas:

    The same thing happened to me and like you, I was misdiagnosed for several weeks. I didn’t have necrosis, but I was very very close. I’m glad we’re alive!

  • wannabellydance:

    God bless you. Thank god u made it through. And thank you for sharing this info with us.

  • elund9:

    What a nice surgeon!

  • xj14y:

    Complication-wise, though, something else to watch out for: You really need to concentrate on keeping the nutrition up. My wife had GBS and got to a similar stage, without the cosmetic, and ended up with severe neuropathy. Like had to learn to walk again, intravenous nutrition type deal. Please watch for the symptoms of constant nausea, and leg weakness. I damn near lost her because of it.

    Not trying to scare, just be aware. A Johns Hopkins study put the occurrence rate at 16%

  • choirlady1976:

    Can this happen with all weightloss, or just the gastric bypass, because I’m working on losing weight and my abs are my worse part and I worry as I lose weight or if I lose it too quickly, this might happen…

  • massagegoddess:

    Thanks! But I now have Dr Anderson who is starting to do Gastric bypass here and he is a partner with Dr Miliken who did my most recent surgery. Either way I am covered now! *hugs* Thanks!

  • adkam:

    Patients.. sorry.. not patience!! And if you didn’t know Concord is right outside Charlotte.. so the drive it not nearly as far as Atlanta would be.

  • adkam:

    Thank you for posting this!! You are so great at educating us all!!

    I wanted to tell you that if you need to get to a hospital who specialies in bariatrics – consider going to Northeast in Concord, NC and seeing Dr. Roc Bauman. They are very familiar with the patience and Dr. Bauman will come into the ER to see patients. If you need any more info regarding him or the hospital, please let me know.

    I’m glad you are doing better.. I hope you continue to heal & get back to “normal.” :)

  • farmgirl7369:

    After seeing Amelia’s video, I asked my surgeon about a Peterson hernia, and he told me that he had closed that hole up in the surgery. This is something he started doing a couple of years ago. So you can talk to your doctor about this ahead of time and ask whether it is your doctor’s practice to close the Peterson hole.

  • massagegoddess:

    I was told this occured because of the weight loss inside of my body allowed inyestines to move around too much

  • WishfulMakeuping:

    I had gastric bypass surgery in April 2003 and one of the last things my surgeon did before the operation was check for potential hernias. We found bacteria in my stomach which could have potentially turned into a hernia. We had to treat the hernia with meds BEFORE the surgery because my surgeon said it’s difficult (next to impossible) to repair a hernia in the portion of the stomach isolated by the surgery. Ask your surgeon to check for this BEFORE surgery!

  • lovemen2334:

    this is very hoping to have gastric at the end of this year :) i watched all ur videos and you are truly an inspiration! p.s. you look great!

  • mywlsjourney:

    Very informative! Glad you are doing so well Amelia :)

  • CassandraCarter:

    Hope you all paid good attention, ‘cuz my sister here sure paid quite a bit so you can learn about it! *hugs Amelia*

  • rosewolfe48:

    thanks for the video (audio) the learning curve continues for DR’s and patience…although somewhat too slow…nothing like they show on House

  • cschorback:

    I don’t get on YouTube much anymore… I’m so glad you’re ok!!!

  • branchums:

    Do you know how often this happens? That’s scary stuff there! I’m glad you’re okay though.

  • sheng003:

    hey hun! can you tell me what the shampoo you use for hair loss ?? i forgot and i need some now… thanks babe !!

  • leeannz19:

    Amelia sorry that you went through this but a thousand thank yous for sharing this with all of us so everyone can be informed.

  • allisonpacino:

    I’m just glad you’re doing well…God definitely had His hand on you…I was glad I could do something even if it was to bring ponytail holders lol.

  • raineysummer:

    Awesome! thank you for sharing this because this is good info to know :D Glad you are doing better too :D

  • massagegoddess:

    As always.. MassageGoddess goes ahead of the flock and teaches by example.. LOL

  • massagegoddess:

    I hope not either, but is good to know

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