Geno’s 20 lbs in 20 days Diet – Secret to Exercise

Geno 3 Minute Gourmet 20 Day 20 lbs Diet Secret to Exercise Segment about how to exercise successfully.Thanks to all the fans send in your suggestions, comments and meals you’d like to see me configure to the diet. In addition to the meal plan, Geno is going exercise by performing 30 to 60 minutes of Yoga per evening and 4 days of 30 to 60 minutes of Racquetball per week in the mornings. You may perform any exercise or activity you desire that will safely increase your normal calorie usage by an average of 30 minutes or more per day. Geno is a Chiropractor turned Restauranteur turned Health and Diet Guru. He also has a BS degree in Biology with a focus on Human Anatomy. He has taken his experiences with diet, exercise and meal preparation to put together a focused, calorie conscious, tasty, light and quick menu plan that will help to burn off fat and lose weight. The meals are designed to be prepared and appeal to a family. Geno will be using portion control and some variance from the family’s food choices to reduce weight. .Anna and the children while eating foods in the diet are by no means bound by the diet and have a pantry full of other foods snacks and desserts to choose from. High volume water intake is essential for removing toxins and imparting a sense of satiety throughout the diet. WARNING: THESE INFORMATION VIDEOS AND ASSOCIATED MATERIAL ARE OFFERED AS OPINION ONLY. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR PRIMARY HEALTH CARE PROVIDER BEFORE TRYING ANY NEW DIET OR EXERCISE PROGRAM
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    Oh nice video clip. every people should watch this video. This video regulation is very high. I like this video clip.

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    Hey Geno! I told you I was going to come and see your videos. I have watched three so far and they are pretty good! Give yourself a pat on the back…I wish you all success. – Holly

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