Preventing High Blood Pressure (HBP #5)

Twenty-five percent of Americans have high blood pressure, but you can avoid being among them if you follow some smart advice.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru:
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Dr. Gerg Gerber, Chief of Internal Medicine at SW Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas, discusses the many physical and psychological benefits he has seen in his patients who practice Spring Forest Qigong. He says the results he has seen in many cases have been “absolutely remarkable,” including patients dealing with diabetes, glucose control, hypertension, arthritis and more. Dr. Gerber also explains the physiological changes that take place in the body with a practice like Spring Forest Qigong that make it so beneficial.
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  • klivify:

    how i can download videos from that site ???

  • lawmur:

    I disagree with the continued consumption of Milk. Milk is high in cholesterol and causes calcium depletion. See below….
    The Milk Documentary Got the Facts on Milk
    YouTube: Sugar – The Bitter Truth
    by Robert H Lustig MD UCSF Professor of Pediatrics
    Sweet Poison by David Gillepspie
    The China Study by T Collin Campbell PhD with Thomas Campbell II MD
    Forks over Knives (DVD from Amazon but it is a Region 1)

  • freedomwon:

    The most important question to ask yourself is does my doctor know about this product and if not why?
    Bios Life Slim is listed in the PDR it’s a natural product that reduces bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol without harmful side effects, it also helps with weight loss and diabetes without stimulants
    Other videos to watch on youtube
    Lower Cholesterol Naturally – US Doctors’ Testimonies
    Dr. Walt Flora On Bios Life & Diabetes
    For more information call Steve at 702-287-0303

  • jefferyhall84:

    does the medication clonidine used for high blood presure

  • MickieJay:

    I would say this video is informative with the knowledge that it contains and helps to provide a person with what they must know to make their health and illness prevention their responsibility. When you understand how you can help yourself to a healthier existence and the reasons why you are more likely to follow through as you feel you have more power over your situation to make a difference.

  • drharry85:

    thank’s a lot,great work

  • litebug12345:

    I was recently diagnosed with moderate to high blood pressure(140/85) and after much research I decided to try a natural remedy as i was very wary about prescription drugs to control blood pressure and their potential side effects. After research on the internet i found out about LEVODYN and the positive reviews it has so i decided to try it and it was amazing after only a few weeks to a month my blood pressure started to fall. Now my blood pressure is currently on average 125/75.

  • aaahhhhaaaahhhh:

    FUCK THE BMI IT SAYS IM OVERWEIGHT but the caliper says i have 11 – 10 % Body Fat

  • mysalah06:

    thank u

  • mrsagitarius26:

    nice video but i already maintain my HBP by taking levodyn and one good thing more about it is, it’s all natural without any harmful side effects.



  • futuriste3:

    thks u

  • LiberalshateAmerica:

    great video! I havent had a glass of milk in 20 years and just started today, hope it helps

  • rockbottom31:

    you have too much high systolic pressure and less diastolic pressure than should consult with a cardiologist,because you are in danger.

  • BayAreaBiker2001:

    I would be obese, with a BMI about 35. I do not consume alcohol, but did consume a great deal of salt. I go on frequent bike rides, sometimes all day. One time, my BP was an alarmingly high 239/57. My BMI calculations are the simpler kg/m2 method, as I have long favored metric units.

  • 560887577:

    I am so horny right now!!! G

  • peachbluegirl:

    Firstly, you have to go to your doctor/GP. They might ask you to do some check, including 24 hours urine collection and renal ultrasound before they give you antihypertensive medication(s).
    Secondly,YOu can start your diet. Eat healthy food-be aware of your calories intake, reduce your salt intake, limit your alcohol consumtion and stop smoking…
    Thirdly, physical activity. Be active! Go to gym instead of watching TV at home.

  • eighteenfive:

    tHANKS A LOT Dr. my BP is 160 over 120 I am worried and do not know what to do. Can anybody please advise me. I need your help.

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