Weight loss. #1

I’ve decided to log my weight loss on youtube so that I can gain motivation from people on here. I’m 19 years old and I have type 1 diabetes which makes it really hard to lose weight because of the insulin which I inject. I don’t own a scale but have access to one once a week so I’m doing this because a noticeable difference is important to me as I always get mistaken for a type 2 diabetic due to my size. Please help me by sharing your tips about dieting as a type 1 diabetic. I just want to be healthier.
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Diabetes Diabetic Insulin Dexcom Continuous glucose sensor pump shot shots. Go to 1happydiabetic.com for more!
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  • getfuckedanddie1:

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  • patwotrik:

    This was uploaded over a year ago. I think it’s time for the next?

  • Sileni:

    I’d tap dat! ….End of discussion, shall we move on..say your bedroom perhaps. Hm? Hmmm? -___-

  • cestlavie223:

    @ArvinIns yeah.. o agree with you buddy! nothing beats the diet at the site WeightLossAction.Info! both my friend and my sister followed it and the results were pretty good. They lost a bunch of weight. Well, my friend lost a bit more weight than my sis but i guess its because he’s more persistent.. ahhaha.. lol

  • taichigreentea:

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  • willcanbe:

    God bless u I know u can do it I am also type 1 research opc factor I just order some 4 my self.

  • thegoldentrainer:

    Good luck with your goals! If you hit a plateau and need original formula weight loss products or advice, search GoldenTrainer!

  • johnpaw100:

    @henrylee21 Prosum 41 Programme it’s a go if you want to loose weight. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised. ;)

  • MegaRebelfox:

    here is the link guys…it really works..

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  • LilShawtyLovex3:

    i dont think you are fat at all if you can lose like 1lb on your stomach you will be all good to go im in it with ya cuz im the same size and i hate my stomach hanging down :P hang in there beauty!! if you agree with me comment on this comment

  • LilShawtyLovex3:

    i dont think you are fat at all if you can lose like 1lb on your stomach you will be all good to go im in it with ya cuz im the same size and i hate my stomach hanging down :P hang in there beauty!!

  • henrylee21:



  • yuki792:


  • samalala4:

    Yes you can cos you are on the right track. Dont’ forget that you still look attractive in your present shape.

  • adrianaea1:

    one of the best methods to lose weight naturally from home visit /

  • 0708LC:

    btw did you end up losing any weight? cuz i saw only one video.

  • 0708LC:

    try bodyrock.tv it is a great site with a great and supportive community. i guarantee youll be very motivated and inspired after checking it out

  • henkboorsma33:

    Well, you’re not too fat at all, your body is attractive and beautiful! Loosing weight doedn’t have effect on your diabetes 1, only when you were obese, but you aren’t!

  • SanamLovesEssie60:

    u have great curves naturally, ur only problem is the excess weight in your stomach area. Once you are done with that you are good to go.

  • MAYiHaveMERCY:

    I have type one Diabetes, too. I’m 14, though, and I really want to lose weight >.<

  • kamilmaciejewski08:

    big booty bitch !!!

  • rahmanfp1:

    Oh hello! Have you ever tried intellectus 424 diet (just google it)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin lost tons of weight with it.

  • the12dedra:

    @BunnyHelper713 it does not hurt that bad it is only a slight pinch

  • andy651224:

    ur hot

  • D15TURB3D:

    Just got mine on Wednesday, it’s cool but I wish it could go on my arm or something. Mines where yours is and it bugs me when I’m trying to sleep.

  • thatdudetyler:

    That’s really cool I’m getting one too were do you get iv prep pads tho I can find them anywere and what do u think about the sensor.

  • 1HappyDiabetic:

    That’s a good question. I have gotten it before too. I haven’t come up with the best place. I have used the pocket with no case. I have used the standard case they give you. And I have also used a cell phone case for a smartphone.

    They all have worked. I switch between my pocket and the standard case on my side. I use an insulin pump too, so I hate having both my pockets filled.

    How about you, how do you wear it?

  • 1HappyDiabetic:

    Thanks for the comment. I still use the Case it gave me. I found it to work the best. I usually clip it on my side. I use a smartphone cell case before, but the case it gives you, you can see the screen. My case just started to expose some metal after a year of using it. They are sending a replacement one at no cost. I find it too big to be put in my pocket. However when I wear hooded sweatshirts I put in the front pockets sometimes. I nice change.

  • zmanatvs:

    I’m new to this unit. Thanks for the tips. One question. Where have you found the best place to carry the reciever? In your pocket or do you use the case and clip?

  • 1HappyDiabetic:

    well said!

  • smilncynic:

    This device is fantastic! I have worn it for about 18 months and have been able to lower my 1CA (3-month glucose average) from about 7.3 (finger sticking about 12 times a day) to 6.1. It is like a GPS for controlling your sugar and keeping it on track .

  • xludaflubx:

    it hurts :S

  • dimitmant:

    Do NOT buy it. It is so inaccurate

  • broadwayybabyy73:

    I have never heard of this? The sensor gives you blood sugar results without pricking your finger? How cool…

  • 1HappyDiabetic:

    I would do a video on that, but I’m not wearing a sensor right now. But to give you an idea it would be like taking off a large band-aid. No biggie. However underneath the site where the senor was, the skin might be a little red and you can see a small tiny hole where it was inserted. Nothing major. Has never bled for me, the insertion is tiny, much smaller then what is used for pumping insulin.

  • Jawa843:

    Could you do a video showing you removing the sensor? I can’t seem to find any and am curious (;

  • lsisto1:

    Caleb says, “that’s cool!” Haven’t taken the CGM leap yet….always under consideration though. Thanks for the vid. Lo

  • TheRedSoxGuy:

    I only use my tummy. The Dexcom is not directed to be used on the back.

  • meltingmamamelted:

    Can the sensor be placed elsewhere on the body, say on the back?

  • 1HappyDiabetic:

    It’s on my leg, nothing I can’t handle ithing for a few more seconds. Ahhhhhh Yes, I ithed it…. Much much better

  • miniheli:

    Ya I guess I could handle one more itchy spot. I hate when my infusion site itchy, but it only happens when I think about being itchy now that were talking about being itchy, I feel very itchy right now thanks alot lol! kidding.

  • 1HappyDiabetic:

    Yeah how many times have you gone to itch then you end up stratching off your site. I hate that too. Ha Ha

  • MidnightButterfly222:

    i figure the itch would be the thing to drive anybody nuts!!! blechhh!!! i hate when my infusion site gets even the slightest itch, and i cant get to it, but i keep trying to scratch around it anyway, trying to confuse my skin, but in the end its me that goes crazy and i just end up having to take out the site if it gets too itchy. i’d hate to have to do that with those expensive sensors!!! arrgh! theres nuthin more irritating than an itch you can’t scratch! lol!

  • miniheli:

    Ya, see I bumped into a guy at a radio control car,heli,plane show and he was wearing the medtronic 722 pump like me. I asked him does he use the cgm from medtronic he says he has it but he doesn’t wear it because he says its too painful. Hmm do you know of an area where on the body whear I could put it on and it wont be as itchy?

  • 1HappyDiabetic:

    It’s funny. The 2 Reasons I take my sensor off. #1 Not working anymore. #2 It’s itching me like crazy. That’s only after wearing for a long time. Not sugested. :-) Not painful, way less painful than infusion sets for me.

  • MidnightButterfly222:

    >”hairlike metal wire”… hmm.. this brings flashbacks of when i would take a shot and afterwards, would get that itch that lets you know that there’s a little fragment of needle tip metal still stuck under your skin! … so does that sensor metalic enzyme wire thingy make people itch alot?

  • BunnyHelper713:

    My dad has to take 5 of them a day

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