It Gets Better

Harry, a composer, and Wayne, an Episcopal priest, live a cholesterol-lowering life-style in mid-Michigan. Even as some of the body stuff does get a little harder to put up with, it still is getting better. This is our encouragement to you, as part of Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better Project” to stay in there, keep kicking, and becoming more fabulous every day.
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  • harrykell:

    We’re so happy you wrote! We’re blessed at our church to have a young transgender man whose first venture out into the world as himself was to come to church. Truthfully, I don’t think any of us really clocked him as a transgender man for a few weeks, and when we did, mostly as a result of him sharing his story with us, we were delighted to get to know him. I don’t think of him as trans. He’s just a guy. There are people out there waiting to meet the guy you are. Mom can’t rule your heart.

  • dfishie:

    This is my favorite It Gets Better video. You two are wonderful.

  • RyskerSein:

    Both of you are so happy <3 I hope to be this happy with the love of my life someday. The part I have to get through? Telling my mother I’m transgender. She already hates my guts for being openly pan-sexual. She might not say it to my face but I hear her talking crap about me behind my back. And it hurts. I can only picture what she’d said when I tell her I’m actually a boy. She already talks about my short hair cut. I’m not proud to say I’m a 18 year-old boy and I’m scared to tell her.

  • harrykell:

    Of course we will be your grandparents. You will need to run away from home occasionally, and we’ll make tea and scones for you and hide you upstairs. We’ll give you books to read. There are some wonderful accounts of lesbians in Paris in the 20s that you shouldn’t pass up. Good for lesbians and gay boys as well! We’ll deny to your parents that you are hiding out.

  • DonnyWinter:

    I love you guys! :)

  • pieranka:

    Can you be my grand dads, please?

  • watrpolo999:


  • CatFlashBlue:

    My Christian sister thinks I’m the cruelest person alive for being transgender female to male. She refuses to call me anything but by my female name and pronouns. I feel like crying every time she says that to me. I really am happy to have found this video, specifically. Most videos are about getting away from those who don’t accept. But I want to help everyone in the world be happy too, since I have experienced some intense happiness. It’s just difficult, being hated by those who want to love.

  • NuklearStarcraft:

    This made my heart happy. :) you guys are the best!

  • baileybeeee:

    I love you guys.

  • Heathermargaretwood:

    I love so many of the It Gets Better videos, but this is my hands-down favorite. You two not only say “it gets better,” you show it through your humor and your obvious love and fondness for each other. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • summerrenee92:

    how cute are yall!!!

  • 44371213:

    I keep watching your video again and again. I think you guys are really cool and I wish I knew people like you. Harry, as a fellow bow-tie wearer I must say that that is a particularly handsome one. :)

  • WhiteWolfUsa:

    Man! They are great!!!!! haha make more videos…

  • kejtim07:

    It just astounds me how two people still love each other so much after so many years, and people still call their relationship less legitimate than those of a straight couple whose members absolutely cannot stand each other.

  • h8aification:

    that was a beautiful couple. They give a true insight as to how much better it gets.

  • RocktheSocks:

    “You don’t have to like Broadway music.”
    “No, you have to like Broadway music.”
    ROFL. Amazing.

  • DearPrudenceOctopoda:

    Cutest couple ever.

  • Natadelangel:

    A disco song:)

  • MissLolaRose:

    Sorry to hear your tragic stories. Shame on abusers. Thank you for speaking out!

  • wonderland725:

    YOU GUYS ARE THE CUTEST, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. Thank you so much for being beautiful.

  • ChuckMeIntoHell:

    You two are hilarious and adorable! I hope to have such a great relationship with my partner when we’re your ages. I wish you two have a great long love filled life :D

  • daniberrieful:

    I think this is my fav its get better vid. Two people who obviously are very in love with each other surviving the hell that was there high school experience and finding fulfillment in their lives. Very happy u guys posted this.

  • yourgaybestfriend:

    “Nobody knows why that’s funny”
    “Nobody knows what that is”

    Such a pistol. Wish my grandparents were that funny.

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