The lapband surgery was easy. Now what do I eat?

A few suggestions for food after the weight loss surgery.

Am now 3 weeks post op and feeling great! lost 1.8kg this week totalling 16.6kg (32.56pounds) since my WL journey started on 2/2/11. Back to basics this week and next week I have my first fill :)
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  • JustMeTVee:

    Thank you so much for sharing! Great Vid!

  • aperfectwom1:

    Hello I have enjoyed watching your video’s. I had surgery on jan. 12, 2009 and this is the first time I have felt Ithat I made the wrong chocie be the weight is coming off and in fact I’ve gained 3 lbs.
    Keep up the good work.

  • cycleChic08:

    ooh I love the EAS shakes. I usually have one for breakfast along with something solid like eggs. I also like to have them for dinner in place of a meal.

  • Taina009:

    good advise lol

  • 2livesmart:

    Thanks! Also, if you are drinking broth. Try something like chicken noodle soup (but of course drain out all of the noodles and chicken). The flavor is better than just broth alone.

  • thenewme20111:

    @BeautyJunkie824 – hi! Tks 4 watching. You’re doing great too :)

  • BeautyJunkie824:

    Hi there! Just came across your vids today. Happy to follow along with you on ur journey. You have a great attitude towards your WLS. Along as the scale keeps moving down no matter how small the loss right!?

  • BanditStephanie:

    Wow great loss so far! I love you sharing the foods you’re eating. It will help me tremendously once I can eat food again! :)

  • thenewme20111:

    Sorry I meant 9.4 kg loss in 3 weeks Optifast not 3.4 :)

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