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Rubbing Belly

My bf and his 340lb belly.
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Advice for Endomorphs to Lose Weight & Burn Fat!!

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Fat People Dancing

fat people are funny
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Fat Wars A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away life had gotten too easy for much of the population. Their sedentary ways and poor nutrition caused obesity to become the number one cause of death. The key to saving this dying planet is the closely guarded “afterburner effect” but two factions wrestle for control of the secret. The rebellion lead by Obi-wan Scoobobi wants to make it available to the entire population for free. The evil empire wants to hold the secret hostage and only make it available to those willing to pay one hundred galactic credits, which few of the population can afford. The evil empire has nearly total control of the planet’s media and hope for the rebellion is dim. Only your help can save the rebellion. News of the secret afterburner and its ability to let people lose fat and get 6-pack abs must be spread … before it is too late Encrypted transmission to follow …
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In Memory of Val Puccio: Inside The Brook Haven Clinic Part 1.

Episode Mission: Self-Destruct. Rest Peacefully Val. Thank you for being you.

Welch middle school performs beyonce’s new let’s move flash workout! Welch is where Beyonce attended middle school. This effort is in conjunction with Michelle Obama’s effort to decrease teen obesity and get middle school students moving. Go Welch!!!

updated standing vid

Gained 10 pounds so i am now 340. I decided to do an updated vid very similar to my first to see if there were any differences. Please comment.

Finally hit the 80kg hehe 176lbs for lbs boyz xD hope you like my body!! see ya all *fat hugs to all* 8D

Bellyfun on Coutch

Jiggling my Belly while being on coutch
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Richard Simmons on Capitol Hill

Richard Simmons, Fitness Expert and Advocate, testified before the Committee on Education and Labor at a hearing concerning childhood obesity and physical health and education on July 24, 2008.
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Project: Rant – RANT 088: To My Fat Cat

Feline obesity is a serious problem that affects us… well just this guy so far. Actor: Shannon McCormick

Ayurveda Aur Hum – How to Stay Healthy – Ayurveda

Watch How to Stay Healthy – Ayurveda in HD. Obesity is a term used to describe body weight that is much greater than what is healthy. If you are obese you also have a much higher amount of body fat than is healthy or desirable. Careworld brings you Ayurveda A show which tackels difficult probelms naturaly with the help of Ayurveda.Subscribe NOW to get daily updates on many such useful videos and At-Home Tips