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Beyoncé – Medley Queen Prince Kings Of Leon

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Beyoncé – Move Your Body ( OFFICIAL VIDEO! )

SUBSRIBE FOR More ! With this video Beyoncé combating being overweight in a lot of the United States and encourages men and women to do a lot more for their wellness.
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Beyonce move your body Official video- Areion Mix

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Beyoncé – Move Your Body

New Beyonce’s Tune for 2011 Marketing campaign Let us Transfer! Beyonce assists children combat weight problems in The united states with this remake! Enjooy! xD Spanish Version: Lyrics: “Shift Your Body” by: Beyoncé 5 Three Two thousand Eleven Let’s move Clap your palms now, clap your palms now Clap your fingers now, clap your arms now Mission 1: Lemme see you run Set your knees up in the sky ’cause we just begun (hey) (hey) Mission two: This is how we do Shuffle shuffle to the appropriate, to the left let’s transfer (hey) (hey) Mission 3: Can you “Dougie” with me? Set all your swagga on the swizzie defeat (hey) (hey) Mission 4: If you happen to be ready for more, jump (jump) leap rope Get your ft off the ground (hey) (hey) I ain’t anxious carrying out me tonight A minor sweat ain’t in no way damage no one Don’t just stand there on the wall Everyone just shift your system Shift your entire body, move your physique Move your body, move your system Everybody would not you transfer your system? Everybody is not going to you shift your entire body? Can you get me bodied? I wanna be myself tonight Can you get me bodied? I wanna be myself tonight Wanna transfer my body, I wanna permit it out tonight Wanna social gathering, wanna dance, wanna be myself tonight Mission 5: Let us go Time to transfer your little hips vamo nos, vamo nos (hey) (hey) Mission six: Operate it back true fast Do “The Running Man” and then you turn around like this (hey) (Do the jogging man, do the jogging gentleman (Hey) Do the running man, do the jogging man) Mission seven: Time to bust it down Do the phase and touch, do the dancehall sound
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