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IM Medical – Leaders In Cardiovascular Prevention

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) affects more than 3.5 million Australians – that’s two out of every three families. To help combat this problem, IM Medical, a preventative health solutions company has, in consultation with medical experts and cardiologists, developed Intelliheart. Web. PH. +61 3 9860 0900 email.
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Cardiovascular Risks

According to the latest research, patients with atherosclerotic arterial disease—hardening of the arteries–have relatively high rates of experiencing a cardiovascular event like a heart attack, stroke or death within one year. Get more information at Get a FREE REMEDY Subscription

diabetes and cardiovascular risk

Highlights from Dr Fred Vagnini’s presentation at the Annual World Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine in Orlando about diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors. 40-60 million US citizens are pre-diabetic and most are likely to develop diabetes within ten years. An indicator of pre-diabetes is the presence of belly fat and once diagnosed the onset of diabetes is preventable through exercise and nutrition.
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Cardiovascular Conditions

Different symptoms of abnormal cardiovascular conditions are examined using patient clinical examinations . Orig. air date: OCT 31 75 This is part of the Open.Michigan collection at:

Cardiovascular Innovations John Laird

John Laird, “What’s New at the Center for Vascular Medicine” Leading vascular specialist named director of UC Davis Vascular Center John R. Laird, a leader in the field of peripheral vascular intervention, has been named as the medical director of the UC Davis Vascular Center, which is dedicated toward providing state-of-the-art vascular care and promoting collaboration among the different specialties involved in the treatment of patients with vascular disease. Laird is an internationally renowned interventional cardiologist who has lectured and performed endovascular procedures around the world. His practice focuses on interventions for carotid artery disease, abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysmal disease, renal artery disease, and peripheral artery disease. “Dr. Laird is highly regarded around the world for his work on the endovascular treatment of peripheral artery disease,” said Claire Pomeroy, Vice Chancellor of Human Health Sciences and dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine. “With his expertise guiding the development of our Vascular Center, we will have an enormously valuable resource for patients in the Sacramento region. Dr. Laird also has an impressive track record in the areas of educating trainees as well as pursuing innovative, groundbreaking research.” Laird’s many areas of leadership and innovation include the investigation of new stents for carotid and peripheral vascular applications and the development of laser angioplasty. He uses the Excimer laser
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Lopez, Manuel Environmental Causes of Cardiovascular Disease

Lopez, Manuel Environmental Brings about of Cardiovascular Illness

By Catherine Chalmers

L-Opti Zinc – Cardiovascular Wellness – L-OptiZinc® is a special, patented type of methionine-bound zinc, an crucial trace mineral necessary for numerous essential cell capabilities such as progress and development, reproduction, digestion, as nicely as suitable brain, nerve, vision, insulin, and immune purpose. Zinc is also a element of antioxidant enzyme methods ie superoxide dismutase. Superoxides are hazardous free of charge radicals that have the likely to result in hurt to healthy cells. L-OptiZinc® is a patented 1:1 complex of zinc and methionine, the amino acid best absorbed by the physique.

Cardiovascular Disease: The Silent Killer

Video Rating: / five – Dr. Richard Johnson, writer of The Sugar Repair, talks about obesity and cardiovascular disease, uric acid, and sugar metabolic process. (Part one of three)

Magnesium – Cardiovascular Wellness – Magnesium is crucial to several functions in the physique. Magnesium is most likely concerned in far more factors of the human entire body, make-up and metabolic rate, than any other mineral. Magnesium impacts the immune technique, heart, nerve, and muscle function, blood sugar and blood strain support, and energy production. It plays a part in nicely over 300 recognized biochemical reactions. Some scientific studies have also proven gain of magnesium for the therapy of cardiac arrhythmias, continual obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), form 2 diabetes, listening to loss, leg cramps throughout pregnancy, mitral valve prolapse signs, succinylcholine-induced fasciculation, and thrombolysis following an acute myocardial infarction.
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Heart Condition

Women taking ACE inhibitors were 4% MORE likely to die of cardiovascular disease versus NO drugs Hello there, this is Larry Hobbs @ Wassertheil-Smoller S, Psaty B, Greenland P, Oberman A, Kotchen T, Mouton C, Black H, Aragaki A, Trevisan M. Association amongst cardiovascular results and antihypertensive drug therapy in older girls. JAMA. 2004 Dec fifteen, 292(23):2849-59. AUTHORS Get in touch with Details Sylvia Wassertheil-Smoller, PhD Professor and Division Head, Department of Epidemiology & Population Health Principal Investigator, Womens Wellbeing Initiative Albert Einstein University of Medication Division of Epidemiology and Population Wellbeing 1300 Morris Park Avenue Belfer Building, Place 1312 Bronx, NY 10461 718-430-2358 cellphone 718-430-2359 mobile phone 718-430-3076 fax