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Lost 40 lbs in 60 days on the diet. Went from 235 to 159 with the diet and excercise. Brought cholesterol down to 170 and triglycerides to 40 without medication. (Cholesterol was 400 and triglycerides were 800 before dieting.) He was prediabetic. Now he can exercise 4 times a week because he likes to and he feels great. The downside is he had to completely buy a new wardrobe. Request an appointment: Visit our website:

Positive Effects of Chiropractic Care for High Blood Pressure

ABC NEWS CHANNEL 7 – “We designed a double blind study to really look and see if in fact this procedure was affecting high blood pressure,” Twenty five patients got the real adjustment; 25 others got a fake adjustment. The result, publishe…d in the Journal of Human Hypertension, found those patients who got the real thing saw their blood pressure drop dramatically, an average of 17 points. That’s equivalent to giving patients two different blood pressure medications at once, said Dr. George Bakris, MD Read More Length:3:31
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