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This is audio of my surgeon who saved my life February 26th explaining what happened and more… This is important for all pre and post-ops to hear Big Thanks to my surgeon Dr Miliken for being willing to share this info with my subscribers!
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GI Complication of Diabetes Mock Interview

An job interview of a affected individual with GI complication of diabetes acted out by two health-related college students. The job interview is dependent on information from a true individual who was interviewed over the telephone. The identification is concealed and names are altered to protect confidentiality. Hi, my identify is Shemsi. I have been using AyurGold for 6 months, and it has enhanced my well being and my blood sugar has actually been controlled by now. I no longer feel worn out or exhausted. This has really improved my wellness in a considerable way. Prior to I was unable to handle my blood sugar, it utilized to go up and, but issues have enhanced now. And I recommend AyurGold for everybody. My objective is not only strengthening your well being, it is offering a whole lot of important traces for your all round wellbeing. So AyurGold is advised for everyone to use it. Thank you. Shemsi – Dubayy, United Arab Emirates 1) Reversing Damage – Years of high Glycemic foods usage and continual release of Insulin into the bloodstream have caused hurt your entire body and some degree of Insulin Resistance to consider maintain. To assist reverse this, AyurGold releases hundreds of phytonutrients that act at the molecular degree to stimulate endocrine cells located in the pancreas, incite the Islets of Langerhans to make key enzymes accountable for regulating blood sugar in the physique, enhance glucose utilization, enhance glucose metabolic rate, inhibit glucose output from the liver, reverse abnormal lipid profiles noticed in folks with substantial blood sugar, and support increase blood circulation to restore natural balance and harmony to your body. two) Regularly Drink Water – Consume at least 8 to 10 eyeglasses of h2o for every day to avoid dehydration and support liberate fat shops to be burned as electricity. 3) Try to eat five to six Little