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Diet with LipoGuard decreased cholesterol NBC News Channel 4 Midday, New York, USA noted VIVA LipoGuard reduced cholesterol levels in 4 weeks with out any facet results. An American dies every thirty seconds from cardiovascular disease—often in the form of a heart attack. Which is 3500 individuals each and every day. In truth, odds are good that if you have two greatest friends, 1 of the three of you will die from cardiovascular disorder. What’s a lot more distressing—almost all heart attacks are preventable! You Might Not Know Your Risk Till As well Late Heart attacks are brought on by a develop-up of plaque in your arteries. When plaque ruptures, blood clots are shaped that lead to a heart attack or stroke. The culprit? Plaque in your arteries is caused by as well considerably poor cholesterol in the blood. In simple fact, the larger the stage of poor cholesterol in your blood, the higher your danger of heart condition. Health officials estimate that far more than fifty % of all grown ups have unhealthy levels of cholesterol and 42 million grown ups have dangerously large levels—you could be a single of them devoid of even understanding. In many instances the first indication that you can find a problem with your cholesterol level is a heart assault and dying. Reduced your cholesterol level and you are going to reduced your chance of a heart attack. The Only Clinically Confirmed, Patented, Natural Option to Statin Medication for Complete Cholesterol Care. “There is no merchandise that I could prescribe that could do the points that LipoGuard can do.” Dr. VSK Singam, MBBS.