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en*theos – OL 101 Week 6 – Energy – “Nutritional Displacement”

a fast video I made right now at lunch. How to displace a macronutrient by adding one more one particular, these kinds of as switching out a carb for a protein, or a protein supply for another protein supply, such as tempeh for chicken in this video. This is an easy way to commence to transition your meals options whilst preserving satiety and caloric stability. Yum!
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In the beginning was rhythm. You quote von Bülow, gesticulating with that insane aplomb which only a Maestro can do in mixed organization. How I stir in the blend of your firm. Absolutely everyone leans in, ready for shock, you are known to be fairly witty, if not to be sensible. (Is it even possible to be all set for shock?) How the candlelight ignites your raving eyes! (Is that clove? No… cardamom? Indeed…) It has been said That splendor Is in the eye Of the potato. Even though some could say, Potahto. You sip the laughter, your glass, half-empty as never ever. I thirst for your arms so classy, so fragile, however commanding a drama, a poem, tempered, demanding. The orchestra turns into the symphony through people arms. My brain gets to be my human body via those palms. Those arms perform my time. Close friends, Permit us toast to surfeit! Might this evenings positive satiety Be extended in acquisition, And short in knowledge. For at breakfast… Toast, yet again! A true Toscanini, conducting devoid of a score, yet every single be aware so plainly considered as the one particular just before. You coruscate through this ribboned area and we all grow to be one evanescent tune and how openly they kiss to the tempo of spoon upon glass 50 percent-full as ever. And may love’s moments Catch you Flagrante delicto. For right here, tonight, We are every single caught red-handed, Craving the rhythm of beginning. And the muted eyes which declare mine as we dine upon the fleeting flesh of the new have caught me red-handed craving the rhythm of beginning with you.
Video Rating: 5 / 5