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Excess Skin after Gastric Bypass Surgery – Part 1 of 2

I am carrying out alot of rambling in this video, and the audio isn’t really the greatest…and I am kinda winey….. I’m sorry. Commence bodyweight : 356 lbs Medical procedures excess weight (March twelve, 2009) : 331.four lbs Present-day excess weight : 169 lbs Total Misplaced : 187 lbs Dr. Katzen – Plastic Surgeon
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20 month – 1 yr maintain weight loss…then gain!? EXCESS SKIN shown

Ive been maintaining an almost 100 pound loss for a year then it suddenly started creeping up….but I got it in check. I show my excess skin at the end.
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Barbara Thompson discusses that sometimes weight loss surgery doesn’t work and that we need to get help.
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