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Do the Big Blue Test: Help Yourself, Help Others is a program of the Diabetes Hands Foundation (http Music: “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities, http The Big Blue Test takes place every November leading up to World Diabetes Day on Nov. 14. The campaign reinforces the importance of exercise…
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Oliver Double performs stand up at the opening of Children With Diabetes Friends For Life UK – CWD FFL Oliver bases his comedy on his families day to day experiences of dealing with Diabetes. Check him out at oliverdouble dot com. Thank You to Oliver who very graciously gave his permission for us to upload footage of his act.
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Weight Loss Help and Tips – Healthy, Effective Weight Loss

VISIT: Weight Loss Help and Tips – Healthy, Effective Weight Loss Your weight reflects many things including how many calories you consume, how much you work out, and what your individual metabolic rate is like. The composition of the food you’re eating is also important as well. Here are some tips for achieving healthy and permanent weight loss. 1 – You need you reduce your carbs. It is almost impossible for you to lose weight and then turn around and keep it off unless you are eating substantially less carbs than you used to, especially when it comes to carbs with a high GL or glycemic load. The consumption of carbs with a high glycemic load can lead to a desire for more and more carbs. Eating a diet that is low in carbs and low in GL can help you keep control over your appetite while decreasing your craving. What this means is that you will be feeling fuller sooner and you will be feeling fuller for longer periods of time as well. You will generally find that it is much easier for you to stop eating when you are satisfied, and you will be less hungry in between your meals as well. If you are serious about losing weight, then your carbohydrates should only make up one sixth of your total calories and all high GL carbs should be removed from your diet completely. 2 – You need you reduce your fats. Reducing the amount of fat that is in your diet is going to help with your weight loss because foods that are higher in fats also are generally much
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Why Egg Yolks Can Help You Lose Weight Fast In this video I’m going to share with you why egg yolks can help you lose weight fast. During the last decades there have been many, many research, all showing that egg yolks contain cholesterol. Because of that, people started to eat only egg whites. Today we know that there are two types of cholesterol. Good HDL and bad LDL. Thanks to modern science, we know today that egg yolks contain good cholesterol, which can help you lose weight fast. LDL can also prevent a heart attack. If you really want to lose weight fast, then here are more benefits you can get from egg yolks: – They contain essential fatty acids – Contain vitamins and nutrients which can help you lose weight – They keep your eyes “healthy” (this is one pretty fascinating, isn’t it?) – Prevent blood clots (this one is especially valuable for people who are overweight or who smoke) So as you can see, egg yolks are actually good and they can help you lose weight fast. Here are some my resources where I found this information about egg yolks: Qureshi AI, Suri FK, Ahmed S, Nasar A, Divani AA, Kirmani JF (2007). “Regular egg consumption does not increase the risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases”. Med. Sci. Monit. 13 (1): CR1–8. PMID 17179903 The Cholesterol Myths: Exposing the Fallacy That Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease by Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD (2000). If you want more info on how to lose weight fast, then go to my blog:

ESC: Upgrades Help CVD Risk Model Get More Personal

PARIS — HeartScore, a Web-based interactive device to assess person ten-yr cardiovascular illness danger, has unveiled 3 new capabilities at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) meeting.

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